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9 Unique Kitchen Trends for 2017 | White Shaker Cabinets

Posted by Penny Hull on Tue, Mar 21, 2017 @ 11:03 AM

Top Trends You'll Find in 2017 New Home Kitchens:

Kitchens will continue to be gathering places in 2017 new home designs. Here are home builder predictions for the most popular kitchen trends in 2017.

(Click on any photo below to see a gallery of the entire custom Stanton Home.)

Kitchen Trends for 2017 #1: Shaker Style White cabinets

White cabinets are have been a top request in kitchens for the past few years. However, you're going to find more kitchens with clean, crisp Shaker style cabinets.

What do shaker kitchen cabinets look like? The term "shaker" refers to the cabinet door style. A shaker style cabinet door uses a five-piece design, with a recessed center panel.


This Chapel Hill custom home kitchen uses two styles of drawer fronts with the shaker cabinets: slab and shaker. The "slab" drawers in this photo are white and the "shaker" drawers are stained wood. 



Kitchen Trends for 2017 #2: Islands with Seating

Oversized islands are huge in Raleigh new homes. The more seating, the better, for many floor plan designs. 

Seating at the island connects the kitchen and great room spaces, like the seating overhang in this Chapel Hill custom home kitchen


Kitchen Trends for 2017 #3: Windows Above the Sink

New home floor plans are integrating more natural light into the kitchen, with windows above teh sink as a key area where more light comes in handy.

This one story custom home, a version of the Dahlberg floor plan, uses two large picture windows above the corner sink:


Windows aren't always placed above the sink, though. When the sink is in the island, kitchen layouts can add windows on the perimeter walls, like this design with windows on each side of the range cooktop, These windows are designed to give 360 degree views of the Raleigh river front homesite.


Kitchen Trends for 2017 #4: Debates over Columns or No Columns in the Kitchen

Columns in the kitchen are a debated trend in our home building experience. Some love the fully open kitchen concept, with no barriers between the island and great room; others want the columns as a decorative touch (or for framing things like a raised eating bar).

Here are two photos of the same kitchen, built from the Low Country Farmhouse floor plan. The first version has no columns; the second has columns in the kitchen:


Which is your favorite, the columns or no columns in the kitchen?


Kitchen Trends for 2017 #5: Two Islands in the Kitchen

As kitchens get bigger, they tend to include a second island between the kitchen and great room. 

In this home, a version of the Statesman, the second island is framed with columns and three archways:


Here's another way to add a second island. In this home, the second island is table height, designed as an eat-in space with seating on all sides:



Kitchen Trends for 2017 #6: Oversized Islands in the Kitchen

When we say islands are getting bigger, we mean it! This island is about 10'x5'!


To give you a scale of how big this island really is:

  • Our most popular "small laundry rooms" are typically 6'x6' to 6'x9'
  • A typical mud room with storage can be in the 5'x5' to 5'x7' range
  • And a mud room that doubles as a laundry room is usually around 7'x10', only two feet longer than this island!



Kitchen Trends for 2017 #7: Prep Sinks in the Island

Prep sinks in the island - and pot fillers above the stove - are both popular kitchen design features we expect to see more of in 2017 new homes.

Here's an example of a prep sink:


And here's what a pasta pot filler faucet looks like:


(See more pot filler photos in our Ideabooks on Houzz, click here.)

Kitchen Trends for 2017 #8: Butler's Pantry in the Kitchen

This tucked-away butler's pantry is located under the stairs, between the kitchen and formal dining room.

Adding a butler's pantry, or closet, under the staircase is a great use of space, adding efficiency to your floor plan!


A butler's pantry usually includes upper and lower cabinets with a counter top area.  In most floor plans, the pantry is located in a "secondary" space - somewhere between the kitchen and eating areas - to help spread out entertainment areas during large events. These storage areas are also used as long-term spaces (for holiday platters and less-used large items).


Kitchen Trends for 2017 #9: Beam Ceilings in the Kitchen

While we're used to seeing beam ceilings in the great room and living room, kitchen ceiling beams are quickly growing in popularity. We're certain you'll find more kitchen beams in 2017 Raleigh custom homes: 


Let us know what kitchen layouts, designs, and features you like most. We’ll listen to your ideas to design and build a custom new home just for your family.

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Types of Built-in Wine Racks | Raleigh Kitchen Design Trends

Posted by Penny Hull on Wed, Mar 28, 2012 @ 09:03 AM

Raleigh Kitchen Design Trends

Adding a Built-in Wine Rack to Your Custom Home Kitchen


Where should I place a wine rack in my kitchen?

Types of Built-in Wine Racks | Raleigh Kitchen Design Trends 2012

Built-in wine racks can be designed as a bold centerpiece of the kitchen, or as a descrete storage area.

The NC custom home pictured to the left, the Worthington, includes an espresso wine storage cabinet with stem glass holders built-in below and open glass cabinet doors on either side.

Types of Built-in Wine Racks | Raleigh Kitchen Design Trends 2012



Keep in mind: both light and excessive heat can damage a bottle of wine.


So, if you are planning to store wine in a rack or open cabinet (versus a climate controlled refrigerator or basement/cellar storage area), try to place the built-in rack on a wall receiving as little natural light (and heat) exposure as possible.  




Types of Built-in Wine Racks | Raleigh Kitchen Design Trends 2012

My kitchen is already packed with cabinets and appliances. Where else can a wine rack be integrated into my new home?

If you already love your kitchen floor plan, another favorite location for a built-in wine rack and/or refrigerator is a butler's pantry.

A butler's pantry can be located in the dining room, a hallway, an alcove underneath a staricase, or a transition area between a kitchen and dining room.

The NC custom home pictured to the right, the Kessler, features an optional dining room butler's pantry with built-in wine rack and wine cooler.



Why are racks designed to store wine sideways?

Types of Built-in Wine Racks | Raleigh Kitchen Design Trends 2012

Wine racks are designed to store bottles sideways to ensure the wine stays in contact with the cork.

A moist cork maintains a tight seal, keeping wine fresh. A dried out cork can shrink, allowing oxygen to spoil and age the wine.

The NC custom home pictured to the left, the Almodovar, freatures a Tahoe Cherry Java built-in wine rack with liquor cabinet above.  


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Formal Dining Room, or Office? | Floor Plan Modifications

Posted by Penny Hull on Mon, Dec 12, 2011 @ 13:12 PM

Formal Dining Room versus Office

Can a Formal Dining Room be Converted into an Office?


Formal Dining Room

Do you have a floor plan you love, but wish the formal dining room could be converted into an office? 

Breakfast rooms are getting larger, and rather than set up two separate dining areas, some homebuyers are opting for a convenient downstairs office instead.

It's easy to modify or design and build a home with Stanton Homes.

How to modify a floor plan to add an office:

For some floor plans, adding an office in place of a dining room could mean making these simple changes:

- Add French Doors between the Dining Room and the Foyer.

- Wall off the doorway between the kitchen and the dining room.

- Add cable and phone outlets in the dining room. 

How to make the home appealing to a wider audience:

If homebuyers are set on having that dining room converted, there is more than one way to have a great office - without turning off future homebuyers who love to have the formal dining area.

- Instead of walling off the doorway between the dining room and the kitchen, add a door.  You may never actually open it, but it will be easy to removed by a future homeowner, leaving the framed doorway.Butler's Pantry

- Go ahead and add the cable and phone jacks.  Usually asking for phone and cable jacks before construction begins can mean a charge of $50-100 each - but it will be much harder to run wiring for extra jacks once the home is finished, which of course means more expensive. 

- Consider adding a butler's pantry or wall of built-in cabinets, if room allows.  These cabinets will be very useful whether the room is used as an office or as a dining room. 

Whether you choose to add a formal butler's pantry, or just a basic set of cabinets, it is helpful - in the office, store all your office supplies out of site.  Convert to a dining room, and there's a place for table linens, the good china, and more.


No matter what choice you make, think about versatility, and work with your builder to incorporate the functions that you need most - without reducing the ability to sell your home in the future. 


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Kitchen Design Trends | Butler's Pantry Ideas

Posted by Penny Hull on Fri, May 13, 2011 @ 05:05 AM

Kitchen Design Trends: Butler's Pantry Ideas

Butler's Pantries Are Packed with Purpose, as Storage Solutions, Preparation Areas, and Showcase Centers

Trends show that more homeowners are putting their money, time, and effort into creating their perfect kitchen design, with a smooth integration of both form and function.

Custom Kitchen Desing

Among the more popular kitchen design trends is the addition of a Butler’s Pantry.

A Butler’s Pantry can be added to new custom homes of nearly any size and budget.


There are a few questions you should be able to answer, before you talk to your custom home builder about adding the butler’s pantry to your favorite floor plan.


1. What is the purpose of the Butler's Pantry? 

The purpose of the Butler's Pantry will help determine the size and cost of the space. Common uses for a Butler's Pantry include:

Storage space.

Need more storage space for your kitchen or dining room? Butler's Pantries are often equipt with cabinets, shelves, and doors, perfect for easy reach of often-used items.

Kitchen Design Trends 2011


Food preparation.

Kitchens have become an area for entertaining, not just cooking.

Butler's Pantries provide additional serving area you may need to put the finishing touches on a meal, while keeping the main kitchen areas clear for conversation.

A showcase.

The Butlers Pantry can include decorative shelves or display areas, plate racks, wine racks, stem glass holders, and more. This would be a great place to show off your china, silver, and wine selections.


2. Where should the Butler's Pantry be placed?

The location of a Butler's Pantry can often be determined by the intended use. Common locations for a Butler's Pantry include:

Between the Kitchen and Formal Dining Room.

A Butler's Pantry can generally be found in-between the Kitchen and the Formal Dining Room. This area allowsFormal Dining Butlers Pantry for convenience, while still showing off the unique features of the pantry.

Hallways and Staircases.

Butlers Pantries make great use of small hallways, particularly around staircases.

An Alcove off the Dining Room.

A Butlers Pantry can also be tucked in an alcove off the dining room itself.


3. What style and size should your Butler's Pantry be?


Kitchen Storage Solutions

Butler's Pantries can be simple or more complex, depending on the price point of the home.

Small and simple.

A butler's pantry usually offers some countertop space that matches the countertops found in the kitchen.

You can keep your granite countertops, if you are looking to create a smaller, simpler storage area. The key is to keep the area practical and convenience.


 Butlers Pantry with Wine Rack



Medium and convenient.

Want the additional storage space, while still creating a showcase? Crown molding, decorative hardware, and countertops all add to the appeal of a butler's pantry, while still keeping within a budget.

Cabinetry can either match the kitchen, or contrast for more texture and color.

Glass doors can be very appealing in a Butlers Pantry.

Large and elegant.

Larger homes have room for extensive butlers pantries, with tiers of drawers and cabinetry.

Luxury homes sometimes feature extensive butlers pantries, with built in wet bars, premium wine coolers, and much more. 

Luxury butler pantries are often created from scratch by custom cabinet makers. 

Add a Butlers Pantry to a Floor Plan

Remember, Butlers Pantries can be included in homes of nearly any size and budget.  Ask your custom home builder how to incorporate a butler's pantry into your floor plan.

Contact us about how to incorporate a butler's pantry in to your new home floor plan.  We can work with you to modify nearly any floor plan.

Or sign up for our monthly newsletter for more great tips on new home trends and ideas, with a special focus on the Raleigh NC area.


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