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Dream Home Updates [What MUST be in your Next Home?]

Posted by Penny Hull on Mon, May 04, 2015 @ 07:05 AM

Must-have new home features:

Whether you’re looking for upscale artistry or country style basics, there’s nothing like a truly custom home to say, “This is us.”

Here are 3 examples of creative touches in Raleigh floor plans, handcrafted with our design team for clients looking for special spaces:

Most important home design updates:

What do you like best about the home you're living in right now - and what would you like to change?

One of the top reasons for building a custom home is the ability to create kitchens, bathrooms, offices and play rooms with the kind of working space and flow you need. 

Here are some common 'must-have' updates our North Carolina homebuyers ask about. Get tips on how to make cost-effective updates, too.

Top home updates include:

1. Large kitchen with island and seating

Large kitchens with an island and casual dining space continue to rank #1 on home buyer must-have lists.

The kitchen serves as the "hub" of many family homes. When you’ve got a crowd in the kitchen, what could make it a better place to cook, work and interact?

Bigger island? More cabinetry? Built-in seating? Often, the answer is, "all of the above!"


2. More storage in the laundry room, mud room, or garage

What’s the best place to tuck in storage space? Let’s build it in now, while you’re still thinking through your floor plan. Adding just a couple of feet to a laundry room, mud room or garage can help stack in extra cabinetry, shelving, or cubbies. And with some plans, there’s already space to move things around without adding extra cost.



3. Indoor-outdoor living spaces with winter and summer options

Where do you want to spend your time outdoors, when you’re hanging around the house? It all depends on how the deck is stacked.



4. Master bedroom and/or guest suite on the first floor

First floor living is one of the most important topics for many of today’s homebuyers. Whether your home is a popular place for guests or you’re thinking ahead to no-step living, you’ll be amazed by how many ways you can frame your master suite on the ground floor.


5. Personal get-away spaces - from a home gym to a media room to separate 'his and hers' offices

Take five, and you’ll want to linger longer when you see all the ways you can create home office space or design a work out room that fits all your gym equipment.


6. Shared kid spaces - like a Jack and Jill or Buddy bath

Including a Jack and Jill or 'buddy bath' in your next home can help kids share common spaces, with the added benefit of dual access.

This kid's bathroom has two bedroom entrances. One entrance leads to the vanity room; the other leads to the shower room. A third door allows kids to share the bathroom space, an essential feature for last minute mornings.


How would you modify your current home? Get more ideas from recently constructed Raleigh, NC custom homes. 

Here are links to home buying trends, with photos of popular design features:


Cost-effective ways to add features in your next home:

A touch of colorful tile can make all the difference in a kids bathroom or kitchen – and it doesn’t take much out of the budget to add all that personality.

Tuck in cubbies help kids learn to be organized – and help keep what they’re doing for fun from tracking all over the house.

Fanciful faucets in the guest bath or kitchen can make family and friends smile, while they’re washing up.

You might be surprised at how little it takes to add something special to each room of your home.

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