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9 Trending Master Bathroom Cabinetry placement and priorities for 2019

Posted by Stanton Homes on Wed, Nov 14, 2018 @ 08:11 AM

9 Master Bath Cabinetry Photos for 2019 [And a bonus]

Chatham County New Homes [Master Bath Cabinetry Placement, Style and Purpose, with Photos] 

Master Bathroom cabinetry choices are about more than choosing style and finish. Their placement and purpose determine the dynamics of the entire bathroom - considered the second most important room in new custom homes in NC, by homebuyers. Here are 9 determinations that impact master bathroom cabinetry in 2019.  

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#1 Master Bathroom Cabinetry Consideration: Vanity Placement - Close Proximity to the Sauna and the Soaking Tub 

AvonstoneManor with sauna

Each purpose for your custom home bathroom can be designed for convenience and practicality, when your builder puts together your layout to fit your lifestyle. In the photo above, dual vanities provide personal space with lots of cabinetry, drawers, big sinks, massive mirrors - just a few steps from the sauna (to the right rear, with the closed glass door, with a bench inside) and the huge tub in the other direction, that you can see if you click on this photo to see the rest of the home.


#2 Master Bathroom Cabinetry Consideration: Vanity Placement - Size of the room 


In this custom Stanton Home, master bathroom cabinetry is tucked into the corner of the room, to take advantage of the room's configuration. One vanity is larger than the other, with six drawers and two doors. The smaller vanity has two doors. A lowered section in the middle has a big drawer, as well, with space for a chair to slide under. The granite countertop was chosen to reflect the brown towns in stained cabinetry and tile floor. 


#3 Master Bathroom Cabinetry Consideration: Vanity placement - one long countertop with two sinks


Still a classic placement, this master bathroom cabinetry provide two sinks with the separation of massive countertop space in the middle with drawers underneath. The granite countertop was chosen to blend with the soft toned tile floor and massive tile shower for two.


#4 Master Bathroom Cabinetry Consideration: Vanity Placement - Two Separate Vanities 


When more personal space is needed, a custom home builder can look at ways to create a layout in the bathroom where the vanities are located in two different places - typically across from each other, like the master bath cabinetry in this photo. Granite countertops were chosen to blend the dark furniture stained cabinetry with white tile and gray walls and curtain. Hardware choice is Contemporary. Standing bathtub choice is romance. Natural light through a big picture window brightens up everything.


#5 Master Bathroom Cabinetry Consideration: Vanity Placement - Separate Vanities Tied Together 


This Modern master bathroom cabinetry emphasizes personal space - tied together with a decorative beam over the top and a lowered countertop makeup table that pulls everything together. Square sinks and a white finish to drawers and cabinet doors, together with very trendy wood-look tile make the design of this room feel clean and contemporary.


#6 Master Bathroom Cabinetry Consideration: Vanity Placement - Tucked next to the Tub


The focus in this master bathroom is the sumptuous soaking tub, designed for a luxurious bathing experience - so the purpose of the dual vanities tucked in next to the tub is to provide personal space and room for easy movement between the vanities and the tub. The extensive use of tile for the heightened tub surround and floor together with classic columns are tied together with the dark stained cabinetry.


#7 Master Bathroom Cabinetry Consideration: Additional Storage 


Adding a wardrobe to your master suite bathroom can be a big consideration when choosing your master bath cabinetry. Custom home builders may have to expand your bathroom square footage to fit in this much cabinetry, but it provides the ultimate in storage. The vanities in this master bath are further defined as personal space by their alcoves, framed in beautiful archways. The entire room is white and bright, with lots of fixtures and natural light.


#8 Master Bathroom Cabinetry Consideration: Vanity Placement - Rounding the Corner


Here's another way to add a wardrobe to your master bathroom. The cabinetry in this master bath follows the angle of the wall, allowing for maximum usage with lots of space to move around and plenty of personal space. This is another example of a larger vanity and smaller vanity being separated from each other, with the wardrobe as the tie-together. Brown tones define the room.


#9 Master Bathroom Cabinetry Consideration: Vanity Placement - Artistic Design 


In this totally custom master suite bathroom, the artistry of the design has the biggest impact on vanity placement. This is another example of an extended vanity across one wall with a single countertop. In this case, the focus of the room is on the tub encased in small tiles and the huge walk-in shower behind it. The granite countertop for the dual vanity was chosen to blend with the bath and shower tile as well as the wood-look tile floor.

 #10 (Bonus) Master Bathroom Cabinetry Consideration: Vanity Placement - Compatibility with the island in the closet 


This master bathroom cabinetry has one traditional vanity with a sink separated by a wardroom from a roll-under sink in the second vanity. The furniture appeal is matched by an island in the master suite closet to the rear. Subtle brown tones tie the rooms together, with oak hardwood in the closet that is stained with the same hue. This entire bathroom was designed for accessibility, with a roll-in shower and easy glide transitions from tile to hardwood.


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