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Custom Home Bathroom Trends: Relax, Refresh, Renew

Posted by Penny Hull on Mon, Feb 28, 2011 @ 12:02 PM

The strongest trends for bathrooms

Expect More from Your Bathroom

Even though they are becoming increasingly larger, today’s bathrooms are still most often the smallest rooms in the house. Yet we tend to demand a lot of these spaces.

We expect the bathroom to stand up to heavy traffic, water, mildew, soap build up, and cosmetics, razors, toothpaste and creams.

We expect the bathroom to provide convenience that will enable us to get on with our busy day, standing up to even the most demanding members of our household. 

And yet we look to these same spaces to provide a respite at the end of a hectic day or even a place to heal.

Custom Home Bathroom Trends - Spending Wisely

Master Bathroom Trends | Custom Home Bathroom DesignIt is no wonder that trends for today’s bathrooms are of great interest to those building a new home or even remodeling.

Kitchens and bathrooms are rooms on which homeowners are spending greater portions of their budget dollars than ever before.  

Second only to kitchens, the real estate market tells us that giving thoughtful consideration to bathroom upgrades during the construction of your new home, is not only a safe, but wise investment.

Custom Home Bathroom Trends - Soothing and Tranquil

Bathtub Ideas | Master Bathroom TubIn review of the strongest trends for bathrooms, keep in mind the words “soothing” and “tranquil”.

Designers are seeing a strong continuation of the “spa look” bathroom which is the very epitome of soothing and tranquil. 

To create that effect homeowners are considering air jetted tubs instead of the older model water jetted tubs. 



Custom Home Bathroom Trends: Air Jetted Tubs

Air Jetted Tub | Jet TubEven though they are a little pricier than their water jetted cousins, air jetted tubs are very popular due to the fact that you can use soothing aromatherapy oils and bath salts in these tubs.  

Since the air jets are expelling air into the tub, they therefore keep themselves clean and free of any trapped bath products that are known to interfere with the functioning of water jetted tubs.

However, the market has also recently introduced a combination air and water jetted tub and the use of these tubs is often even prescribed in treatment for sports injuries and even arthritis.

Custom Home Bathroom Trends: Larger Showers with Spa Shower Heads

Rain Head Shower | Rain Shower DesignAlong those lines, showers are becoming larger and the addition of body sprayers, hand sprayers, and rain-shower heads, previously most commonly seen only in luxury homes, are growing in popularity for use by everyday folks as manufacturers are coming out with more and more affordable models.

If you haven’t been to a plumbing showroom lately, its time you went and had a look at some fantastic products. Kohler offers a combination rain-shower head and hand held sprayer that is affordable and user-friendly.

Not only can it help to massage tired muscles, but the practical hand sprayer is a great help when you actually have to clean the shower!

After weighing all of the available options and making your final decisions you will be able to look forward to finally relaxing in your private retreat—your new spa-look bathroom.  


Article by Andrea Enns at Stanton Homes.


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