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How many bathrooms do I need? Raleigh New Homes

Posted by Penny Hull on Thu, Jul 02, 2015 @ 14:07 PM

How many bathrooms do you need in a new home? 

Not long ago, homes were built with a single, shared bathroom.

These days, it's considered standard for a two story home to have at least two and a half baths, including:

  • Master Bathroom
  • Kid's Bath / Guest Bath
  • Powder Room

How many bathrooms do you need? Raleigh New Homes

In a recent report by Trulia, the Raleigh - Cary, North Carolina metro area showed the highest bathroom-to-bedroom ratio in homes for sale -- at 1.07 bathrooms per bedroom. See the details here.

Find out how to choose the number of bathrooms in your Raleigh new home builder tips and trends below. 

What determines the number of bathrooms you need?

The number of occupants -- and total square footage - are the top two indicators of the number of bathrooms you need in a home. Therefore, when looking at floor plans, you'll want to coordinate the number of bathrooms with the number of bedrooms.

What are other factors to consider when deciding how many bathrooms you need?

1. How much does a bathroom cost?

Bathrooms cost more per square foot than any other room in your home (besides the kitchen).

Depending on the sq ft and selections, a powder room can start in the $2K range.

A full bath with tile and nice fixtures generally starts closer to $4K.   Custom home master bathrooms range more widely in size and complexity, and thus cost.


What makes the cost of a bathroom add up?

  • Bringing and removing water from up to four different fixtures, ie plumbing rough-ins
  • Obtaining and installing plumbing fixtures, electrical fixtures, sinks, and cabinetry - the cost will depend on taste, finish, and features
  • A water-rated flooring, such as tile, costs a lot more per sq ft than carpeting does.

How many bathrooms do you need? Raleigh New Homes

Where can I save on costs in a bathroom?

  • Fiberglass tub/shower combinations are much less expensive than tile.
  • Do you need dual vanities, or will a single sink work just as well?
  • How big is the bath?  A 5'x9' bath can be just as effective (and beautiful) as a 6'x12' bath.
  • Limit the number of cabinets and size of vanities.  Plan for a cost-effective layout with your designer
  • It's more common to splurge on finishes in the Powder and Master baths, but a secondary bath can include cost effective but appealing fixtures

2. How many bedrooms are for long-term use?

Many Raleigh home buyers are looking for floor plans with a private bathroom in the guest suite

How many bathrooms do you need? Raleigh New Homes


A great way to save costs is by maximizing the day-to-day use of a bathroom (and eliminating the need for a separate bath or powder room).

If your guest suite is designed for short-term guests, consider converting the attached bathroom into a Jack and Jill or Buddy bath.

  • A Jack and Jill bathroom connects between two bedrooms
  • A Buddy bathroom opens to a bedroom and hallway

How many bathrooms do you need? Raleigh New Homes 

Each bathroom style is designed for shared use.

Even a nearby powder room (with or without a shower) can serve as an excellent overnight or short-term guest bath.

3. Where are your bathrooms located?

An efficient, centrally located bathroom can make a big difference in number of bathrooms needed to keep your family functioning. 

If a common squabble is bathroom-hogging, for instance, consider adding a door between the vanity area and shower/toilet. This will allow dual use of the same high-demand space.

How many bathrooms do you need? Raleigh New Homes

4. Does your floor plan have specialty rooms, such as a basement or pool house?

A basement can be a great place for a second powder room -- with just enough space for a simple toilet and vanity.

A powder room -- or simple, space-efficient tub/shower combination bathroom with a 30" vanity -- will increase the flexibility of your basement space as a:

  • Long-term guest area
  • Mother in law suite
  • Distinct game room or man cave, separate from main living areas

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New Homes in Raleigh, North Carolina:

While many new homes are incorporating 3+ bathrooms, everyone's needs and routines are different. Use the tips above to help you in your floor plan search.

Looking for a home builder in North Carolina?  Tell us what you'd like in your Raleigh custom home floor plan -- including bathroom requirements -- and Stanton Homes will show you what it costs.


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