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How Much does a Wrap Around Porch Cost? | 2012 Custom Home Trends

Posted by Penny Hull on Thu, Dec 15, 2011 @ 12:12 PM

New Homes with Wrap Around Porches

Wrap Around Porch Benefits and Options


New Homes with Wrap Around Porch


Wrap around porches are popular among Raleigh new home buyers. 

Learn about the benefits, styles and options, and costs involved when building a Raleigh new home with a wrap around porch.




Wrap Around Porch Benefits

- Sunrise view in the morning and sunset view at night

- All day comfort, in your choice of sun or shade

- Social and entertainment space

- Outdoor living space perfect for hammocks, rocking chairs or swings 


Wrap Around Porch Ideas

Wrap Around Porch Styles

There are many different types of wrap around porches.

Wrap-around porches can be two, three, or four sided to wrap partially or wholly around the house.

Wrap-around porches can also be broken into multiple sections by adding several access points from alcoves in the home.


 Wrap Around Front Porches - Ideas and Styles for Your New Home - Chapel Hill NC Custom Home Builders

Two story porches, attached walkways, attached gazebos, and outdoor staircases leading from ground level to the porch or from different porch levels are also build options.





How to choose a wrap around porch style

Before choosing your porch plan, take into consideration:Wrap Around Front Porches - Ideas and Styles for Your New Home - Chapel Hill NC Custom Home Builders

- The amount of space around your new home, which can determine how large the porch can be

- Will trees be in the way and need to be removed?

- Is there enough yard space to accommodate the extra width without encroaching required setbacks?

- Does the porch style match the home style?

- Do you want the porch to have rounded corners or traditional 90 degree angles?

- What type of flooring, hand railing, columns, balusters, or posts are appropriate, given the style of the home?


How much does a wrap around porch cost?

 Wrap Around Front Porches - Ideas and Styles for Your New Home - Chapel Hill NC Custom Home Builders

Wrap around porch build cost varies depending on:

 - Total square footage of porch space

 - Type of porch surface (can be concrete, wood, brick, slate, tile, or other flooring surface)

 - Type of railings

 - Type of support pillars (Hand built Craftsman stone columns are the most expensive, basic 4x4 support post are least expensive, with a wide range of options between)

 - Type of roof (standing seam metal, rounded, copper, dimensional shingles)

 - Height from the ground



 Wrap Around Front Porches - Ideas and Styles for Your New Home - Raleigh NC Custom Home Builders

There are other practical factors you need to take into consideration once you decide to build a home with a wrap-around porch.

It may be necessary to add electrical outlets for laptops, music players, or other electronics.

Wireless internet must encompass the porch area.

All built-in lighting and ceiling fans should be planned during framing and electrical rough in stages.

Wrap Around Porch Ideas


Wrap around porches are usually found in custom home neighborhoods.  Depending on the style and features, a wrap around front porch can add $5-15K or more to the cost of your new home.   Talk to your custom home builder about what it will take to bring home your new wrap around porch.




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