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Raleigh, NC Basement Home Options | How Much does a Basement Cost?

Posted by Penny Hull on Wed, Dec 07, 2011 @ 10:12 AM

New Homes with Basements in the Raleigh, NC Area

How Much do Basements Cost in Raleigh, NC?


How do I find a basement home in the Triangle?

If you're looking for a basement home in the Raleigh NC area, chances are really good that you'll be considering a "walk out" or "daylight" basement

Because of the high water tables and high water content of the soil, many builders will not take liability for a basement that is fully underground.  Without drainage, water leakage is much more likely to occur at some point, even with extensive sealing.  

What is a daylight basement?

Daylight Basement Homes

A daylight basement usually has at least one fully exposed wall that looks just like a "normal" house.  

To build a daylight basement home, you'll need a lot with some slope to it - an ideal slope will have anywhere from 8 to 12 ft in height difference between the front of the home and the back of the home. 

Of course, a lot with more or less slope can also work - but the more the dirt needs to be moved around to accomodate the home, the higher the cost is likely to be. 

The front of the home will look like a standard one or two story home.  From the rear of the home, the basement will be visible as an additional story. 

Basement Homes Raleigh

French doors, sliding doors, and windows can provide plenty of natural light for the basement.

Many basements are unfinished at the time the home is sold.  The homeowner can finish the space later, and save money either by doing some of the work themselves, or by paying cash rather than financing the cost of the additional finish work. 


What type of foundation walls are used for basements in the Raleigh NC area?

asement Homes Raleigh NC - Daylight Basements - Superior Walls - Custom Homes Raleigh NC - Builders Raleigh NC

In some areas of the country, poured foundation walls are very common. 

In the Raleigh area, the most common type of basement foundation wall system is precast concrete, from a specialized subcontractor like Superior Walls (Basement Homes Raleigh NC)

A Superior Wall system is carefully calculated for each individual home. 

The type of soil, load bearing weight, load bearing columns, exterior finish, and locations of windows and doors can all have impact on the foundation wall construction.

How Much Does a Basement Home Cost in the Raleigh, NC area?

A few factors that affect the cost of building a basement home in Raleigh include:

- Basement size

- Is the basement the same size as the first floor, or is it smaller with a combined crawlspace foundation?Daylight Basement Homes

-Is the lot suitable for a basement home (ie enough slope for a daylight basement), or will some modifications be needed?

- Do you want a finished or unfinished basement?

- How many and what type of windows and doors are planned? 

- How large of a deck will be attached to the first floor, extending over the daylight basement?

We provide free building cost estimates, specific to your favorite floor plan from,,, or any other site.  Just contact us, and send us a link to the floor plan you love!

Don't have a floor plan yet?  We'll help you find one, from any of thousands of available options


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