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Tile Tub Surround Cost (with 8 blue bathroom tile ideas)

Posted by Penny Hull on Wed, Jul 15, 2015 @ 12:07 PM

How Much Does it Cost to Add a Tile Tub Surround?

A custom tile shower/tub combination can make a big difference in your guest or master bath. When you build a custom home in the Raleigh North Carolina area, custom tile treatments can be cost effective, or well worth the splurge.

Looking for blue bathroom tile ideas? The images below feature contemporary blue bathrooms -- with cost saving tips on how to surround your tub in tile.

Blue Bathroom Tile Ideas:

Photos and ideas for your custom tile bathroom...

1. Tile Tub Surround with Built-in Plant Shelf

Tile Tub Surround Ideas | Blue Bathroom Tile Ideas

This master bathroom uses a mini-mosaic accent of clear blue tiles, embedded in a soft, neutral tub surround. With light blue painted walls, this tub called for a more subtle touch of blue.

The built-in tile shelf below the window offers a place to decorate or store bath time essentials. A tile shelf can be a fairly cost effective add.  You'll need some extra framing, and an additional 6-7 sq ft of tile installed.   Adding a bench also requires about an extra foot of width at the tub. 

Although light blue can be a more traditional bathroom shade, the no-door archway opening between the master bedroom and bath keeps this space feeling contemporary.

2. Blue, White, and Gray Tile Bath

Tile Tub Surround Ideas | Blue Bathroom Tile Ideas


This master bathroom blends shades of blue and slate to create a relaxing spa atmosphere. The pebble tile across the floor adds to the spa ambiance.

Although ceiling-height tile in the shower adds a bit of cost, the recurring mini-mosaic pattern works to pull the room together.

Mini-mosaic tile generally starts at about $18/sq ft for materials, as compared to about $2/sq ft for a typical 12"x12" tile.

3. Light Blue Shower Tile

Tile Tub Surround Ideas | Blue Bathroom Tile Ideas

A guest or secondary bathroom is a great place to add floor-to-ceiling tile. The blue subway tile color pattern gives visual texture to the bath.

A tile shower, rather than one-piece tub/shower insert, can add in the range of $1500 to the cost of your bathroom.

Many homebuyers opt to integrate tile upgrades in the most visible bathrooms, such as a guest suite bath or shared downstairs bath.

4. Blue Tile Frames

Tile Tub Surround Ideas | Blue Bathroom Tile Ideas

Mini subway tile outlines the bathroom window, mirror, and accent areas in this kid's bathroom.

A small touch of tile can make a big impact -- and the cost is comparable to choosing a decorator mirror.

5. White Field Tile and Blue Mini Mosaic Bath

Tile Tub Surround Ideas | Blue Bathroom Tile Ideas

This specially adapted shower room - with tub inside - features 8 x 10 white field tile from floor to ceiling.

A blue mini mosaic tile accent runs in a stripe around the room. A typical listello accent (the mosaic tile) usually runs a few hundred dollars.

6. Slate Blue Tile Bathroom

Tile Tub Surround Ideas | Blue Bathroom Tile Ideas

This master bathroom -- with a tile tub inside the shower -- uses a mixture of tile sizes to create contrast.

The slate blue blends smoothly with faux wood tile tones.

7. Earth Blue Tile Tub Surround

Tile Tub Surround Ideas | Blue Bathroom Tile Ideas

Using slate blue tile -- mixed with grays, browns, and other earth tones -- is a great way to create a neutral bathroom without the popular integration of high contrasts of white, black, and gray patterns.

Angled tub surrounds can increase your tile cost by 15-30%, compared to a typical rectangular tub deck.

8. Curved Slate Blue Tile Tub Surround

Tile Tub Surround Ideas | Blue Bathroom Tile Ideas

A vertical tile pattern -- with a range of slate blue tones -- shows off the curved front of this tile tub surround.

Curving the edge of your tub has a cost that can start at about $600 and go up from there.

More photos of tile tub surrounds in new custom homes by Stanton Homes:


When selecting your new home, first find out what your builder means by a tile surround. A full tile surround should cover the tub base deck, extend downwards to the floor, and extend up the walls by a foot or so.

Some builders refer to a "tile surround" but only include a small tile border around the upper part of a full fiberglass tub.

A full tile master bath is standard in nearly every Stanton Home. Tell us what floor plan you love, and we'll show you what it costs to build in central North Carolina.

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