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14 Amazing Custom Home Master Bath Trends from Wood to Water

Posted by Stanton Homes on Tue, Jun 18, 2019 @ 06:06 AM

14 Incredible Master Bath Photos of Custom Tubs, Showers and Cabinetry Designs in North Carolina by Stanton Homes

See ideas for your new home and ask your builder what it takes to create these kinds of custom treatments for your intimate spaces

Click on images to see more photos.

#1 Master Bath Idea - Sui Generis 

Master Bath copper tub

One of a kind settings like this can only be created when you're working with a custom home builder with the expertise to be as creative as your imagination allows. Copper standing tub is another nice touch. 

#2 Master Bath Idea - Hot Sauna 

master bath sauna avonstone

Step into your hot Sauna and let the steam soothe your senses. Want more space? Features? Music? True custom homes are built on your desires.

#3 Master Bath Idea - Jetted Spa Bath

Master bath jacuzzi

Soak in the comfort of your new jetted spa bathtub. Even the closet beyond is bathed in natural light. Artistic tile arrangements soften the mood from surround to shower to floor.

#4 Master Bath Idea - Huge Walk-in Shower


Step into your massive dual shower with door-less freedom and splash all you'd like. It's not only spacious and beautiful - it's practical - with built in features for aging-in-place.

#5 Master Bath Idea - Standing Tub


Create the placement of your standing tub to allow for personal space, with everything down to the placement of the faucet where you want it, like this romantic setting.

#6 Master Bath Idea - Contemporary Cabinetry


One glance will tell you why Modern/Contemporary Cabinetry with custom built-ins in the Master Bath is a huge new trend. Antique wood-look tile blends architectural styles - another big movement.

#7 Master Bath Idea - Classic Spa Setting


Classic columns and a barrel vault ceiling with a soaking tub surrounded by tile and soothing colors create a feeling of serenity for this custom designed bathing splendor.

#8 Master Bath Idea - Estate Home Elegance


Custom shaped arched alcoves designed for personal space. Cabinetry that stretches the entire length of the Master Bathroom, with a wardrobe centerpiece. Exquisite.

#9 Master Bath Idea - Spaciousness


Everything about this Master Bathroom is big, from cathedral ceiling to wrap around furniture cabinetry with quartz counter tops and bold tile: Custom homes are designed to fit your lifestyle.

#10 Master Bath Idea - Playful

master bath shower tub combo coquery

This Master Bathroom with a tile wrapped soaking tub open to a walk-through shower behind was brought to life by Stanton Homes based on a sketch homebuyers made in the sand at the beach.  

#11 Master Bath Idea - Tub for Two

master bath tub penelope

This huge tub for two is artfully placed in the corner for more intimacy. It's surrounded by ledges to tuck soaps, sponges and candles into and bathed in natural light.

#12 Master Bath Idea - Niches and Niceties

Master bath dinsmore soap nooks

Don't forget the details! When you work with the right new home builder to customize your home, you can help create little things like soap niches, benches and other built-in special features. 

#13 Master Bath Idea - Bench it!

Master bath shower dahlberg

Big showers are best with big benches. This Master Bathroom shower was built for two - with the capability for total accessibility.

#14 Master Bath Idea - Walk Through Shower 

master bath tub shower combo daniel

Here's how it can look to design/build the ultimate walk-through shower with separate benches and all the spigots you want - with a soaking tub at the forefront. Creative tile choices, too!


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9 Trending Master Bathroom Cabinetry placement and priorities for 2019

Posted by Stanton Homes on Wed, Nov 14, 2018 @ 08:11 AM

9 Master Bath Cabinetry Photos for 2019 [And a bonus]

Chatham County New Homes [Master Bath Cabinetry Placement, Style and Purpose, with Photos] 

Master Bathroom cabinetry choices are about more than choosing style and finish. Their placement and purpose determine the dynamics of the entire bathroom - considered the second most important room in new custom homes in NC, by homebuyers. Here are 9 determinations that impact master bathroom cabinetry in 2019.  

Click on photos to see the rest of each home.


#1 Master Bathroom Cabinetry Consideration: Vanity Placement - Close Proximity to the Sauna and the Soaking Tub 

AvonstoneManor with sauna

Each purpose for your custom home bathroom can be designed for convenience and practicality, when your builder puts together your layout to fit your lifestyle. In the photo above, dual vanities provide personal space with lots of cabinetry, drawers, big sinks, massive mirrors - just a few steps from the sauna (to the right rear, with the closed glass door, with a bench inside) and the huge tub in the other direction, that you can see if you click on this photo to see the rest of the home.


#2 Master Bathroom Cabinetry Consideration: Vanity Placement - Size of the room 


In this custom Stanton Home, master bathroom cabinetry is tucked into the corner of the room, to take advantage of the room's configuration. One vanity is larger than the other, with six drawers and two doors. The smaller vanity has two doors. A lowered section in the middle has a big drawer, as well, with space for a chair to slide under. The granite countertop was chosen to reflect the brown towns in stained cabinetry and tile floor. 


#3 Master Bathroom Cabinetry Consideration: Vanity placement - one long countertop with two sinks


Still a classic placement, this master bathroom cabinetry provide two sinks with the separation of massive countertop space in the middle with drawers underneath. The granite countertop was chosen to blend with the soft toned tile floor and massive tile shower for two.


#4 Master Bathroom Cabinetry Consideration: Vanity Placement - Two Separate Vanities 


When more personal space is needed, a custom home builder can look at ways to create a layout in the bathroom where the vanities are located in two different places - typically across from each other, like the master bath cabinetry in this photo. Granite countertops were chosen to blend the dark furniture stained cabinetry with white tile and gray walls and curtain. Hardware choice is Contemporary. Standing bathtub choice is romance. Natural light through a big picture window brightens up everything.


#5 Master Bathroom Cabinetry Consideration: Vanity Placement - Separate Vanities Tied Together 


This Modern master bathroom cabinetry emphasizes personal space - tied together with a decorative beam over the top and a lowered countertop makeup table that pulls everything together. Square sinks and a white finish to drawers and cabinet doors, together with very trendy wood-look tile make the design of this room feel clean and contemporary.


#6 Master Bathroom Cabinetry Consideration: Vanity Placement - Tucked next to the Tub


The focus in this master bathroom is the sumptuous soaking tub, designed for a luxurious bathing experience - so the purpose of the dual vanities tucked in next to the tub is to provide personal space and room for easy movement between the vanities and the tub. The extensive use of tile for the heightened tub surround and floor together with classic columns are tied together with the dark stained cabinetry.


#7 Master Bathroom Cabinetry Consideration: Additional Storage 


Adding a wardrobe to your master suite bathroom can be a big consideration when choosing your master bath cabinetry. Custom home builders may have to expand your bathroom square footage to fit in this much cabinetry, but it provides the ultimate in storage. The vanities in this master bath are further defined as personal space by their alcoves, framed in beautiful archways. The entire room is white and bright, with lots of fixtures and natural light.


#8 Master Bathroom Cabinetry Consideration: Vanity Placement - Rounding the Corner


Here's another way to add a wardrobe to your master bathroom. The cabinetry in this master bath follows the angle of the wall, allowing for maximum usage with lots of space to move around and plenty of personal space. This is another example of a larger vanity and smaller vanity being separated from each other, with the wardrobe as the tie-together. Brown tones define the room.


#9 Master Bathroom Cabinetry Consideration: Vanity Placement - Artistic Design 


In this totally custom master suite bathroom, the artistry of the design has the biggest impact on vanity placement. This is another example of an extended vanity across one wall with a single countertop. In this case, the focus of the room is on the tub encased in small tiles and the huge walk-in shower behind it. The granite countertop for the dual vanity was chosen to blend with the bath and shower tile as well as the wood-look tile floor.

 #10 (Bonus) Master Bathroom Cabinetry Consideration: Vanity Placement - Compatibility with the island in the closet 


This master bathroom cabinetry has one traditional vanity with a sink separated by a wardroom from a roll-under sink in the second vanity. The furniture appeal is matched by an island in the master suite closet to the rear. Subtle brown tones tie the rooms together, with oak hardwood in the closet that is stained with the same hue. This entire bathroom was designed for accessibility, with a roll-in shower and easy glide transitions from tile to hardwood.


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Best Designs for the Master Bath [with photos]

Posted by Stanton Homes on Sun, Jul 08, 2018 @ 08:07 AM

11 Best Master Bathroom Layouts

How to design your custom home bathroom for two

Ways to modify the master suite bathroom for the owner’s suite are some of the most common requests when building a custom home in North Carolina. (See several other common requests for floor plan modifications here).

Below, find examples of how to design spaces for two - with photos, paint colors, cabinet wood types, and tile colors - inside your Raleigh new home.

Custom home master bath layouts with vanities designed for two:

Here are 11 photos with descriptions of these custom home master baths designed with room for two.

#1 Dual Vanity Design Idea: I love you but I need my space

This master bath has dual vanities across the room from each other, to provide plenty of space to maneuver.

Best Designs for the Master Bath | Raleigh Custom Home Builders

The dual vanities on opposite walls in this photo of a custom home master bathroom create complete separation with as much space for each individual as typical shared countertops. The shower is designed for two, as well, with two shower heads.

Rich, dark wood cabinets (Maple Espresso) ground these dual vanities in their crisp white and natural green (Sherwin Williams Herbal Wash) surroundings.

Tile and counter tops in this master bath are in Carolina Cream, Snow White, and PearlSee more photos of this Raleigh custom home, here.

Design tip: Dual vanities that are separated can create flow for the room when used to frame a custom bathtub or shower.


#2 Dual Vanity Design Idea: Bold and sophisticated

The sophisticated appeal of this bathroom is enhanced by colors and textures that compliment the master suite separated only by glass French Doors (see photos of the master suite fireplace and sitting room).

Best Designs for the Master Bath | Raleigh Custom Home Builders

The Andover Oak Espresso cabinets make a bold statement against the Key Red tiles, Clay grout, and Cream walls.

Touches of traditional design, such as the arched entry above the tub and 12x12 tile pattern, blend harmoniously with contemporary accents, including sleek, square vanity lights.

See the full photo tour of this home, here.


#3 Dual Vanity Design Idea: Upscale Urban Craftsman

The photo of this Upscale Urban Craftsman master suite bath illustrates the appeal of Contemporary espresso, grey, white, and black tones - combined with soft crystal and pensive stainless steel features – in this custom designed bathroom created by Stanton Homes.

Best Designs for the Master Bath | Raleigh Custom Home Builders

Full height mirrors are accentuated by sidelights, with a huge chandelier overhead and huge picture window that light up the room.

In addition to the many cupboards, drawers and shelves in the bathroom, the massive walk in closet has a built in dresser and extra tuck away places. See more photo

Design tip: Use the open shelving to stack fluffy towels and favorite collectibles.


#4 Dual Vanity Design Idea: Dual vanities with dual heights

Master suite vanities can be built in varying heights. Generally, a 33 inch tall vanity is ideal for women, while a 36 inch tall vanity suits most men.

Best Designs for the Master Bath | Raleigh Custom Home Builders

A great way to vary heights without the room looking lopsided is to add a dressing table between vanities, as seen in this photo.

The short vanity drawer is a handy place to store makeup and other items you want to reach quickly and easily. See the photo tour, here.

Design Tip: In this master bath, a massive shower with separate shower heads replaces the tub – a frequent request in custom home building. 


#5 Dual Vanity Design Idea #5: Linear dual vanities

The dual vanity in this photo is aligned on the same wall – so you don’t see someone else in the mirror when you’re at your sink. It also has an integrated dressing table.

Best Designs for the Master Bath | Raleigh Custom Home Builders

In this custom master bath, recessed medicine cabinets, with a mirror front, were added to each vanity wall.

While dressing tables are designed as a seating station, you can convert the under-counter space into a storage area. Just add a basket of towels! 

The vanity cabinets are a Maple wood, painted in Antique White. See more photos of this custom home master bathroom, here.

Design Tip: This master bathroom features several types of tile (floor-to-ceiling in the shower, extra chair rail style tile along the tub edges, and more). When working with Stanton Homes, our designers help you with selections throughout your home - including ways to integrate specialty tile patterns.


#6 Dual Vanity Design Idea: Single counter; dual sink

In this photo of a Raleigh custom home master bath, the symmetrical dual sinks are an under mount style designed for the granite counter top.

Best Designs for the Master Bath | Raleigh Custom Home Builders 

Dual vanity layouts like this require bathrooms with a long wall on one side. The soaking tub and a custom tile shower sit directly opposite to this dual vanity. Find more photos of this new home, here.

Design Tip: A center set of drawers - rather than dressing counter opening - can be very helpful for your storage needs. 


#7 Dual Vanity Design Idea: Shared space

This photo of a double vanity in a custom master bathroom illustrates the impact of color.

Best Designs for the Master Bath | Raleigh Custom Home Builders

The soft blue hue of this room is designed to sooth, amid a layout that feels intimate and shared, with its close but separate grooming spaces.

A bank of drawers and open shelving unit in the middle of the vanity defines personal space, while placing shared storage within easy reach. See inside this farmhouse style new home, here.

Design Tip: Open storage will make your master bath feel more spacious. Open shelves like these are a great place to highlight glass apothecary jars filled with soaps or seashells.


#8 Dual Vanity Design Idea: Custom home master bath layouts with vanities designed for two

The elegance in this high end master suite bathroom is reminiscent of a spa retreat, with calming whites and cool grays.

Best Designs for the Master Bath | Raleigh Custom Home Builders

Furniture-inspired Antique White master bath vanities are tucked under barrel vault ceiling alcoves. 

Floor-to-ceiling central storage tops off the sumptuous appeal of this amazing dual vanity. The counter tops are called Carolina Cream. The floor tiles are 13 x 13 Crema Pavia Antica.

Design Tip: Ask your builder if they will work with you on creating custom ceiling heights. This master bathroom uses a special "drop ceiling" design above the vanities - making space for the barrel vaults and connecting the cabinets to create one smooth line in the center.


#9 Dual Vanity Design Idea: Rugged and classic

This photo of a master suite bathroom with dual vanities is filled with special spaces to share.

Best Designs for the Master Bath | Raleigh Custom Home Builders

In this custom home design, a three-way see-through fireplace is the highlight of the bathroom, at the entrance to the master suite.

It can be seen from each vanity, as well as the soaking tub and shower.

As flames flicker behind the glass around the fireplace, everything shimmers, from metallic tiles to bronze light fixtures, Smokey Topaz wall paint, and Golden granite counter tops with a 1/4 inch bevel edge. Click here for more photos (including the three sided fireplace).

Design Tip: The spaces above the shower and water closet are designed as plant shelves. Ask your builder where you can integrate these types of built in decoration and storage spaces, throughout your home.


#10 Dual Vanity Design Idea: Angled appeal

The photo of this master bath dual vanity illustrates how an angled vanity design can add creativity.

Best Designs for the Master Bath | Raleigh Custom Home Builders

It can also make good use of space.

In this custom home, having a sitting room in the master bedroom was more important than having a sprawling bathroom.

Yet there’s plenty of room in this master bath for an enlarged shower and custom soaking tub.

The black shower frame contrasts nicely against the medium brown cabinets. Get the floor plan and more photos here.

Design Tip: Re-arranging the master bath is a very common request for custom home builders. Tell us which of our floor plans you love, and we'll show you how to curve the tub deck, angle the vanity, and take advantage of all angles to maximize the usable space around your personality.


#11 Dual Vanity Design Idea: Lifestyle spaces

In this photo of a master suite bathroom in a custom home, the focus is on a huge shower with one vanity next to it and the other next to the soaking tub on the other side of the room.

Best Designs for the Master Bath | Raleigh Custom Home Builders

The bathroom is next to a private exercise room in this floor plan, so this layout was chosen so that this entire area of the bathroom would be used most often by one person coming straight in from working out, and the other entire area of the bathroom with its own tub and vanity would be used by the other.

In addition to the vanities each having its own drawers, there is also an island cabinet in the master closet. See photos here.


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7 Best Master Bath Vanity Ideas | Top His and Hers Vanity Designs

Posted by Stanton Homes Design on Wed, Jan 13, 2016 @ 11:01 AM

Vanity Designs for Him and Her

A set of his and her vanities provides invaluable convenience in master bath, especially when floor space is efficient, but limited.

Here are several examples of master bathrooms with dual vanities and open knee-hole / dressing chair storage in between. See which configurations you like best, full or lowered height tables:

When working with a custom home builder, the master bathroom tends to be the second most modified room of your home (after the kitchen). Read on to see how our home buyers made their master bath a space of their own - with connected his and her vanities. (Also get details on paint colors, counter tops, and cabinet sizes found in these photos.) Design ideas from Raleigh new home builder Stanton Homes - get help finding a floor plan with the master bath layout you want.

7 Top His and Hers Vanity Designs:

Each of the master bathroom photos below show different ways to include connected his and hers vanities. Several custom home baths will give you "dressing table" ideas (when a section of the counter top is lowered to accommodate chair-height uses). See our full ideabook of dual master vanities, here.

1. His and Hers Vanity with Dressing Table

A dual vanity with dressing table requires a single, long wall on one end of the room. The dressing table (the lower center section of the counter top) is sized for a chair to fit comfortably underneath.

Generally, a 33 inch tall vanity may be more ideal for women, while a 36 inch tall vanity suits most men.

Best Master Bath Vanity Ideas | Top His and Hers Vanity Designs

These vanity cabinets are Cherry wood with a Slate stain. Each vanity has six drawers and a center cabinet. The square sinks give a modern appeal. 4'' backsplashes protect the walls between the sinks and mirrors.

2. Furniture Style His and Her Vanity with Makeup Counter

Tall ceilings, large windows, wide mirrors, frameless shower glass, and light tones work together to open up this hallway style master bathroom.

The vanity cabinets are Maple wood with espresso stain, dovetail soft close drawers, and furniture style feet. The vanity tops are "Crema Marfil Marble," with two white oval undermount vanity sinks.

Best Master Bath Vanity Ideas | Top His and Hers Vanity Designs

Wall sconces add light to the room, and let the full wall mirror extend to the ceiling (many vanity lights are installed above the mirrors). The room is painted in SW "7548 Portico".

3. His and Hers Vanity with Knee-Hole Space for Dressing Chair

We're seeing a trend towards master bathrooms with dressing or makeup counters - here is another example layout.

The vanity cabinets are made of Oak wood with an espresso stain. Each tall vanity is 39'' wide. The center dressing table is 27'' wide. The vanity is 24'' (two feet) deep.

The vanities are mirror images of each other, with all drawers located to the center and cabinets to the outside.

Best Master Bath Vanity Ideas | Top His and Hers Vanity Designs

The shower and closet are completely open to the vanity area. (The door pictured leads to the private toilet room.)

4. Long His and Her Vanity with Full Wall Mirror

The bathroom vanity is Maple wood finished in Antique White paint. Each vanity is 39'' wide, with a center set of drawers 21'' wide.

The "Carolina Cream Gloss" countertop is a standard 24'' depth. Integrated oval sinks keep a smooth surface. The sink backsplash is 4'' tall.

Best Master Bath Vanity Ideas | Top His and Hers Vanity Designs

This master bathroom fits smoothly into the farmhouse style home, filled with shades of white, beige, and tan. The paint color is called "SW 7506 Loggia".

5. Small Bathroom with Dual Vanity

These vanity cabinets are made of Hickory wood in a Chestnut stain.

This is a more compact master bathroom space. The vanities are each 27'' wide, connected by an 18'' wide set of drawers in the center. The granite vanity top is called "Suede Brown".

Best Master Bath Vanity Ideas | Top His and Hers Vanity Designs

It is always a good idea to balance size with cost in the master bathroom. Do you need 39'' or 36'' cabinets, or will 27'' wide cabinets, with additional drawers, provide enough storage space? Try measuring your current bathroom, for a starting point on the space you have - and get a better idea of what you need.

6. Modern Bathroom with His and Her Connected Vanity

These vanity cabinets are made of Maple wood with an espresso stain and oil rubbed bronze drawer pulls. The granite counter top color is called "Mirador Gold".

The bathroom is painted in Benjamin Moore "AF-670 Nightingale".  Hanging lantern style lights replace more traditional vanity lights.

Best Master Bath Vanity Ideas | Top His and Hers Vanity Designs

The three-sided glass shower takes center stage in this master bath, with two shower heads (one hand-held option and one rain head). 

7. Vaulted Ceilings in the His and Hers Bath

The his and hers vanity is built in Maple wood and finished in Antique White paint. Each vanity is 36'' wide with a 21'' center set of drawers

The vanity counter tops - made of cultured marble - are called "Riverstone"  A big advantage of cultured marble is the integrated, seamless sinks, so much easier for cleaning and very appealing to the eye.

Best Master Bath Vanity Ideas | Top His and Hers Vanity Designs

See 12 more popular master bathroom layouts, here. 


Best His and Her Layouts in the Master Bathroom:

If you're like many NC new home owners, you crave a little separation and personal space for your morning and evening rituals. The master bathrooms pictured above provide good examples of how to maintain separate space, without installing two separate vanities. 

Ask the designers at Stanton Homes how to maximize the usability of your master bath. 

Contact Stanton Homes at 919-278-8070 or visit to learn more about building an NC custom home.



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