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Designing Your Kitchen Island for the Cook | NC Custom Homes

Posted by Penny Hull on Mon, Nov 22, 2010 @ 06:11 AM

Kitchen Island Layout and Design Tips

Kitchen Design Tips for NC Custom Homes

Chances are good you'll spend more time in the kitchen than anywhere else in your NC custom home. 

Kitchen Island Design | NC Custom HomesBut have you really thought about the layout and design of your island countertop space?

Here's the top things to consider:

What Kind of Island should your kitchen have:

  • Will the island have a cooktop, wall oven, or microwave?
  • Will the island have a sink and dishwasher?
  • Should there be seating?
  • Will the seating area be lower or higher than standard countertop height?
  • Should there be a prep sink?

What Kind of Peninsula should your kitchen have:

  • Will the peninsula have a cooktop, wall oven, or microwave?
  • Will the peninsula have a sink and dishwasher?
  • Should there be seating or a serving bar?

Planning Sufficient Countertop Space:

Once you have an idea of what you'd like to see where in your new custom home kitchen, you'll want to ensure that the islands and peninsulas are functional. 

Islands and peninsulas should provide additional prep space, and should move traffic away from the traditional work triangle.

Minimum Work Aisles Around Islands:

Does your island or peninsula have enough "floor space" around it for cooks and guests to move comfortably?

  • Minimum 42" recommended around an island for one cook.
  • Minimum 48" recommended around an island for two cooks.
  • Measure between countertop fronts, as this is true space available.
  • Minimum 36" between wall and island/peninsula
  • Minimum 44" recommended if this area is a passageway.
  • Minimum 60" recommended for wheelchair access.

Kitchen Island Design Ideas | NC Custom HomesNC custom homes can be designed to your specifications, but make sure to ask your custom home builder for recommendations before finalizing the design.  They've seen thousands of homes built, and might just have some terrific ideas for your new kitchen too!

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