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Most Popular New Home Exteriors | Exterior Siding Types

Posted by Penny Hull on Wed, May 02, 2012 @ 11:05 AM

Most Popular North Carolina New Home Exteriors

Exterior Siding Types

What are the most popular new home exterior types used in North Carolina?

There are many different types of exterior siding materials available when building a new home in North Carolina.

Below are descriptions of some of the most popular exterior siding types in NC. Each of the custom Stanton Homes pictured below use two or more exterior types to add dimension, emphasis, and detail.

1. Vinyl Exteriors

Top 7 New Home Exterior Types | North Carolina New Home Exteriors

Vinyl siding (composed of PVC or polyvinyl chloride) is a very popular exterior type used in North Carolina.

It can be cost effective, require low maintenance, and come in a variety of shades, tones, and thicknesses.  A high quality vinyl exterior looks great and has one of the lowest maintanence factors of all exterior siding types.

Vinyl is generally installed horizontally, but can also be vertical (such as in Board and Batt designs, described below).


2. HardiBoard/Fiber Cement Exteriors

Top 7 New Home Exterior Types | North Carolina New Home Exteriors

HardiBoard or Fiber Cement Siding is another popular choice for North Carolina new homes. Fiber cement looks similar to vinyl, but can generally be more expensive for a few reasons:

 - it has a realistic wood grain look and feel

 - it is installed differently

- it requires full exterior paint, which vinyl siding does not


HardiBoard/fiber cement also requires re-painting unlike vinyl. It can come in many different shapes and styles (such as Board and Batt and Shake).

Some communities with an HOA require fiber cement siding on all new homes. Fiber cement siding usually comes with a 50 year warrenty, depending on the manufacturer.

3. Stone Exteriors

Top 7 New Home Exterior Types | North Carolina New Home Exteriors

Stone exteriors can be natural stone or simulated stone, and is generally the most expensive type of home exterior.

Many North Carolina homeowners choose to add stone as an accent, in combination with vinyl, Hardi, or brick exteriors. Stone accents can be:

 - one or more full walls (generally on the front of the home)

 - half walls or water tables along the front and side of a home (generally about 2-4 feet tall spans)

4. Brick Exteriors

Top 7 New Home Exterior Types | North Carolina New Home Exteriors

Brick exteriors (composed of clay bricks) are a classic exterior that remains popular for their durability, strength, and low maintenance.

There are many different shapes, colors, sizes, and styles of brick to choose from.

 A "standard" brick is 2 by 4 by 8 inches.

Other brick options include:

 - "King": thicker, longer bricks
 - "Roman": thinner, longer bricks

Brick exteriors are more costly than vinyl or fiber cement, but less than full stone exteriors.

5. Stucco Exteriors

Stucco (composed of plaster and cement applied over a mesh screen), while very popular in some regions of the nation, is rarely used as a home exterior in North Carolina, due mainly to climate conditions.   It is also one of the most expensive siding options in North Carolina. 

Stucco can be smooth or textured, painted or pigmented.

6. Board and Batt Exteriors (Board and Batten)


Board and batt exterior can be composed of vinyl or fiber cement. 

A board and batt design alternates wide boards and narrow strips (battens). While board and batt can be horizontal, it is generally used as a vertical design.

Board and batt is generally associated with cottage and barn style homes, but has been increasingly used as an accent on vinyl, Hardi, and stone homes.




7. Shake Exteriors


Shake exteriors (also composed of various materials including vinyl and Hardi) are traditionally made from split wood, such as cedar.

Shakes are generally placed as an "irregular" pattern to give a rustic or artistic appeal.







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