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Side Entry Garage Homes in Raleigh

Posted by Penny Hull on Wed, Feb 01, 2012 @ 07:02 AM

New Home Trends - Side Entry Garage Home Plans

Choosing a Side Entry Garage for a Raleigh New Home 

Raleigh Floor Plans | Side Entry Garage

Thinking about a Raleigh new home?  Need help deciding which type of garage your new home should have?

Side entry garages are very common in custom homes in the Raleigh area, while front entry garages are more often found in production homes built on smaller lots.  But neither type of garage is exclusive to either group of homes.    

Here are a few of the pros and cons for side entry garages.

Why should you choose a side entry garage home plan?

- Side entry garages give the front exterior a more "polished" feel.

- Certain custom home neighborhoods may require side entry garages to maintain a cohesive, private feel.

- Side entry garages can allow more natural light with additional windows on the front exterior.

- There is more flexibility in the style and finish of the front of the home.

Why shouldn't you choose a side entry garage?

Side Entry Garage Pictures | Side Entry Garage House Plans | Side Entry Garage Floor Plans


- Side entry garages require more driveway square footage (adding cost and using space)

- Adding more windows to the free space on the front of the home can also add cost.

- A side-entrance driveway may not fit on a smaller lot.

Watch a video tour of the home pictured here - The Gershwin.


Front and side entry garages can both vary in size and layout.  It's more common to see a "bump out" or "bay extension" on a side entry garage, which can add a nice little storage or workbench nook in the garage.  (see first photo above)

Raleigh side entry garage home plans are available in a wide range of square feet, with one and two story options.  Browse Floor Plans - Custom Homes in Raleigh.

Have a floor plan you love, but want to convert to a side entry (or a front entry) garage? No two Stanton Homes are the same. Our design team expands your options to fit your lifestyle with a look and feel you’ll love. Ask us about design/build options or get help finding a floor plan


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