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Trey Ceiling Ideas for the Master Bedroom | NC New Homes

Posted by Penny Hull on Thu, Mar 15, 2012 @ 09:03 AM

Master Bedroom Tray Ceiling Ideas

NC New Homes with Trey Ceilings


Master Bedroom Trey Ceiling IdeasThe master bedroom is your retreat - and a signature trey ceiling can give you the detail, dimension, and depth you're looking for to make your personal space stand out.

Stanton Homes offers ten standard styles of trey ceilings, including shallow step, step, vaulted, octagonal, angled, or single box.  Or, let us design something unique.

A typical Stanton Home includes TWO trey ceilings.


Pictures of Master Bedroom Trey Ceiling Ideas:

Master Bedroom Trey Ceiling Ideas

The master bedroom pictured to the right - the Kelley - features an angled trey ceiling custom designed by Stanton Homes.

This trey ceiling emphasizes the placement of the master bedroom and private sitting alcove in a truly unique treatment.

Watch a video tour of the Kelley



 Master Bedroom Trey Ceiling Ideas

The depth or height of a trey ceiling can be limited by what's above - if there is a room directly above the master suite, the trey ceiling might "drop" rather than "raise" the ceiling, and is usually limited to about 6 inches or so.

If you want your ceiling to stand out even more, then add a splash of color in the alternating trey sections. 


The custom home pictured here - the Kimberly - contains several design elements:

Master Bedroom Trey Ceiling Ideas

 - An elegant green paint color selection highlights the trey and open up the master bedroom space

 - Multiple layers of bright white crown molding add luxury detailing

 - dual step trey emphasizes alternating bands of ceiling color and wall color

 - A vaulted layer draws the eye upward


A custom home master bedroom can include all kinds of unique details. 

Master Bedroom Trey Ceiling Ideas

This double trey master bedroom ceiling was painted white to maintain a sharp contrast against the deep tan bedroom walls and rich hardwood floors.

The home pictured here - the Lowery - was built by a couple returning to NC from Florida.




Master Bedroom Trey Ceiling Ideas


They were yearning for a master bedroom that would be infused with deep, rich color tones as well as a sophisticated, executive style.

They were continually drawn to deeper colors as a radical departure from their Florida home.

Watch a video tour of the Lowery.


 Master Bedroom Trey Ceiling Ideas

The width of the "steps" in a stepped trey ceiling can vary, changing the look and feel of the room. 

Standard widths vary between 6", 12", and 18" per step, though other options can also be constructed.  Steps size should be proportionate to room size.

The wider the steps, the more materials and labor are required for the framing, painting, and trim work in the trey ceiling. 


Master Bedroom Trey Ceiling Ideas

An extra deep trey ceiling painted with an alternating accent color adds a lot of height and depth to the ceiling, without a huge expense

This type of ceiling treatment can look very appealing in master bedrooms of many different sizes and shapes.

Standard height of each step in a trey ceiling is usually 8" to 10" per step.


Master Bedroom Trey Ceiling Ideas


Thus a room may have an 8' ceiling height for the "outermost" portion of the ceiling not part of the trey, then 8'8" height for the first step, and 9'6" inside the trey itself. 

But heights can vary by room and design.

Watch a video tour of the home pictured here - the Almodovar.


Master Bedroom Trey Ceiling Ideas


This master bedroom features a single step trey ceiling, with multiple layers of crown molding. 

The contemporary style master bedroom pictured to the left - from the Worthington - also features a shallow master bed alcove with recess lighting, plenty of windows for natural light, and soothing tones of grey.


Contact Stanton Homes to talk about the design you'd like to see in your new master bedroom.  Bring pictures, and explain what you have in mind!  We blend your ideas with our expertise to create your custom home with everything just the way you want it.

Stanton Homes never limits your choices to somebody else’s design – no two of our homes are the same. 


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