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How Many Seats Will Fit At The Island? [Raleigh New Homes]

Posted by Penny Hull on Mon, May 04, 2015 @ 07:05 AM

Kitchen Islands with Built-In Seating: 

Raleigh new homes often include at least two dining spaces: a formal dining room, breakfast room, and /or casual dining the kitchen island. 

Photos of Island Seating | Raleigh New HomesThe seating at this island is called "raised height" because it requires stools rather than dining table height chairs. Notice the raised center of the island with counter-height sides? The center designates the seating area.

Looking for new ways to add seating to your kitchen? Use these kitchen layout questions -- below -- to determine how many seats you can add based on your kitchen floor plan and layout (with recommended island dimensions and average heights). 

Kitchen Layout Questions:

Kitchens with dining space - either nearby or integrated - are a popular Raleigh new home request. Here are some kithen island layout questions, to help you decide on a kitchen-dining configuration:

Kitchen Layout Question #1: Where is your kitchen located, relative to other rooms?

Is your kitchen separate from living and dining areas, or does it have an open concept layout?

If your kitchen is located beside main living and dining areas, you'll probably need fewer seats. If your kitchen is separate, you may want additional seating.

Photos of Island Seating | Raleigh New Homes

According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association, they recommend that 36 inch high islands should allow a 24-inch-wide seating space with an 15-inch-deep knee space.

They also recommend that 42 inch high islands should allow a 24-inch-wide seating space with a 12-inch-deep knee space. 

Photos of Island Seating | Raleigh New Homes

In a seating area where no traffic passes behind a seated diner, they recommend that you allow 32 inches of clearance from the counter/table edge to any wall or other obstruction behind the seating area. If traffic passes behind the seated diner, allow at least 36 inches to edge past or at least 44 inches to walk past.

These depths and widths can vary based on your layout, but are good to keep in mind.

Kitchen Layout Question #2: How large is your island?

And how much space is left in the kitchen? If your kitchen is rectangular, you may be able to extend the length of the island to incorporate a built-in bench. (And you can keep your storage space maximized, with drawers below.)

Photos of Island Seating | Raleigh New Homes


Kitchen Layout Question  #3: Should your chairs be hidden or visible seating?

This Hickory curved island is designed to store stools underneath for hidden seating.  The design is enhanced with base cabinets on both ends of the islands, as well as on the back side.

Photos of Island Seating | Raleigh New Homes

Kitchen Layout Question  #4: Do you prefer counter-height or bar-height seating?

Kitchen islands are taller than dining room or breakfast room tables, so you'll typically use stools to sit in the kitchen.

The difference between counter-height and bar-height seating can range from six to twelve inches, depending on the home plan.

Photos of Island Seating | Raleigh New Homes

Use these kitchen layout questions as a way to start thinking about design options in your new home. 

Here are some pointers to make the best of your next kitchen:

  • Prioritize your space. Do you need a larger (or second) island, or would you rather integrate a breakfast room table in the same space?
  • Determine how ofter you'll cook for the family - and how often you might host a larger get-togethers. While double ovens look beautiful and balanced, you may find that the space is better saved for more cabinets or a larger microwave.
  • Decide what you're willing to upgrade, and where you're willing to save on cost. While kitchens are one of the most important rooms of the home, they are also the most expensive, generally followed by the Master Bath.

Photos of Island Seating | Raleigh New Homes

Photos of Raleigh new homes with built-in island seating:

Custom Home Kitchen Design in North Carolina:

How many dining spaces does your family use? Do you want to combine or separate eating areas in your next home? Tell us which home designs stand out.

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