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Six Ideas for Accessible Shower Design | ADA Accessible Homes

Posted by Penny Hull on Tue, Jul 02, 2013 @ 12:07 PM

Top Six things to consider for your Accessible Shower Design

ADA Accessible Home tips from Raleigh custom home builders

Accessible showers are one of the most important aspects of an ADA, accessible, universal design, barrier-free or aging-in-place home.

It takes more than a roll-in floor to make an accessible shower comfortable, safe, and practical.

And when you build your custom home with one of the nation's top builders in the Raleigh, North Carolina region, it can also be beautiful. 

Here are the top six things to consider as you design your NC custom home to blend functionality and personality in your accessible shower. 

Wheelchair Accessible Homes - Shower Design

From roll-in capability to a handheld shower head on a yoga glide bar, designing every detail in your shower is one of the best things about building a custom home in the Raleigh area. 

Full Turning Radius Accessible Showers

Accessible bathroom shower design for wheelchair accessible homesAsk your builder about providing a full 5'x5' turning radius inside your accessible shower. 

It's a customization that could require your bathroom to be expanded, so you'll need to decide whether you'd like the convenience early in the design planning stages.

A custom home builder experienced with accessible designs and floor plan modifications will show you how that will look.

And your designer will suggest ways to create a beautiful atmosphere in the extra large space, such as the custom tile treatment seen here.

See more photos of the accessible bathroom shower pictured here - taken from a version of the Firebird - click here.

Multi-piece fiberglass accessible showers are also available by special order for ADA accessible homes.  Check out the base - these accessible showers are typically manufactured without a rim, to provide roll-in capability.   


Transfer Accessible Showers

Accessible bathroom shower design for wheelchair accessible homesAnother approach to an accessible shower is designed to accommodate transfer from a wheelchair or mobile unit to a built-in or stand alone shower seat. 

These showers may have a rim at floor level similar to a standard shower and can adapt to wheeled access by way of a threshold ramp.  Many have no threshold.

Transfer accessible showers can come in multiple sizes, from a standard "bathtub" size of 60"x36" to an extended 72"x49" fiberglass multi-piece shower.

Look at all the associated costs before deciding: A fiberglass shower will be less expensive than a custom tile shower, but special order prices can add to the total.

See more photos of the accessible bathroom shower pictured here - taken from a version of the Blackhawk - click here.

Hand Held Shower Head

Accessible bathroom shower design for wheelchair accessible homesA hand held shower head can be much easier to use and direct than a standard shower head, and can be installed as a stand-alone or as a secondary option.

They are available in a large range of styles and prices, so be sure to check out the things that matter most to you, such as whether they are easy to turn on and off, or offer the kind of spray you prefer.

yoga glide bar allows the shower head to stay in place at adjustable heights. 





Accessible bathroom shower design for wheelchair accessible homes


You can use the showerhead on the glide bar, or remove it and use it by hand.

Finishes for hand held shower heads and glide bars can be found in chrome, brushed nickel, oil rubbed bronze and other materials, so you can coodinate the look with the other textures and colors in the bathroom.

Or simply choose a material and shape that is comfortable and easy to grip. 






Shower Seat or Bench

Accessible bathroom shower design for wheelchair accessible homesCustom accessible showers typically include an attached or detached shower seat or bench. 

A universal design shower seat can be constructed of wood, plastic, or metal, with cushion, plastic, or wood seats.

A fold down shower seat attached to the wall of the accessible shower can come in different widths and lengths - an experienced builder will make sure the fit will be comfortable.  

Most seats are either 18" or 23" in width.

A shower seat or bench can be a great accessory even in a standard shower. It's a touch that a certified Aging in Place builder like Stanton Homes will typically offer.

Accessible Design: Shower Grab Bars

As you customize your shower, think of all the places where a grab bar could be useful - like the picture seen here. Your custom home builder can place grab bars wherever you need them, as long as there are studs to support them.

Accessible bathroom shower design for wheelchair accessible homes

Shower grab bars can be installed vertically or horizontally, depending on the specific needs and requirements. 

Grab bars should always support at least 250 pounds of weight. 

The diameter of a grab bar should be 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 inches.

Your wheelchair accessible or universal design home will include additional blocking and framing in the shower and bath area to support all kinds of grab bars - even if you want to add more later.  

Want to make them stand out? Grab bars can be white, chrome, brushed nickel, oil rubbed bronze, or even brightly colored - you have a lot of choices when you design and build an accessible custom home in the Raleigh area.

You can add stylish grab bars all over the bathroom, from your roll under vanity to your toilet area.

Finding an ADA Accessible Home in the Raleigh Area:Accessible bathroom shower design for wheelchair accessible homes

Considering building an accessible or universal design home in the Raleigh NC area?  Go over our easy checklist of accessible features!

The design team at Stanton Homes will work with you to create the environment you're looking for.

We'll show you all the ways to ensure your custom home has the accessible elements you know you need (and some you might not have thought about).

Learn more about how Stanton Homes can modify your favorite floor plan into an ADA accessible home, or create something new, just for you - with elements like these:

Accessible bathroom shower design for wheelchair accessible homes

Experienced Accessible Home Builders –

Stanton Homes is an industry leading accessible, universal, certified Aging in Place and VA-approved Specially Adapted Housing custom home builder.

Whether you start with a plan that is designed for accessibility, ask us to modify or create a new plan, we can build in wider hallways and doorways, entry ways, turning radius, non-slip flooring, ramps and walkways, special lighting, roll out or pull out shelving, easy grope door, faucet and drawers, accessible switches, no step entries, roll-in showers, ADA roll-under countertops and work spaces, and whatever else you need. 

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