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Flooring Cost Guide: Know what you're stepping into before you buy

Posted by Penny Hull on Thu, Dec 09, 2010 @ 06:12 AM

Flooring Guide Cost Analysis 

Tips from Raleigh Custom Home Builders

What you put underfoot can make a big difference, in how it wears, what it looks like, and how long it lasts.

What you pay depends on what your flooring is made of, and how it goes down. Your Raleigh custom home builder can break this down for you so you know what you're paying for, into categories like this: 

    • Species of flooring (carpet, laminate, hardwood, tile)
    • Solid or engineered
    • Installation method (nailed, glued, or floated?)
    • Finish method (prefinished or site finished?)
    • Type of subfloor
    • Waste factor
    • Special order materials
    • Shoe molding or standard baseboard

Here's what you're paying for, depending on the type of flooring you choosing.

Flooring Cost Guide | Raleigh Custom Home BuildersCarpet Flooring Cost Factors - $

Carpet is generally the least expensive flooring treatment.  Raleigh custom home builders such as Stanton Homes offer a wide variety of standard carpeting, including Berber, frieze, Green Label, and a variety of plush/pile carpetings. 

Carpet padding can make a big difference, too. It's softer underfoot if you use a thicker pad, and Stanton Homes uses an upgraded 8 lb padding, but many builders charge extra for anything above a 5 or 6 lb pad.

Carpets can vary considerably in price, and premium flooring selections can include multi-colored carpets, wool carpets, or high-end soft nylon carpets. 

Laminate Flooring Cost Factors - $$

Depending on the type of laminate, materials and labor usually cost more than carpet but less than hardwood. Flooring companies offer a huge selection of vinyl and laminate floorings to choose from.  Armstrong vinyl flooring is one of the more durable options, particularly in secondary baths and laundry rooms.  

Laminate hardwoods are available in a variety of styles and costs, from budget to luxury. Premium laminates can cost more than standard site finished solid oak hardwood.

Flooring Cost Guide | Raleigh Custom Home BuildersHardwood Flooring Cost Factors $$$

A site finished or prefinished solid hardwood can last the life of your home.  These floors will hold up for decades if cared for, and if you want to buff them up, they can be refinished many times over.

Ask your Raleigh custom home builder what type of hardwood they're installing.  Don't take for granted that hardwood always translates into a solid oak, 3/4" thick hardwood. There are all kinds of hardwood options, and you'll want to consider the hardness and durability in light of the kind of wear you're expecting from your lifestyle.

Tile Flooring Cost Factors $$$$

Tile can be the most expensive flooring to install, mainly due to the intensity of labor required.  Materials aside from the tile, itself, are also extensive: You'll need Durock or backer board in certain areas, grout, installation materials like glue and sponges, and even sealant once installation is complete. 

The size of the tiles can also make a difference.  A 12x12 tile is most cost effective to install.  Larger and smaller tiles require additional time and expertise.  Specialty pattern work will need even more care and time. 

The Best Flooring Choice for your Raleigh Custom Home?

That's up to you.  Think about what you want to walk on, look at and care for - and understand your options and your budget.

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