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Nine Top Types of Windows (Raleigh New Home Trends)

Posted by Penny Hull on Tue, Aug 18, 2015 @ 11:08 AM

Most Popular Window Styles in North Carolina New Homes:

See photos of the most popular types of windows in North Carolina new homes, from casement to double-hung, transom, and picture.

 Looking for more custom home window ideas? Here are some most-viewed photo galleries of homes with complex window designs in the great room:

Types of Windows:

Browse the photos below for examples of casement, double-hung, transom, picture, triangle, trapezoid, arch, bay, and obscure windows.

1. Casement

Casement windows can be hinged left or right, to open outwards (rather than sliding up and down).

Casement windows open with a crank mechanism.



The dual casement windows in this master bedroom open left and right, to create wide openings to the spacious backyard. See a photo gallery of this home, a version of the Judson.


Many home plans include casement windows on either side of large window designs.

In this home, note the single casement window on the right side of the room.



2. Double-Hung

Single-hung or 'standard' windows open in one direction: the bottom panel typically slides upwards.

With double-hung windows, both glass panels open, sliding from the top and bottom. While casement windows swing outward, double-hung windows remain parallel to your home.

This master bedroom and sitting room uses double-hung windows (distinct by the small gap in the casing left open for the bottom panel to slide upwards).


3. Transom

Transom windows are usually small, accent windows placed above a door or window to let more light in, or to add visual interest. Transoms may or may not operate (i.e. open to let air in).


4. Picture

Picture windows are usually large, and always stationary. Picture windows are used most often in foyers, master bathrooms, and large great rooms.

Transom windows line these great room picture windows.



We're finding that interior picture windows are an emerging trend in North Carolina custom homes - especially for floor plans with a sunroom.


5. Triangle

Triangle windows are often used to make beautiful designs. They can be accent windows in a great room, or stand-alone windows in creative spaces.



6. Trapezoid

Trapezoid windows make perfect pairs with these triangle windows - designed to follow the vaulted roofline in the two story great room.

A contemporary ball light contrasts with the sharp angles in the window wall layout. Maple floors keep the natural motif flowing throughout the home.


7. Arch or Radius

Arch or radius windows have a curved or half-circle top and rectangular bottom. Arch and radius windows, similar to triangle windows, make great accent pieces - usually placed above "standard" rectangle windows.


8. Bay Windows

Alcoves or bays give you more interior space by extending a small area outwards. Bay windows usually fill alcove spaces, for plenty of natural and moon light.



9. Obscure

Obscure windows are most common in the foyer and master bathroom. They let light in, without allowing views in or out. The shape, texture, or color of a window can cause the obscuring effect.

These glass blocks use a distinct pattern to obscure views into the master bathroom.



How to Build a Home in Raleigh, North Carolina:

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