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New Home Prices Going Up This Summer

Posted by Penny Hull on Thu, Apr 12, 2012 @ 11:04 AM

Raw product pricing up.  Builders fighting back: What cost increases mean to new home buyers

The new home market is a whole new ballgame now that demand is back and the price of materials is climbing – and builders are working hard to find ways to hold back price increases for homebuyers already hit at the gas pumps, grocery store and clothing outlets due to raw product price increases.

Here’s what’s happening:

This is an actual letter from a vinyl supplier sent to Raleigh new home builders, announcing a price increase for vinyl products (on top of a similar increase sent last year.)

Vinyl Siding Cost Increas 

Builders are getting similar letters regarding roofing, metal products, windows, fiberglass doors, from nearly every other supplier involved in new home construction materials.

What builders are doing about it:

Leading custom home builders like Stanton Homes are working in partnership with our building suppliers to keep costs down by buying in volume and constantly exploring new partnerships with vendors of top quality products.

Stanton Homes also works with homebuyers to lower other monthly costs of things like energy bills, through revolutionary green technology techniques.  And this Raleigh custom builder also provides in-house design work at no extra cost, which can save homebuyers tens of thousands of dollars.

What homebuyers can do about it:

Barrel Vault FoyerTake advantage of Price Lock offers that ensure you’ll get today’s pricing as long as you sign a contract within a given period of time.

Check out contingency offers, which can extend the amount of time you have to sell your current home.

Find a builder who is personally involved in every home that’s built, so you know you get the personal attention of someone who cares about costs.

Design and build a home you know you’ll love to live in – with everything just the way you want it – in a neighborhood where you’ll want to enjoy your custom home.



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