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Secrets of the Bryson Design | Design and Build Tips

Posted by Penny Hull on Mon, Jan 18, 2016 @ 13:01 PM

Written by Andrew Travars | Builder Brothers

Here's how we created the extremely popular exterior for our custom designed home, The Bryson:


We call it Urban Craftsman.

"Young, fun and practical." That's what our clients said they wanted their custom home to feel like - an exciting request, as it presented the opportunity to blend architectural styles.

The overall effect I go for is all about how the house will look when you drive up to it, park at it, walk up to it. I had a lot of great ideas in mind, even before I started drawing.

So did Andrea, my colleague and Interior Designer at Stanton Homes. We often work together on projects like this.  And our ideas are usually pretty different, resulting in hundreds of back-and-forths as we created the Bryson together.




Every change you make to a plan affects everything around it.

Create a big porch - the columns need to be big, too. That changes the size of your roof, which needs to be in synch. 

The medium sized dormer on the Bryson, with a smaller one above it, pull the house together in conjunction with the big columns beneath.

The 4 peaks vary in size with purpose, with the porch taking precedence, followed by the first floor window, and then two smaller dormers facing two different directions - creating an artistic collection of points sharply defined in stark white against classic gray, topped by a chimney simply for punctuation.

The big porch is framed by big windows on either side, further expressing an open and inviting approach to the home. The topography of the lot defined the amount of steps, which worked out nicely with layers of stone to balance the slate. 


All the eves, arches and bumpouts blend together harmoniously. Or at least that's the end effect, after a few discussions about who had the best ideas.

The slate water table we designed across the entire front of the house called for a slate porch - further building each part of the home around every other part.

That stone isn't just on the front of the home - it's also inside, further carrying the theme with a see-through fireplace that's central to the living space, and on either side of a massive wall of windows.



The setting:

The Bryson was designed for the shape and size of the lot - that's why the driveway is curved, to have a place for friends to park, allow as much square footage as possible for the home, and still have a nice back yard (as well as a stoop for the side door.)

The open floor plan is further enhanced by all the windows on the back of the home, overlooking the yard. Those 45 degree bump outs add living space inside and character outside - while balancing the smaller tower for the master suite, which has a French door to the patio.


Design/Build with Stanton Homes:

Team expertise really made a difference in the Bryson.

Take a look at the photo tour of the Bryson here to see the rest.


About Andrew: 

Andrew designs and builds custom homes in the Research Triangle region of North Carolina. His artistic balance and creative engineering are evident in his drafting, plan design and idea development. Andrew has been an innovator with Stanton Homes since 2006. In his free time, Andrew enjoys crafting custom furniture. 

About the Builder Brothers: 

Builder Brothers Phil and Andrew are just one part of the team at Stanton Homes, which surrounds you with expertise while building stunning custom homes. A little friendly competition is reflected in the details of the extraordinary homes they create. They're all-around nice guys with a lot of smarts, really great ideas, and rare integrity. You'll learn a lot about how to build beautiful homes from the Builder Brothers.


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