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Posted by Penn Hull on Thu, Oct 21, 2010 @ 07:10 AM

Buying a Lot or Site for Your New Raleigh NC Custom Home

Step 1:  Determine Your Budget

Custom builders in Raleigh can help you find the perfect place to build your new home. Here’s how to make the right decisions.

Five Easy Steps: Buying Lots for your Raleigh NC Custom Homes

Step 1: Plan Your Budget

How much should you spend on a Lot or Land for your Raleigh, NC custom homes?

Yes, the price you pay has a lot to do with location – but size, amenities and buildability are also important considerations. Custom builders in Raleigh can offer guidance, but it’s really all about what’s important to you. You’re going to have to prioritize, as you make choices. 

Get Preapproved

Have a financial institution appraise what you can afford

You’ll have to have a bottom line in mind before you even begin to look at lots and land upon which to build your Raleigh NC custom homes.

If you don’t have a lender in mind, ask a custom builder in Raleigh for recommendations. Contact us for a list of local lenders experienced with lot and land financing - there are plenty of great options available.

Talk with financial professionals about your total "construction and land" affordability.  Here are the questions you’ll need answered:

- What monthly payment can I afford?

- What total amount do I qualify for?

- Will my payment be affected if interest rates increase?

What about Property Taxes?

Depending on the specifics of your loan, property taxes may be included in your monthly payment. If it’s set up this way, a portion of the total tax bill is added to your monthly payment each month, then paid to the city or county at the end of the year out of an escrow account. 

You’ll need to ask – because if it isn’t included in the loan, you may be responsible to pay property taxes in one lump sum at the end of each year.  This chart will give you an idea of what kind of taxes to expect on the property for your Raleigh, NC custom home

Guide to Raleigh/Triangle Property Taxes

Property taxes outside city limits will always be lower than taxes inside city limits.  As an example, Chapel Hill has some of the area's highest property tax bills. Outside the city limits, Chatham County has some of the lowest property tax rates in the Triangle. Raleigh’s property taxes can vary, depending on location.

How Much Should I Pay for my Lot or Land?

As a general guideline, the cost of your lot or land should be no more than 15-20% of your total "house and land" budget. 

$150,000 total budget = $22,500 to $30,000 lot or land cost

$200,000 total budget = $30,000 to $40,000 lot or land cost

$300,000 total budget = $45,000 to $60,000 lot or land cost

$400,000 total budget = $60,000 to $80,000 lot or land cost

$500,000 total budget = $75,000 to $100,000 lot or land cost

An exception might be made for a large amount of acreage - for instance, you might reasonably construct a home with a $250,000 construction cost on a 10 acre parcel which costs $100K. 

But make sure to ask custom home builders in Raleigh for information about the area, and check that your planned home corresponds with other homes in the neighborhood/area so that your future resale value is protected.

Browse Raleigh Area Lots and Land for Sale

How do I know that the price of a lot or land is reasonable?

Talk to custom builders in Raleigh or an experienced land agent about the lots or land you're considering.  That’s where size, amenities and buildability impact the price of the home – as well as its future value.

An experienced land agent will be able to compare your lot price with other lots in the area, and compare the type of home you plan to build with other Raleigh NC custom homes available in the area.

Five Easy Steps to Finding the Right Lot or Land for Your New Raleigh Home

Custom builders in Raleigh such as Stanton Homes will work with you throughout the entire process of finding a lot or land and building your new Raleigh NC custom home.

Buying a Lot in Raleigh Step 1: What's Your Budget?

Buying a Lot in Raleigh Step 2: What Amenites Should You Consider?

Buying a Lot in Raleigh Lot Step 3: Determine Your Lot Size

Buying a Lot in Raleigh Step 4:  Is Your Lot Buildable?  How Do You Know?

Buying a Lot in Raleigh Step 5:  What is the Total Construction Cost for Your Lot? (Avoiding Hidden Costs)

Contact Stanton Homes at 919-278-8070 or see our online calendar for our next "Meet the Builder" event, and bring us all your custom home building questions.

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What is a Custom Home Builder?

Posted by Penny Hull on Mon, Oct 18, 2010 @ 09:10 AM

Custom Homes | What is a custom home builder?

What is a custom home builder, and why is it so important to choose the right one?

What is a Custom Home BuilderIs a custom home builder more expensive?

Having a house built by a custom home builder doesn’t have to mean you’re spending a whole lot more than you’d pay for a subdivision tract home where everybody has the same design and layout – and some of the features aren’t even all that workable for you.

How does a custom home builder work?

A custom home builder should work to build to your budget. With a true custom home builder, you get to choose the design, features, colors, layout…add a pantry, leave out the living room, make sure the closet is huge. 

A custom home builder often offers floorplans from top architects, but also offers design and build services.

What is a Custom Home BuilderA custom home builder offers more freedom

Building your own home gives you the opportunity to decide EVERYTHING, from floor coverings to appliances, lights, and the shape of the kitchen window.

You’ll want to be sure the custom home builder you choose listens to you, understands what you need, and works with you throughout the process.

Choose a custom home builder who understands what you want - and provides the details in writing.

Working through the custom homebuilding process is exciting.  Once everything is determined, you’ll sign a contract that includes budget, conditions, plans and specifications.

Be sure that your custom home builder is a general contractor well versed in the latest building construction and technologies, who can discuss every aspect in terms you understand, and is interested and available to answer all your questions – and offers suggestions that suit your situation.

Stanton Homes, for example, will walk you through the process from choosing a lot, provide site inspections, help you decide on a floor plan and design, outline options such as “green” building other applications that add value and save money, and show you exactly what is happening between the walls as your new home is built.

What is a custom home builder?

A team you can rely on to guide you through every stage of the home building process – and ensure you're excited about starting a new life in the home you've always wanted on your move-in day.  

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Woodburning or Gas Fireplace? | Custom Homebuilder Questions

Posted by Penn Hull on Tue, Oct 12, 2010 @ 06:10 AM
Custom Homebuilder Tips

Woodburning or Gas Fireplace?

What Kind of Fireplace Should You Choose for Your New Home?

When thFireplace Custom Home Builderse air starts getting crisper, you might find yourself yearning for a woodburning fireplace. But you’ll need to check with your custom homebuilder to see whether they can add a woodburning fireplace to your new home.

Materials, cost, and even where you choose to live could have an impact.

Here’s what you need to know:

Woodburning or Gas Fireplace - Where you choose to live

Some districts no longer allow installation of woodburning fireplaces, due to air pollution issues. Check with your custom homebuilder to find out where they’re allowed, before you choose your lot.

Woodburning or Gas Fireplace - What it costs

A woodburning fireplace usually costs more than a gas fireplace.

The firebox must be built to withstand higher heat: Wood is hotter than gas.

Fireplace Custom HomebuildersCustom homebuilders will make sure that the fireplace vents directly to the roof instead of through the wall, the way a gas fireplace does.  Thus the chimney must be taller – which adds to the cost of building.

Today's woodburning fireplaces usually consist of a woodburning insert with a metal flue that reaches the roof, but this is still more expensive than a gas fireplace.

A traditional masonry or brick chimney or firebox can add considerably to the cost, and are extremely rare in today's new homes.

Woodburning or Gas Fireplace - What you’ll use for fuel

Woodburning fireplaces are intended for the burning of wood – and that can take more effort than you realize.

Fireplace Entertainment Center Custom HomebuildersEven if your property has a lot of trees you’re planning to chop into firewood, you need to make sure your community allows you to do that. If there’s a Homeowners Association, check the rules to make sure you’re allowed to take down the trees.

Woodburning logs are getting harder to find, and when they’re sold by the bundle, they can be expensive. Ask custom homebuilders if they’re aware of local costs and availability for a truckload of wood to be delivered to your home, if you’re unable to get it, yourself.

Woodburning or Gas Fireplace - Where to store wood

Keep in mind that with a woodburning fireplace, you'll need to store wood somewhere.  Storing wood in preparation for burning can attract insects or rodents.  If you store wood too close to the home, those critters can get inside. You’ll also need to protect the wood from the weather – too much rain will make soggy logs difficult to burn.

Woodburning or Gas Fireplace - When you’re not allowed to use your woodburning fireplace

Local restrictions can include special rules for days when air quality is low, due to pollution. When this happens, you may only be allowed to light a fire if you have a gas fireplace – which doesn’t have as many emissions that affect air quality.

Woodburning or Gas Fireplace - Where you can put a woodburning fireplace

Brick Chimney Custom HomebuildersIt isn’t always possible for custom homebuilders to put a woodburning fireplace where you think it might be fun in your new floor plan.

Because a woodburning fireplace has to have a vent that goes straight up, the home needs to be designed with that in mind. Gas burning fireplaces have more options - and have a much lower installation cost when place on an exterior wall.

Due to the extra heat involved in burning wood, you also may not be able to add a recessed entertainment center above a woodburning fireplace, like the one seen here. 

Woodburning or Gas Fireplace - What you need to do

Ask your custom homebuilder what the best option is in your area.   

Give custom homebuilders the floor plan you're considering, and let them know what area you want to live in BEFORE you buy a woodburning fireplace.  

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Article copyright Stanton Homes 2010, all rights reserved.  Provided for informational purposes only, no claims are made by Stanton Homes regarding the validity of any statements. 


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New Homes in Raleigh, NC | Custom Home Building in Raleigh NC

Posted by Penny Hull on Mon, Oct 11, 2010 @ 06:10 AM

New Homes in Raleigh, NC

Custom Home Building in Raleigh NC


Raleigh NC New Home Builders

The Raleigh, NC area is ranked consistently as one of the best places to live in the nation.

Home value, jobs, education and quality of life make the Research Triangle a popular destination that has spurred continual growth in businesses and new homes.




Ten steps to buying new homes in Raleigh, NC

  1. Decide whether you want new or used - consider full warranties vs potential repairs and replacements, plus energy efficiency. 
  2. Research realtors and builders before you sign up – make sure they know what you want, and can accommodate your individual preferences
  3. Think about your lifestyle – would you rather be on a lot or acreage? City or county?
  4. Consider how long you expect to live there. How permanent should your new home be?
  5. Do an Internet search, using keywords that pertain to the kinds of homes and land you’re looking for
  6. Take a trip to the area – drive around and see it for yourself
  7.  Check out schools, medical facilities, parks, recreation – all the everyday things you need
  8. Work with people you trust – from realtors to new home builders to finance professionals
  9. Make sure the new home design you choose will grow with your family
  10. Check out the immediate neighborhood – does it feel user-friendly?

New Homes in Raleigh, NC - Available Communities

New Homes in Raleigh NC

New homes in Raleigh, NC, come in all sizes and prices. 

Browse through some of Stanton Homes favorite available floor plans.  Ask us about thousands of additional available options and design/build-to-suit ideas.

Raleigh NC New Home Builders

One Story Homes in Raleigh

Main Floor Master Suite Homes in Raleigh

Two Story Homes in Raleigh



Stanton Homes offers new homes in Raleigh, NC. We look forward to talking with you about how we can build an exceptional living experience together! 

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Types of Roofing - How Much Does it Cost? Custom Homebuilder Tips

Posted by Penn Hull on Mon, Sep 27, 2010 @ 16:09 PM

Custom Homebuilder Tips

Types of Roofing - Compare Shingles, Shakes, Metal and More

What Does Roofing Cost, and What Kind of Roofing is Best? Custom Homebuilder Tips

Considering buying or building a new custom home?  The types of materials used in building your new home can make a major difference in appeal, versatility, maintanence, and cost.  Here are some of the basics:

Asphalt Shingles - Types of Roofing - Custom Homebuilder Tips

Types of Roofing - Shingles Shakes Metal - Custom Homes Raleigh NC - New Home Builders Raleigh NCAsphalt shingles are the most common kind of roofing used today.  This roofing material is durable and affordable.  Asphalt shingles come in different thicknesses, and have different "year" rankings.   Most common are 20 year, 30 year, 40 year, or 50 year shingles.

Many builders use 20 year shingles, but others do not see the initial cost savings or green impact as a worthwhile prospect, and install 30 year shingles.  

The initial savings on materials is very low, compared to the cost of replacing all the roofing, materials and labor, 33% sooner.  Not only that, the longer-lasting shingles are a greener choice, because there is less waste produced over time.

Types of Roofing - Shingles Shakes Metal - Custom Homes Raleigh NC - New Home Builders Raleigh NCLeast common is 50 year shingles, which tend to cost three to four times as much as a typical 20 year shingle. 

There are two basic types of asphalt shingles - three tab and architectural or dimensional.  A dimensional shingle has a lot of color variation, and looks more like a hand-applied individual shingle than a strip shingle. 

Cedar Shakes - Types of Roofing - Custom Homebuilder Tips

Cedar shakes are visually appealing, long lasting, and low maintenance, but also pricey, depending on location.  They are also prohibited in some areas due to fire hazard.

Green builders should purchase only Certified cedar shingles, as noted by the Forest Stewardship Council. 

Cedar roofs can cost two to three times the cost of a 50 year asphalt roof.

Clay Tile Shingles - Types of Roofing - Custom Homebuilder Tips

Clay tile shingles were common at one point in warmer climates like Florida and California. 

A clay tile roof can be overlapping or interlocking, and has a lot of fireproof and durability qualities.  They don't absorb the sun's heat as much as other types of roofing.  However, a tile roof is not as suitable for a climate in the frost zone - they are prone to breaking, and water damage can also occur.  Clay tile has also become more expensive.

Concrete Roofing Tiles - Types of Roofing - Custom Homebuilder Tips

Concrete is very flexible, that is, before it dries!  A concrete roofing tile can be shaped to look like late, wood, or clay.  They last a long time and are good at reducing heat build up.  They do require specialized application, and are more expensive than shingles, but can be another option for a different look. 

Slate Roof Tiles - Types of Roofing - Custom Homebuilder Tips

Slate is a natural stone product, which must be mined and shaped into shingles.  They are often seen in black, gray, red, purple, and green colors.  Slate has a lifespan of 100 or more years with proper application - however, cost for a slate roof can be 10 to 12 times that of a 20 year asphalt roof. 

Types of Roofing - Shingles Shakes Metal - Custom Homes Raleigh NC - New Home Builders Raleigh NCMetal Roofs - Types of Roofing - Custom Homebuilder Tips

Standing seam metal roofs are most commonly seen as accents for porches or overhangs in a home that is otherwise traditionally roofed with asphalt shingles. 

Metal roofing is more expensive than asphalt, and because it is not as commonly used, labor costs can be higher as well. 

However, metal roofs are low maintenance, durable, and highly resistant to fire.  Metal roofs can be a great green building option - most metal roofs have at least some recycled material, and aluminum roofs can be 100% recycled.

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