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North Carolina Energy Costs to Rise Another 7%

Posted by Penny Hull on Tue, Dec 27, 2011 @ 06:12 AM

Duke Energy Agrees to 7% Energy Cost Increase after Requesting 15% Increase

Energy Efficient Homes More Important than Ever

Duke Energy Carolinas has reached an agreement with the North Carolina Public Staff regarding the company’s request to raise electric rates in North Carolina.  Final agreement is still pending - Duke had originally asked for a 15% increase.

If approved, the average rate increase for customers would be 7.2 percent. (details)

Energy costs have increased significantly over the past two decades, and continue to rise.

Owning an energy efficient home is becoming more and more important - and the cost of owning or renting a home should include the cost of energy for that home each month. 

Energy Costs

One way to determine how much your new home will cost every month is by asking for a HERS score.   The lower the score, the lower the monthly energy costs.

What is a HERS Score?  What is a GOOD Score?

The most efficient new homes use an advanced insulation system.  A system like Bayer's MaterialScience High Performance Residential Program even offers a WRITTEN GUARANTEE of how much energy the home will need every month.

Bayer High Performance Residential Program - How it Works

It doesn't look like energy costs will be decreasing any time soon, if ever.

Contact Stanton Homes with any questions about how to build your new energy efficient home, and find out how a new home can save you money every month.

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