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Top 8 New Home Trends - Conserving Space, Lowering Cost, Saving Energy

Posted by Penny Hull on Tue, Jul 12, 2011 @ 06:07 AM

8 New Home Trends

Today's budget-conscious homes are designed to save energy and space.

New home buyers and builders have been asked, across the nation, what they want to see built.  Here's what custom home builders in Raleigh are focusing on, to meet the needs of today's home buyer.

1.  Energy Efficiency - Custom Home Builder Trends

Today's homebuyers are very focused on energy efficient homes, as energy costs continue to rise.

They’re line-iteming $5,000, $10,000 and even more into building budgets in exchange for substantially lower monthly energy costs.

When homebuyers evaluate new home builders in NC, they’re looking for cutting edge technology like Bayer's MaterialScience High Performance Residential Program
 (which provides a written guarantee of significant savings on heating and cooling costs) and ENERGY STAR programs that offer long-term lower energy costs.

Raleigh New Home Trends | Custom Home Builder NC

2. Smaller, Better Designed Homes - NC Custom Home Builder Trends

Many North Carolina new home builders are building better designed smaller homes – 1600 to 2500 sq ft, in place of the recently popular 2500 to 3500 sq ft range to homes. 

Smaller homes are more cost effective to build, reduce monthly housing costs, require less heating and cooling, and reflect an overall trend towards a floor plan that really works, without unnecessary rooms.

3.  "Great Room" vs. Formal Living Areas | NC Custom Home Builder Trends

Home buyers are more attracted to floor plans with open layouts, which provide more usable space in the areas where people gather.

Homes with a Great Room concept are more popular than traditional formal living room/formal dining room plans.  Great Rooms usually combine the main living space with the kitchen, while eliminating oversized hallways and excess walls. 

Formal living rooms and separate family rooms are just not as popular, with space at a premium. 

4.  Fewer Vaulted or Two Story Ceilings | NC Custom Home Builder Trends

While 9 foot ceilings remain very popular for first floor areas, there is a decreased demand for vaulted or two story ceilings. 

Floor plans with two story ceilings in the Family Room are often converted into extra living space, as new home builders in NC fill that empty height with a bonus room or game room on the second floor – without a huge price tag difference.

Two story foyers remain more popular than two story family rooms, but many homes have eliminated all two story areas.

Raleigh New Home Trends | Custom Home Builder NC

5. Fewer Expensive Options | NC Custom Home Builder Trends

Homebuyers and home builders are opting out of many of the expensive options they were more likely to choose a couple of years ago, as they concentrate more on use of space. 

Homebuyers are more likely to plan for weekend projects in order to keep the overall price tag of their new home lower.  This includes choosing to add landscaping, decks, and additional paint colors later, and not including that luxurious double-sided fireplace and wet bar in the master suite.

6. Fewer Formal Dining Rooms | NC Custom Home Builder Trends 

Today’s informal eat-on-the-go mentality has contributed to the popularity of eating areas off the kitchen.

Formal Dining Rooms are being converted to Home Offices – and if an NC custom home builder knows that’s the intention in advance, there are some special adaptations they can build in that make that transition easier.  

7. More Elaborate Kitchens | NC Custom Home Builder Trends

The kitchen has become a central point of the home.  In partnership with the elimination of formal dining rooms, kitchens often offer easier places to sit and eat or hang out.

Large islands and seating areas are popular with people who like to gather where the food is cooking.  Countertop space, flow-through capabilities and energy-efficient appliances are a big part of the demand. 

Homeowners are looking for good value, rather than the flashiest new appliances or most expensive countertops.

Raleigh New Home Trends | Custom Home Builder NC

8.  Three Car Garages | NC Custom Home Builders

Homebuilders are seeing more requests for three car garages, where the budget allows.

Three car garages are in demand to allow for small workshops, storage, or parking space for a Mother-in-Law or grown child who has moved back home. Even larger garages can be planned cost effectively.  For example tandem garages, where one car parks behind another, are gaining in popularity.   That extra area is also perfect for a workshop.

New Home Trends:

No matter which custom home builder you choose, selecting a home that works well for your lifestyle and costs less to operate is the right decision.  Browse some popular floor plan ideas here:

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