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The Worst Advice We've Ever Heard About Stone Exteriors

Posted by Penny Hull on Tue, Apr 15, 2014 @ 10:04 AM

How to get the best paint colors to match stone accents

We've heard some really great advice about choosing exterior stone and paint combinations. And we've also heard some terrible ideas. Read on, as we sort out the worst advice from the most helpful solutions, when picking your new home's exterior palette - with design tips from Andrea Enns, one of North Carolina’s most acclaimed exterior and interior designers.  

Worst advice # 1: Do not choose a stone because of its name. The name of the stone meaningless, is created by marketers to sound "cute" or "catchy."

This advice is misleading. You should always pay attention to the name of a stone type. Almost all stone names are actually carefully chosen to match the stone - as a crafted material - to its original location in nature. 

Once you have the name of a stone you love, search online for photographs of natural areas in the region that your stone was named after. Then, take your paint colors from that region's natural palette, and you'll locate a perfect match between stone and paint. 

Stone Exterior | Exterior Paint Colors

Worst advice # 2: Stone siding is a fake material, so the colors are unrealistic.

When you drive though the mountains towards the west and you see the clays of the desert, notice how the rock colors in different geographical areas are set off by their natural surroundings. Nature was not created by man. Nature is the earth's color palette.

The stone we are using on houses today is man made but it was designed to look like the real stone and rock found in the various regions of our entire country.

Similarly, paint colors are also crafted to reflect what you could touch in nature. So choosing the color of one type of siding goes hand-in-hand with any other.

Stone Exterior | Exterior Paint Colors

Worst advice # 3: You should stick to your the color combinations you know you love, even if you have not decided on a homesite yet.

While it is important to build a home with the color combinations you'll love for years to come, it is equally important to consider where you home will actually sit. 

Stone siding is designed to blend seamlessly and realistically with the various greens, browns, and pebble grays in shrubbery, lawn, and forest.

So, when selecting stone and exterior colors, look to the nature surrounding your homsite for your answer.  

Stone Exterior | Exterior Paint Colors

The Country Manor, a custom home by Stanton Homes, was designed in part to take advantage of its natural surroundings. 

Worst advice # 4: Your stone exterior has nothing to do with the interior of your home.

The exterior of your home acts as a "preview" of the interior. There should always be some exterior aspect - such as a design element or color palette - that creates continuity with the inside of your home. 

Stone Exterior | Exterior Paint Colors

In this version of the Bryson, we carried the exterior stone inside - placing it on a centerpiece see-through fireplace. The interior paint colors blend with the greys in the stone, while the hardwood floors match the orange tones. 

For more new home design tips and trends, contact Andrea Enns here.

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