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Making Your Kitchen Work Better: Top 5 Cabinet Ideas for New Homes

Posted by Penny Hull on Tue, Dec 21, 2010 @ 11:12 AM

Top 5 Ways to Make Your Kitchen Cabinets Work Better

Most Popular Base Cabinet Storage Options

Designing your new kitchen cabinet layout can involve more decision making than meets the eye. When a professional designer works with you to determine your ideal layout, one of most important everyday usage items you’ll discuss is what goes on inside your cabinets. 

Here are five of the most popular base cabinet storage options, selected in our new NC custom homes.  

Top 5 Most Wanted Base Kitchen Cabinet Ideas #1:  Base Recycling Center

Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas | NC Custom Home BuildersA pull-out garbage/recycle center makes sorting and saving so easy. 

The emphasis is on durability and usability, with a sturdy pull-out recycling center that has plenty of support.  The model pictured above features a natural maple frame, with full access glides. 

Hardy plastic trash bins are easily removed for emptying and cleaning. 



Top 5 Most Wanted Base Kitchen Cabinet Ideas #2: Base Pot and Pan Organizer

Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas | NC Custom Home BuildersThis pull-out Base Pot and Pan Organizer makes it easy to keep pans and lids organized. It takes the effort out of getting down to see what’s at the back of the cabinet, with a big pull-out drawer that lets you reach and see everything inside

The most popular width for the base pot and pan organizer is 36", but the organizer is also available in 24", 30", and 33" widths.

Top 5 Most Wanted Base Kitchen Cabinet Ideas #3:  Roll-Out Tray Divider

Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas | NC Custom Home BuildersTrays, cookie sheets and cutting boards all fit into slots designed to make them easy to find in this roll-out tray divider. 

The Roll-Out Tray Divider keeps everything organized, and it extends for ease-of-use. The Tray Divider is available in 12" and 15" widths, making this a versatile option.

A 9" version without the drawer is also available, for tight areas with small cabinets. It also includes a tray divider

Top 5 Most Wanted Base Kitchen Cabinet Ideas #4: Bag Storage Unit

Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas | NC Custom Home BuildersA Plastic Bag Storage Unit keeps plastic bags in one place, so they’re right-at-hand for reuse.  Plastic bags are a snap to grab from this solid wood storage unit. 

The plastic lined upper tray is perfect for sponges and other kitchen clean-up items.

Top 5 Most Wanted Base Kitchen Cabinet Ideas #5:  Lazy Susan

Lazy Susan’s remain one of the most popular requests for base cabinets.  These spin units can be constructed from wood, metal or plastic, and are usually 28" or 32" in diameter. 

Your cabinets will be one of your most important decisions when you build your new home.

Bring a diagram of the layout for your kitchen when you work with your kitchen designer, along with your budget and a list of features that are “must have” and “nice to have.”

Your kitchen designer will show you what it would take to add an island, eating bar, or other feature that can add more usable space – and more places to put cabinets!

Check back for other kitchen ideas!

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