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Randolph County Property Taxes | Property Tax Rates 2012

Posted by Penny Hull on Wed, Dec 21, 2011 @ 08:12 AM

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Randolph County NC 2011-2012 Property Tax Guide

How much are property taxes for Randolph County NC new homes? 

 Randolph County North Carolina

Whether you're considering relocating from the other side of the country or the other side of the Triangle, you've probably wondered what the yearly property taxes might be for your new home.


Where is Randolph County located? 

Randolph County  sits west of Chatham County.

Randolph County encompasses Asheboro, Randleman, Liberty, and Franklinville.



How Much are 2011 Property Taxes in Randolph County, NC?

Here are the 2011 rates, by town within Randolph County. 

To get the total property tax rate for a town, simply add the county tax to the town tax. 

  Randolph County Property Taxes 2011

The Randolph County property tax chart is not as confusing as it looks. 

The tax rates are always based on the assessed value of the home, not the asking price, so you'll want to look up the assessed value, or ask your agent for it. 

  1. Take the assessed value of the property.

  2. Divide by 100.

  3. Multiply by the combined 2011 tax rate.

  4. This will give you the yearly tax amount, per 2011 fiscal year rates.

And just to give you an idea, here's a table of sample yearly tax payments for different sample assessed home values.






 Randolph County Property Taxes Assessed 2011



This table gives sample property tax bills for all the cities in Randolph County, such as Asheboro, Franklinville, Liberty, Ramseur, and High Point.

There is no guarantee that tax rates will remain the same - check the Randolph County Property Tax site for most recent information.









Where Should I Live to Get the Lowest Property Tax Rate?

Your tax bill can be lower if your home or property is not actually within a municipality, or town.  If this is the case, you'll pay just the County rate, plus most likely a fire district tax and/or the special district tax. 

Check the Address of Your New Randolph County Home

If there's a particular home that you're considering, you can go directly to the Randolph County interactive GIS website, type in the address, and see the assessed value of the property.   If there is a discrepancy, don't be afraid to ask your real estate agent to pull comps for you!

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