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How to Find an Accessible Floor Plan


How to build an accessible home

Accessible home design


The best way to accomodate special needs is by building a custom home with everything just the way you want it. You won't find many accessible or ADA floor plans in online floor plan catalogs or search directories, so choose a builder with a design team that can create what you need, based on your priorities. A builder with experience in accessible home design can find offer many possibilities, with built-in features that make everything easier.

How to build an accessible homeHere is how a custom home builder modified a popular one story floor plan to create two distinctly different wheelchair accessible homes

The Elway, a plan by Frank Betz, was modified by Stanton Homes with these two resulting accessible home designs.

Pictured are the original plan and rendering, copyright Frank Betz:

How to build an accessible home


 This original version of the Elway is not an accessible floor plan.

An experienced builder can take plans like this and convert them into homes you can live in comfortably - without maneuverability or usability restrictions.

Take a look at how Stanton Homes can customize your floor plan to create an accessible home with everything just the way you want it, as reflected in the changes, below:







How to build an accessible home: floor plan design modification #1

The Elsworth - accessible custom home with second story bonus room

How to build an accessible home




















Stanton Homes can modify your favorite floor plan into an accessible home, starting with these five central modifications: 

How to build an accessible home

1. Redesign kitchen and bathroom to add accessible features including roll-under sinks

2. Widen hallways

3. Enlarge bathrooms and laundry room to allow a full turn radius

4. Enlarge garage for ease of access

5. Add optional egress door off the master suite




How to build an accessible home: floor plan design modification #2

The Paige - accessible custom home with basement

How to build an accessible home

Also based on the Elway plan by Frank Betz, this version of the Paige includes two modifications in addtion to the changes made for the Elsworth:How to build an accessible home

1. The master suite was moved to the front of the home. An egress door was added for ease of access.

2. The homeowner's lot supported a basement below.


Why is it hard to find accessible floor plans?

One of the reasons it is so difficult to find plans for accessible homes is that needs vary so widely. Think about all the things you need and make sure your builder can include them. You don't have to settle for merely having wider hallways when you're building a custom home.

You can also specify which parts of your home you'd like to have accessible. Every bathroom, or just a certain section of the home? Lower kitchen cupboards? Easy to use door handles? A top builder will offer design services that look at every single detail of your new home.

Your custom home builder will work with you to meet your exact needs, and make suggestions according to your budget.

The first thing Stanton Homes builds into your accessible home is your lifestyle. Let’s talk about it. What would make everything easier? From zero threshold showers to wider hallways, first floor living, an elevator, universal design, and easy access driveway and beyond - we'll help you create an environment you'll love to live in.

Stanton Homes helps ensure your new home is just what you're looking for. 

New Homes Raleigh NC - New Home Raleigh - Raleigh NC New Homes - New Home Raleigh NCHundreds of locations. Thousands of floor plans. Extraordinary custom design build options. And our custom design work (and interior designer expertise) comes as part of your custom home package, at no extra cost to our homebuyers.

Finding Your New Home in the Raleigh Area

Call 919-278-8070 or visit to find out more about new custom homes in the Raleigh area today. 

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