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New Home Design Trends | Built in Bookshelves

Posted by Penny Hull on Wed, Dec 14, 2011 @ 09:12 AM

Raleigh New Home Design Trends - Storage Ideas

Built in Bookshelves


Whether you're a book lover, or just looking for an appealing, permanent display area, a built in bookcase can add value and character to your new home.

There are many different built in bookcase styles.  Here are a few different bookcase ideas and pictures for your Raleigh new home.

Built in Bookcase Picture


Built in bookshelves are most commonly found next to the fireplace in the Family Room, Great Room, or Living Room. 

Bookcases can be set in to the wall, with a small bit of decorative trimwork outlining the bookcase.

Nearly all bookcases have fixed shelves with a standard space between.




Built in Bookcase Ideas and Pictures - New Home Trends - New Homes Raleigh NC


Built-in bookcases can be custom designed for a wide variety of different locations, including underneath a serving bar at a kitchen half wall.

The bookcase offers a nice storage area for books or bins, while the space still feels open.

Decorative picture frame trimwork and two piece crown moulding add appealing visual detail to the support column.



Built in Bookcase Ideas and Pictures - New Home Trends - New Homes Raleigh NC


Here's a photo of a built in bookcase that's just a little out of the ordinary, without being excessively expensive.  This bookcase fills the wall of one room, with two sections set back and two sections set forward.

The crown moulding and baseboard give the bookcase a nice finished look.

This bookcase style may not work for very small rooms.


 Built in bookshlef pictures


Built-in bookshelves can be included in many different locations throughout the home, including in hallways and openings.  

For this look, you'll want your builder to integrate at least the framed alcove during construction of the home, but the bookshelves themselves can be added later if desired.




Built in Office



Custom built furniture grade bookshelves and bookcases can be pricey. 

But the same "feel" can be obtained by using paint grade materials, then painting a deep color in a natural tone. 




Built In Storage


Floor-to-ceiling builtins can give you a classic home library look.


Talk to your builder ahead of time about the places you'd like to include bookcases.  He or she may be able to suggest some ideas for you.  Even if you don't include the bookcases themselves in your construction package, a prepared alcove with the right dimensions can make it very easy to add bookcases later.

Well-crafted, custom built in bookcases will add value, appeal, and enjoyment to your new home. 

Ask for more custom home design ideas.


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