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Rainwater Collection Systems | Raleigh Green Home Tips and Trends

Posted by Penny Hull on Tue, Dec 13, 2011 @ 10:12 AM

New Home Rainwater Collection Systems

What is a Rainwater Collection System?


Looking for ways to save energy and water in your new home? One of the best ways to cut water consumption (besides WaterSense fixtures) is rainwater collection.

Rainwater collection quick facts:

- On average, North Carolina gets about three inches of rainfall per month, throughout the entire year.

- An average 2100 sq ft home has about 3700 gallons of water falling on the roof every month.

- Rainwater is great for plants: it's oxygenated, un-chlorinated, and free.

- Rainwater collection can help reduce moisture levels around the foundation of your home.

- Rainwater collection helps protect our rivers and streams from runoff pollution.

Rainwater Collection Systems - Raleigh Green Home Builders - Raleigh New Homes that Save Water


What are some popular rainwater collection options?

Rainwater collection systems can consists of a simple rain barrel or a large underground storage tank connected to an irrigation system. 

Rain Barrels for Rainwater Collection

Most rain barrels are about 65 gallons.  They have a spigot to connect to a garden hose.  You can connect several rain barrels to collect overflow, or simply place one at each downspout. 

A rain barrel can fill up very quickly - even 1 inch of rain on 1000 sq ft of roof area will provide 625 gallons of water, or ten rain barrels worth. 

Rainwater Collection Systems - Raleigh Green Home Builders - Raleigh New Homes that Save WaterAbove Ground Rainwater Collection Systems

A typical above ground rainwater collection system holds about 550 gallons of water.   

An above ground collection system can collect from several gutters.  A pump can help create water pressure.  It is usually placed on a 5'x5' concrete pad, and can be screened with a small privacy fence.  An above ground rainwater collection system can be used for watering, washing driveways and cars, etc.

Underground Rainwater Collection Systems

A below ground rainwater collection system can collect water from all the home's downspouts, pending the slope of the lot and placement of the tank. 

An underground tank is typically larger than 1000 gallons, and is best utilized by connecting to an irrigation system.  What better way to keep your lawn lush and green year round!

For more information on how to include rainwater collection in your new home, contact us or call 919-278-8070. 

Want to Know More About How Rainwater Collection Systems work?

Watch this short Triangle Green Home Tour rainwater collection system video series to learn: 

- How much rainwater can be collected each year from my roof?

- What does a rainwater collection system look like?

- What different ways are there to use rainwater for irrigation?

- How much does a rainwater system cost?


ecoSelect Third Party Energy Certification –

The ecoSelect certification in your new home indicates that the construction is designed to provide higher levels of energy efficiency, per the national HERS index, with better indoor air quality and water efficiency than standard new homes.  We're not afraid to have third party inspectors check our homes carefully, for your piece of mind and long term value.  Learn more about new homes with lower energy costs, here.

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