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Kitchen Island Trends | Photos and Ideas for Kitchen Islands

Posted by Penny Hull on Tue, Mar 20, 2012 @ 11:03 AM

Kitchen Island Ideas

New Home Style Trends for the Kitchen

Kitchen Island Ideas | 2012 New Home Kitchen Styles


A kitchen island can be an integral part of your new home kitchen design -as the center for activity in your new home. 

Islands can be accessed from all sides, which makes them ideal for workspaces, storage, and bar seating.



Kitchen islands can be a beautiful feature in custom homes, even on a budget. 

Kitchen Island Ideas | 2012 New Home Kitchen Styles

The style, size, and design depend on both taste and budget. 

Looking to keep your kitchen costs down?  Consider an island with one bank of full cabinets, with a great seating area.

The custom home kitchen island pictured to the right - the Kimberly - features cabinet storage and plenty of granite countertop space for comfortable bar seating.

Add some pendant lighting to emphasize this focal point of the kitchen.

  Kitchen Island Ideas | 2012 New Home Kitchen Styles

In some kitchens, the island can provide the majority of the counter space.

Guests and family can be seated around the kitchen island while meals are prepared.

The custom home kitchen island pictured to the left - the Worthington - features a contrasting white cabinetry selection with lavender hardware, to compliment the expresso kitchen cabinets.


 Kitchen Island Ideas | 2012 New Home Kitchen Styles


Homework routines can even revolve around the kitchen island - it's easy to answer those math questions while chopping vegetables!

 A kitchen islands can feature a microwave, cooktop range, sink, drawers, shelves, spice racks, cabinetry and more. 


Thinking of moving the kitchen sink to your kitchen island? 

Kitchen Island Ideas | 2012 New Home Kitchen StylesHere's some thoughts to consider:

- Is there enough room for the dishwasher next to the sink (both depth and width)?

- Can the dishwasher open comfortably, with room to walk around?

- Is there room to include a pull out garbage bin/recycle center?

- Can the silverware be stored near the dishwasher?

- Is it possible to use dual height counters to better hide those dirty dishes?


Want to use the kitchen island mainly for food prep?

Keep these thoughts in mind:

Kitchen Island Ideas | 2012 New Home Kitchen Styles

- Are there outlets for small appliances?

- Is the refrigerator and cooktop conveniently close?

- Do you want a prep sink?

- Should you consider a butcher block counter?



Looking to cook at the kitchen island?

You'll want to talk to your builder about:

Kitchen Island Ideas | 2012 New Home Kitchen Styles

 - Countertop materials: should it be heat resistant for ease of cooking?

 - Is there at least 18 inches of counterspace on either side of the range or cooktop?

 - Can an overdraft hood be added, or is a downdraft cooktop required?  What is the additional cost versus a typical range or cooktop?

- Should a raised eating area be included?

The custom home kitchen island pictured to the above - the Kelley - features a convection cooktop (downdraft cooktop), granite countertop, raised bar with tile backsplash, microwave underneath, cabinets, and spice drawers.


Will you dine frequently at the kitchen island?

Kitchen Island Ideas | 2012 New Home Kitchen Styles

Discuss your options for informal dining at the kitchen island.

- How many can you seat comfortably at the island?

- Should stools be tucked away when not in use?

- How much will seating limit your storage options?

- What height should the island be?  Do you want two heights?


Your new kitchen island design should reflect your taste, be fully functional, and be ready for multiple uses and plenty of storage.

Talk to your builder about your ideas for your kitchen island design - and which features are most important to you.  Islands can include: raised bar seating, appliances (sink, cooktop, dishwasher, microwave) storage (cabients, drawers, open shelves), spice drawers, "peninsula cabinets" (open on both sides, with two sets of doors), roll-out recycle bins, and more.

Bring pictures of what you have in mind.  Stanton Homes will help you decide what's right for you, based on budget, size of kitchen, traffic flow, features, and other design considerations

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