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10 Popular Exterior Styles [Craftsman House Plans]

Posted by Penny Hull on Thu, May 21, 2015 @ 09:05 AM


Popular Craftsman Home Design in Raleigh NC

Craftsman home exteriors continue to be one of the most popular requests for new Raleigh custom homes. Some signature details can include combinations of:

  • Architecture that emphasizes simple lines
  • Stone accents, especially on front porches
  • Decorative cross hatches on eaves
  • Built-in storage including bookshelves, cabinets, or niches
  • Staircases with (wood) square balusters and newell posts
  • Square or horizontal rectangular windows
  • Limited hallways in the floor plan
  • 1x4, 1x6, and 1x8 interior trim treatments

See 10 ways to build a craftsman home exterior in the photo examples below.

10 Ways to Build a Craftsman Home:

From traditional designs to exteriors with contemporary modifications, these Raleigh custom homes emphasize craftsman design and building techniques. 

Exterior Style #1: Country Craftsman Estate

Although craftsman home exterior colors have historically emphasized complementary earth tones (you'll see several examples below), many contemporary Raleigh custom homes are starting to incorporate brighter and bolder exterior paint colors.

This version of The Horse Country Estate blends natural earth-colored stone accents with brown garage doors and trim, alongside earthy orange/brown tone siding.


Exterior Style #2: Urban Craftsman

Craftsman exteriors often incorporate natural materials, including stone siding and exposed wood details.

Historically, rafter tails were literally rafters that extended past the roof for structural support. Today, rafter tails are often added as decorative pieces designed to increase curb appeal by "exposing" more of the home structure. 

Below is an example of a subtle use of exposed rafter tails (added to accentuate the front porch roofline): 



Exterior Style #3: Traditional Craftsman

Complementary vertical and horizontal lines -- particularly in the roof peaks -- are common craftsman touches found in traditional exteriors.


Exterior Style #4: Craftsman Ranch

This ranch style (single level) craftsman home features a blend of earthy tones that reflect shades akin to fields and forests.


Exterior Style #5: Contemporary Mountain Craftsman

Check out the windows on this contemporary craftsman exterior. Square windows are more common on craftsman homes, as well as linear rectangle windows (like the ones located above the garage).

Note how wide and short -- rather than thin and tall -- several of these windows are:


Exterior Style #6: Contemporary Craftsman

White and grey exteriors are popular contemporary color combinations. This home is equal parts urban contemporary and craftsman.

While round columns replace square tapered columns, stone bases blend in a touch of traditional craftsmanship.

Take a look inside this home to see more craftman details in the floor plan layout, staircase design, and efficient use of space.


Exterior Style #7: Country Craftsman

Tapered square wood columns paired with stone bases are a staple for many traditional craftsman home exteriors. 

Deep eaves are another common arts and crafts touch.


Exterior Style #8: Cottage Craftsman

As a bungalow style home, this exterior emphasizes a contrast between dark brown finishes and neutral green siding. Stone column bases and steps lighten up the front porch.

A low pitch roof stands out as a common craftsman exterior design.


Exterior Style #9: French Country Craftsman

Dark red, a bold choice for a craftsman home, follows the French design of this craftsman home.

Another traditional French country home design addition is the non-symmetrical front with a single curved roofline accent.


Exterior Style #10: Hillside Craftsman

This Raleigh custom home highlights the craftsman trend of incorporating windows arranged in groups, often with a simple geometrical design. 


Raleigh, North Carolina Craftsman Homes:

When building a custom home in North Carolina, you can choose which craftsman details you love, and which to leave out.

What do you love about these popular home exterior styles, and what would you change? Tell us about your new home ideas -- click here to get started on building your new home.


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