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Kitchen Design Trends - Is Stainless Steel on its Way Out?

Posted by Penny Hull on Wed, Apr 27, 2011 @ 10:04 AM

Are Stainless Steel Appliances Going Out of Style??

We were recently asked this interior design question: 

"Dear Andrea, To keep a kitchen up to date for 2016, what color appliances would you recommend? If stainless steel is on it's way out, I don't want to have a kitchen full of it!!" 

Well, here's your answer, courtesy of Andrea Enns, Stanton Homes' Interior Design Expert :

In review of interior design trends as outlined by the Color Association of the United States, the Appliance Manufacturers Association, and Pantone, whose color forecaStainless Steel Kitchen Designs 2sts have been relied upon for decades by manufacturers and designers around the globe, it appears to be quite a "safe" choice to invest in stainless steel appliances.


Kitchen Design is Essential in New Homes

In quick terms, kitchen design is continuing to be the front runner of focus in new homes. In no other room are we seeing as much attention to detail.

Along with that, kitchen budgets are still creeping higher in relation to the rest of the house.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Designs 3

Formal living rooms and even formal dining rooms are fading into the past and are thus eliminating the need for money spent on furniture and expensive decor that will never be used by the average homeowner. 


Kitchens are Central to your Living Experience

Kitchens are being recognized as not only the heart of the home, but also quite often the focal point and centerpiece.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Designs 4

Often open to large great rooms, the kitchen now looks less "kitcheny" and more often like an inviting place to gather and entertain.

The decorative elements that are strong right now include natural finishes like wood and stone but they are complimented by glass, shiny metallics, special attention to lighting details, and even crystal.


Moving into Design Trends 

Stainless Steel Kitchen Designs 5

Stainless steel will continue to be a favored choice for your kitchen appliance finish. 

Since stainless steel has been used in the best kitchens for over a century due to its universal appeal, its ability to provide a sterile surface, its shiny appearance, as well as its association with luxury. 

 2012 Kitchen Design Trends Black

What Other Color Trends are Popular?

The second most popular color is currently black, which is due to its more formal appearance in relation to the rest of the common areas of your home.


Best of luck with the building of your new home--planning and researching is always a good thing to do!



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