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Are Kitchen Islands Going Out of Style? Kitchen Design Trends

Posted by Penny Hull on Wed, Oct 26, 2011 @ 16:10 PM

Island Kitchens vs Peninsula Kitchens

Are Kitchen Islands on the way Out?

Are kitchen islands on the way out?  We’re seeing a trend toward other approaches to kitchen space, and not everyone opts for an island anymore. Here’s what to consider before you add space that actually takes away what you think you’re getting.

Kitchens without an island

Packing an island into the kitchen isn’t always a good idea.  A kitchen island can crowd the room, and actually take away some of the spacious appeal – especially if there’s more than one cook in the kitchen!

With today’s trend toward smaller and more cost effective homes, there’s also some creativity in kitchen designs that make better use of tight spaces.


Here’s why islands will stay popular in big kitchens:

With cabinet wall dimension of 12' or greater, that 45's into another cabinet wall, the functionality of the kitchen can be improved if the third wall or "leg" of cabinets is an island.

This is because it allows you twice the access to the long wall that is 12' or greater, rather than just one access or traffic lane to access that whole wall and the other (probably shorter) wall.

Kitchen Island Design

Kitchen design is based on the work triangle - the number of steps between the sink, cook top, and refrigerator.  







Kitchen Island Design

 Kitchen Peninsula Design









  Kitchen Island Design                                                           Kitchen Peninsula Design


In smaller kitchens, the peninsula can be a better choice.


With a peninsula, you usually end up with more cabinets and greater square footage of counter top than when you cut up your space to include a small island.

If your longest wall is shorter than 12', the peninsula layout ensures maximum counter space and storage for the square footage available.

Peninsula Kitchen Design

A small island could just end up getting in the way - and offers less than maximum use for the space. 

If seating is a priority, you may actually be able to seat more at a peninsula than at an island!

Custom counter-tops, tile back splashes, special lighting and smaller details like cabinet hardware and wall color will give your kitchen a great look.

But don’t add an island thinking you’re giving yourself more space – only to find out another approach could have given you more of what you’re looking for.

Check with our design team to see what you can do with your kitchen layout, to make every space count.

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