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Clever Ideas for Paint Accents, Patterns, and Colors in Raleigh Homes

Posted by Penny Hull on Mon, Sep 08, 2014 @ 08:09 AM

Clever Ideas for Wall Paint

Accents, Patterns, and Color Tips

While colors will come in and out of popularity, the tricks on how to use those colors will stay the same.

Learn where to place an accent wall, how to integrate multiple color tones, and get ideas for patterns and colors in your new home.

Paint an Entertainment Center

When you're looking up at a two story wall, it will feel more aesthetically pleasing if there is trim, art work, or an accent piece placed roughly two-thirds up a wall.

Your walls will seem more balanced, without losing out on first impressions the dramatic height of the room will create.

In this Raleigh custom home, an accent color topped with white trim delineates an entertainment center, giving your eyes something to focus on in this expansive, window filled room.

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Wall Paint Ideas | Raleigh Custom Home Builders


Paint an Accent Wall

You'll have much more flexibility when picking accent colors than primary wall colors. While your main wall color should be flexible enough that it can go with - and enhance - many other colors, the sky is the limit for an accent wall.

Love a shades of blue? Add a dark accent wall in the living room, and use a tile back splash that feature blue tones in the kitchen.

House Paint Ideas | Raleigh Custom Homes

Paint Wainscoting

While wainscoting is generally talked about as a lower wall treatment found most often in formal dining rooms and bathrooms, painted wainscoting designs that span the full height of the room are becoming more popular. 

Wall Paint Ideas | Raleigh Custom Home Builders


Paint a Ceiling

Shades of grey have been hugely popular for the past several years, popping up as a motif in million dollar homes, contemporary designs, and craftsman style lodges.

In this luxury custom home, a light grey coats the walls, and a dark grey makes the ceiling pop against white beams.

House Paint Ideas | Raleigh Custom Homes

Paint an alcove, nook, or art display space

Consider adding a splash of color to an alcove, nook or art space. These spaces are small, and can be easily repainted, so you can use a trendy splash of color without hesitating.

Paint Trends | Raleigh Custom Homes

Accent an Entire Room

Formal dining rooms are a favorite place to add an accent color, distinct from the rest of the home. Red formal dining rooms are very traditional, and a frequent request in Raleigh custom homes.

A painted ceiling will draw your color upwards - and give the dining room a more distinct space.

House Paint Ideas | Raleigh Custom Homes

Darken the Master Suite

Dark walls will create a more intimate feel in the master bedroom - especially when paired with ample natural light coming through your private back yard. If your primary house paint color is a neutral beige, consider a warm tan or brown for the master suite.

House Paint Ideas | Raleigh Custom Homes

Blue Master Baths

Blue is associated with images of freshness (clean water) and goodness (blue skies, blue ocean, delicate Robin’s eggs), which is probably why it is such a commonly used “go to” choice for the master bathroom.

Blue and white as a color combination is as traditional as black and white, and in terms of decorating, the combination of blue and white boasts an even longer history.

And a blue and white master suite will distinguish your personal spaces from the rest of your home.

House Paint Ideas | Raleigh Custom Homes

Paint a Centerpiece Accent Wall

Find a neutral shade you love, and use it throughout your home. Then, find a color one or two shades darker on the same pre-made color strips. Add the darker colors in accent areas.

2014 New Home Color Trends


Paint a Two-Tone Room

Home Paint Colors | Best Paint Colors

Two-tone accent walls can add dimension to your home.

The key to incorporating an accent wall is to find ways to incorporate the same colors, textures, or tones in other rooms throughout the home.

If you decide on a red formal dining room, consider adding a stripe of red in a kids bedroom or game room.


Paint a Three-Tone Room

Three shades of a soft blue paint give a beach-house feel to this Raleigh craftsman home (the square windows are a customary craftsman feature).

House Paint Ideas | Raleigh Custom Homes


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