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6 Two Story Foyers [Near One Story Living Rooms]

Posted by Penny Hull on Thu, May 21, 2015 @ 15:05 PM

Two story foyer designs: WorthingtonIIFoyer

When creating your new home wish list, one of the biggest architectural trade-offs can be choosing between two story rooms and additional square footage upstairs.

Downstairs rooms that stretch to the second story ceiling - including living room and great rooms - can eat up second floor space.

Limiting your two story space to the foyer can give you the best of both worlds.

Foyers are smaller spaces that can go big with a much lower cost impact.








Here are some examples of Raleigh new home floor plans with a two story foyer (and one story great room or living room):

Tall Foyers "How to":

The photos below show examples of Raleigh new home plans that include two story foyers that lead to "standard" height rooms (8' or 9' tall ceilings).

These foyers are great examples of how to build a home with a two story entrance without giving up square footage upstairs.

1. Tall Foyer #1: How to Add an Upstairs Overlook

This staircase is located at the center of the first floor, just inside the foyer. To the left, an arched opening leads to the formal dining room. The door to the right leads to the garage. Straight ahead, the hallway leads to the open concept kitchen and living room.


This floor plan - a version of The Gershwin - leaves space for a two story foyer and overlook. Upstairs, there's still ample space for three bedrooms and a bonus room

2. Tall Foyer #2: How to Avoid a Turn in the Staircase

In this version of The Shelby, Stanton Homes added a bonus room on the second floor, above the living room. The foyer is the only two story room on the first floor, making the entrance more dramatic.

The long foyer layout avoids the need for a landing half way up the staircase.


3. Tall Foyer #3: How to Create an Open Concept Entry

Tall ceiling - and windows in every room - keep this entry feeling open and bright. The foyer is the only two story room in this version of The Summerlyn. A second story bonus room - with overlook to the foyer - adds square footage to the home plan. 


4. Tall Foyer #4: How to Add a Curved Staircase

This version of The Avonstone Manor balances ceiling heights by spreading out two story rooms.

The large foyer opens to a curved staircase and custom overlook. The dining room add productive contrast with a lower ceiling.

Ceiling height variations emphasize high and low spaces to make a more dramatic impact.

Two Story Foyers | Two Story Foyer Lighting

5. Tall Foyer #5: How to Make Small Foyers Feel Bigger

From the living room, this two story foyer feels small and utilitarian.


Take another look, from the front door. A custom barrel vault ceiling tops the two story foyer to make the entry feel bigger - without using square footage. The two story design - when paired with a one story living room - makes a more dynamic impact. 



6. Tall Foyer #6: How to Fit Your Staircase into the Foyer

In this version of The Penelope, the foyer is the only two story room. Home plans that wrap the staircase into a two story foyer also create space for open railing and an overlook.



Custom home design tip: You can use architectural details to create the feel of a taller foyer, without adding the full height of a second story. 

Here are examples of Raleigh new homes with one story foyers that feel bigger - with a barrel vault ceiling:

What is a barrel vault foyer? Get more ceiling design ideas for your next home and find photos of two story overlooks here.

Home Plans with a Two Story Foyer:

Foyers and entry ways are typically smaller spaces. Adding height can create an open concept feel without eating into second floor square footage.

Tell us your home plan layout priorities, and we'll help you get started on building your North Carolina custom home.

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