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Universal Design: What Features to Consider in Your New Home

Posted by Penny Hull on Mon, Apr 11, 2011 @ 11:04 AM

Universal Design Options to Consider

Top 4 Areas You'll Want to Tackle with Universal Design Concepts

The most popular features in a universal home focus on ease-of-use. When you talk with your builder about special adaptations to make your home work with you for years to come, consider the difference it would make to have these kinds of universal design adjustments:


Universal Design Elevator

Ease of movement throughout the home

  • No steps (possible ramps or elevators)
  • Smooth surface flooring, non-slip tile or dense-weave carpet
  • Wide hallways and doorways
  • Open floor plan


Universal Design Kitchen


A kitchen anybody can cook in:

    • Lowered countertops and cabinets
    • Appliance accessibility
    • Open knee space under sinks and counters
    • Full extension drawers
    • Shallow sink with side-mounted faucet


Universal Design Shower

Special touches in the Master suite:

  • First floor location
  • Adjustable hanging rods and shelves in closets
  • Bathroom with integrated grab bars
  • Curbless shower with transfer bench
  • Slide-bar showerhead and/or multiple-height showerhead

Other universal options throughout the home:

  • Lever handles on all doors and faucets
  • Sliding casement windows
  • Light switches 36 inches or lower from the floor
  • Electrical outlets 25 inches or more above the floor

Universal Design Closet


These kinds of features help your home adjust to changing needs over the years as your family grows, you care for elderly relatives, and you even grow older, yourself.

The more you consider as your new home is built, the less you will need to remodel later – and the more you will enjoy your home for years to come.


Experienced Accessible Home Builders –

Stanton Homes is an industry leading accessible, universal, certified Aging in Place and VA-approved Specially Adapted Housing custom home builder.

Whether you start with a plan that is designed for accessibility, ask us to modify or create a new plan, we can build in wider hallways and doorways, entry ways, turning radius, non-slip flooring, ramps and walkways, special lighting, roll out or pull out shelving, easy grope door, faucet and drawers, accessible switches, no step entries, roll-in showers, ADA roll-under countertops and work spaces, and whatever else you need. 


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