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Top 10 Master Bath Trends | "Gotta Have" Features

Posted by Penny Hull on Wed, Jan 02, 2013 @ 15:01 PM

Top 10 Master Bath Trends

What master bath features are most important to this year's new homebuyers? The top 10 master bath trends for 2013 include all the sought-after features you love, with luxury, comfort, and convenience in mind.

Top Master Bath Trend #1 - Extra storage

 Top 10 Master Bath Trends for 2013In 2013, new home master baths will find ways to add extra storage and de-clutter counters, such as adding:

 - Floor-to-ceiling cabinets

 - Open shelving

 - Angled upper cabinets

 - Wrap-around cabinets

 See photos of more master bath storage ideas - click here

Top Master Bath Trend #2 - Oversized tub

Top 10 Master Bath Trends for 2013


 Master bathrooms built in 2013 will include more oversized tubs - with many special requests for extended lengths as more men are enjoying pampering soaks.

New homeowners are looking for a place to relax - and a large bubble bath makes the top of their list.




Top Master Bath Trend #3 - Expanded shower

Top 10 Master Bath Trends for 2013




While some master bath tubs are expanding in size, others are being replaced with oversized showers.

Custom home master bath showers will include specialty features such as tile benches, dual shower heads, and built in niches.


 At Stanton Homes, we can enlarged or rearrange a master bathroom floor plan to accomodate an oversized shower.




Top Master Bath Trend #4 - Premium tile selections

Top 10 Master Bath Trends for 2013

Master baths will include more premium tile selections such as marble and glass.

The custom home pictured here, a version of the Lowery, features a glass mosaic tub surround.





Top Master Bath Trend #5 - Framed mirrors

 Top 10 Master Bath Trends for 2013

 While master baths will continue to feature large mirrors with beveled edges, we anticipate more requests for framed mirror styles for a more contemporary feel


The custom home pictured here, a version of the Carwile, includes wood framed mirros in espresso.




Top Master Bath Trend #6 - Plant shelves AND

Top Master Bath Trend #7 - Vaulted ceilings

Top 10 Master Bath Trends for 2013


Plant shelves and vaulted ceilings go hand-in-hand in 2013 custom home designs.

Plant shelves are a subtle way to add elegance and detail to any master bathroom.

See more photos of plant shelves on Pinterest - click here.

Top 10 Master Bath Trends for 2013




And vaulted ceilings add greater dimension and depth.

Get ideas for your custom master bath in these vaulted ceiling photos.


Top Master Bath Trend #8 - Heated floors

Top 10 Master Bath Trends for 2013

Heated flooring will continue to be a luxury add-on for master baths.


Heated flooring can make winter mornings more comfortable.  While not as popular in mild North Carolina, heated floors will stay in high demand in colder climates.




Top Master Bath Trend #9 - Arched openings and alcoves

Top 10 Master Bath Trends for 2013

 Master baths will include more upscale designed details, such as arched openings and alcoves.

The custom home pictured here, a version of the Summerlyn, features a rectangular tub with arched entrance and TWO arched alcoves, one on each end of teh tub. Lights are tucked into each alcove and above the tub.


Top Master Bath Trend #10 - His and hers separate vanities

Top 10 Master Bath Trends for 2013

A "his-and-hers" master bathroom setup will continue to be popular in new homes.

While separate vanities can be integrated into one long countertop, even more popular is a separate countertop design. 

Completely separate countertops, sinks, and storage give a true his-and-hers feeling.

The his-and-hers concept will also be used when designing two seperate master closets.


Watch video tours of recently completed North Carolina custom homes that include these top 10 master bath trends:

Custom Home Video Tours | Custom Home Photo Tours | Raleigh Custom Home Video Tours Custom Home Video Tours | Custom Home Photo Tours | Raleigh Custom Home Video Tours Custom Home Video Tours | Custom Home Photo Tours | Raleigh Custom Home Video Tours Custom Home Video Tours | Custom Home Photo Tours | Raleigh Custom Home Video Tours
Custom Home Video Tours | Custom Home Photo Tours | Raleigh Custom Home Video Tours Custom Home Video Tours | Custom Home Photo Tours | Raleigh Custom Home Video Tours Custom Home Video Tours | Custom Home Photo Tours | Raleigh Custom Home Video Tours Custom Home Video Tours | Custom Home Photo Tours | Raleigh Custom Home Video Tours

Contact Stanton Homes about your Raleigh custom home.

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Custom Home Ideas: Top 5 Outdoor Living Features for 2011

Posted by Penny Hull on Thu, Sep 29, 2011 @ 09:09 AM

Top 5 Outdoor Living Features for 2011

Custom Home Ideas include five ways to make your outdoor space more enjoyable

Here are the top 5 most popular outdoor living features for 2011, as surveyed by the American Society of Landscape Architects

1. Exterior lighting

Both practical and pleasing to the eye, exterior lighting can highlight the unique features of a home's exterior, while increasing safety in traffic and activity areas.

Some examples of exterior lighting include:New Home Outdoor Living

  • Wall lighting: extra lights mounted near doorways or along stairs and walkways

  • Landscape lighting: in gardens, along decks, and throughout the yard

Cut Outdoor Lighting Costs by Thinking Ahead

Low Cost Electrical Additions during construction makes outdoor lighting much less costly later.

Add outdoor outlets in strategic locations.

Add underground conduit and sleeves - where and how you should plan.

2. Fireplaces and Fire Pits

Outdoor Living

Use your outdoor living space throughout the year.

In the fall and winter, use your fireplace or fire pit to keep warm and cozy with roasted marshmallows and hot cider.

In the spring and summer, enjoy cookouts and picnics, with a warm glow as the sun goes down.



3. Seating and Dining AreasOutdoor seating and dining areas

Seating and dining areas can be built in structures of stone or brick, or they can be puchased after construction as sets.

Seating and dining sets can be a beautiful and useful addition to a deck, screen porch, or landscaped area.

4. Grills

Don't need an entire seating or dining area? A simple grill might be right for you.

Whether built-in or placed on a backyard deck, screen porch, or patio, having a way to cook outdoors can allow you to spend more time in the fresh air with friends and family.

5. Installed Seating

Installed seating can include benches, seat walls, ledges, steps, and boulders, among others.

Installed seating is ideal for a casual hang out area of conversation and drinks, and they can be smoothly integrated into your home's structure. Need a retaining wall for your lot? Consider installing a stone wall topped with a flat seating area.

Outdoor Living Space

According to American Society of Landscape Architects, here are the Outdoor Living Feature popularity ratings in 2011:

Lighting – 96.2%
Fire pits/fireplace – 94.2%
Seating/dining areas – 94.1%
Grills – 93.8%
Installed seating – 89.5%

(Percent rating somewhat or very popular for 2011)

Stanton Homes, NC's most exceptional on your lot custom home builder, offers personal design services and much more.   Get started here!

Custom Home Floor Plans | NC Custom Home Builders | Floor Plan Options Floor Plan Price | Raleigh New Home Cost | Custom Home Cost Estimate Floor Plan Ideas | Floor Plan Styles | Custom Home Floor Plans Raleigh New Home Lots | Custom Home Lots for Sale | New Home Lots Raleigh NC


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How Many Green Points Do You Need? | Green Home Builders Raleigh

Posted by Penn Hull on Thu, Nov 11, 2010 @ 08:11 AM

How does Green Home Certification Work?

Green Home Builders Raleigh

If you're considering building or buying a new green certified home in the Raleigh area, you'll want to have a basic understanding of what, exactly, a "certified green home" means!

Certified green homes must meet specific guidelines, and must be inspected by third party verifiers. 

There are four basic levels of certification through the NAHB Green Building program: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Emerald.

If you choose to have a certified green home, your green home builder will be able to provide a physical certificate showing which level your new Raleigh green home has been certified at.

Green Homes Raleigh NC

Green Home Certificate Basics:

Each certified green home must meet minimum standards in six different aspects of construction: Lot Design, Resource Efficiency, Energy Efficiency, Water Efficiency, Indoor Environmental Quality, and Operation/Maintanence. 

Green Home Certification - What Color is Your Home?

Your new NAHB certified green home should meet one of the following standards:

Bronze Level - this is the most basic green home certification through the NAHB Green Building program.  A total of 222 points are required.

Silver Level - a Silver Level home must "earn" an additional 184 points to meet this higher certification level.  A Silver Level green certified home has significantly more features throughout the home that meet higher standards.

Gold Level - a Gold Level green certified home must earn nearly 2.5 times the number of points that a Bronze Level green certified home is required to earn.   Gold Level green certified homes are very rare, and are usually at the very high end of the budget.

Emerald Level - an Emerald Level green certified home has maximum green technology.  An Emerald Level home requires very specific planning throughout every step of the process, and this certification can only be obtained on certain sites, depending on the site requirements.

Buying a Raleigh Green Home?

Ask the seller to provide you with the green home certificate.  This certificate is issued upon completion of the home, and will specify the level of the certification.

Building a Raleigh Green Home?

Discuss your green building priorities with your green home builder.  They will help you determine which level of green building certification best meets your budget and desires.  If you opt for a certified green home, you'll receive an official certificate from a third party verifier like the NAHB upon completion of your new Raleigh green home.

ecoSelect Third Party Energy Certification –

The ecoSelect certification in your new home indicates that the construction is designed to provide higher levels of energy efficiency, per the national HERS index, with better indoor air quality and water efficiency than standard new homes.  We're not afraid to have third party inspectors check our homes carefully, for your piece of mind and long term value.  Learn more about new homes with lower energy costs, here.


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Top 5 Closet Ideas | Walk In Closet Space Designed Just for You

Posted by Penny Hull on Mon, Nov 08, 2010 @ 06:11 AM

Top 5 Closet Ideas - Closet Shelving Pictures

Get the most out of your closet storage

Design the kind of closet that works best for your stuff

Raleigh custom home builders are spending more time on the kinds of closets you need most. Here’s how to figure it all out – and make the most of your closet space – with some great ideas for designing your storage areas.

It doesn’t have to be big. It doesn’t have to cost a lot. In fact, a well organized closet starts with making the most of every inch – with carefully placed shelves and multiple height rods.

Closet Ideas | Closet Pictures | Raleigh Custom Home BuildersCloset Idea #1:  Contrasting Colors

Whether you opt for ventilated wire shelving or custom built and painted wood shelving, you can keep things in order – and make it fun – with contrasting colors.






Closet Ideas | Closet Pictures | Raleigh Custom Home BuildersCloset Idea #2 - Shelving Designed for Baskets and Bins

When more space is available, Raleigh custom home builders can tuck a full "built in bookcase.”

Instead of packing in a bunch of little shelves, the builders are inserting spacious shelves that can be further divided with baskets or labeled bins that can hold folded clothes, socks, or even toys.


Closet Idea #3 - Custom Built Cabinetry

Closet Ideas | Closet Pictures | Raleigh Custom Home BuildersRaleigh custom home builders can also install custom built drawers and cabinetry, if your closet is one of the top priorities in your budget.  

If you spot a closet treatment you like, bring pictures – your builder will let you know what it will cost to make something similar.




Closet Idea #4 - Add Natural Light 

Closet Ideas | Closet Pictures | Raleigh Custom Home BuildersWant to let in some light? Consider a new home design that includes windows in its closets.

Your Raleigh custom home builder can build shelving and hanging rods all around the window – so you can really see what you’re looking for.

They can even add a built in bench or seating area.



Closet Idea #5 - Include a Built In Shoe Rack 

Closet Ideas | Closet Pictures | Raleigh Custom Home BuildersSpecial shelving can be put in place that holds your entire shoe collection – at a slight angle, so you can see them easily.

If you need even more space, consider "His and Hers" closets.

These are either two individual closets, or huge closets are  divided in the center, with wrap around shelving and multi-height hanging rods. 

Ask your Raleigh custom home builder what they can do for you!  

Some builders can even customize your closet space further by changing the layout and the wall structure, to incorporate the kind of storage you have in mind.

Plan ahead – and you’ll have all the space you need.

Top Raleigh Custom Home Builder Questions:

What Ceiling Height Should I Choose?

What are the Top 5 Most Popular Trey Ceiling Styles?

What to Ask Before Buying a Mother in Law Suite Home

How to Get a Bigger Pantry for Less | Custom Home Builder

Formal Dining Room - yes or no?

Woodburning or Gas Fireplace? | Custom Homebuilder Questions

Construction Loans: What Kind of Down Payment is Needed?

We can redesign your kitchen floor plan to put everything just where you need it – BEFORE you build.

Choosing to build your new home with exceptional NC custom home builders like Stanton Homes allows more creativity, within your budget, than you ever thought possible! Find out more today – here’s how to get started:

Custom Home Floor Plans | NC Custom Home Builders | Floor Plan Options Floor Plan Price | Raleigh New Home Cost | Custom Home Cost Estimate Floor Plan Ideas | Floor Plan Styles | Custom Home Floor Plans Raleigh New Home Lots | Custom Home Lots for Sale | New Home Lots Raleigh NC



Article copyright Stanton Homes 2010.   Provided for informational purposes only,   Photos represent a variety of new home closet trends, not all homes constructed by Stanton Homes. 

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Apex New Homes | Finding a New Home in Apex NC

Posted by Penny Hull on Fri, Nov 05, 2010 @ 06:11 AM

Apex Custom Homes | Finding New Homes in Apex

Apex NC is a suburb of Raleigh, and one of the most popular destinations in the Triangle area.  Apex is centrally located just southwest of Cary, south of Morrisville and the Research Triangle Park, and just east of Jordan Lake.

Money Magazine awarded Apex #14 Best Place to Live, with a great combination of economic opportunity, good schools, safe streets, things to do and a real sense of community.   For more information about living in and visiting Apex NC, click here.

Considering new homes in Apex?

Apex custom homes are available in a wide variety of communities, on cozy homesites or wooded acreage.

New Homes in Apex - Available Communities

Apex Custom Homes

Custom homes in Apex are beautiful, with many different new home options available!

Browse through some of our favorite available floor plans here.  Ask us about thousands of additional options, or even design/build ideas.

One Story Homes in Apex

Main Floor Master Suite Homes in Apex

Two Story Homes in Apex

Check out this virtual tour, and see just one idea of what your new Apex custom home can look like!

The Sullivan as built by Stanton Homes

Apex New Homes Virtual Tour 

(click photo or here for tour)

Apex New Homes

Request more information about this floor plan.



Stanton Homes offers new homes in Apex NC - and we look forward to providing you with an exceptional living experience! 

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How to Add Wainscoting | Open House | New Homes in Holly Springs

Posted by Penny Hull on Tue, Oct 19, 2010 @ 09:10 AM

"Meet the Builder" Open House with trim detail experts!

Learn How to Add Wainscoting to Any Room!

Saturday Oct 30, 2010 - 12 to 2 pm in Holly Springs

Beadboard wainscoting | Custom home builders

Watch a photo tour of Raleigh new homes with wainscoting treatments here.

Learn more about building a new custom home!

On Saturday, October 30, the Stanton Homes builder team will show you, hands-on, how to install Picture Frame Wainscoting, Ladder Rail Wainscoting and Beadboard Wainscoting

This Stanton Homes "Meet the Builder" trim and detail event will be held at a new custom home under construction, in Arbor Commons in Holly Springs, just off Main Street and Sunset Lake Road. 

Come by and learn, step-by-step, how easy it is to install wainscoting in any room of your home! 

Learn How to Install Three Different Kinds of Wainscoting  

The experienced custom home builder team will teach you exactly how to prepare and install these three different kinds of wainscoting in just a few hours!

See for yourself how you can transform any room in just one weekend, with a few tools and some home center trim!Wainscoting Wall Treatment

Stanton Homes "Meet the Builder" drop- in events are an informal opportunity to talk with one of the Raleigh-Durham region’s top builders about the little tricks it takes to make your home special.

What is wainscoting?

Wainscoting is a lower wall treatment that adds a more upscale, formal look to a room at minimal cost. Wainscoting usually consists of three parts: chair-rail molding, baseboard, and a series of design pieces in between. 

What is Picture Frame Wainscoting?

Also called Shadow Box Wainscoting, this treatment consists of “boxes” created by adding “picture frames” of trim work underneath the chair rail treatment.

Wainscoating Wall TreatmentWhat is Ladder Rail Wainscoting?

One of the easiest do it yourself treatments, ladder rail wainscoting is vertical trim tacked up in a series of steps, ending at chair rail height.

What is Beadboard Wainscoting?

Beadboard wainscoting consists of panels installed between baseboard and chair rail, with interesting texture and grooves.

Call 919-278-8070 or email for more information.

Need more information about building a new custom home?

Bring a copy of your floor plans, or contact us ahead of time at or 919-278-8070 for a full, free building cost estimate of the plan you have in mind.

Let us know what you're looking for, and we'll send you floor plans that meet your exact specifications.

Stanton Homes' Build On Your Lot program Stanton Homes can  also help you find a lot in a beautiful custom home community or on acreage, with our Stanton Homes’ Build On Your Lot program.

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What is a Custom Home Builder?

Posted by Penny Hull on Mon, Oct 18, 2010 @ 09:10 AM

Custom Homes | What is a custom home builder?

What is a custom home builder, and why is it so important to choose the right one?

What is a Custom Home BuilderIs a custom home builder more expensive?

Having a house built by a custom home builder doesn’t have to mean you’re spending a whole lot more than you’d pay for a subdivision tract home where everybody has the same design and layout – and some of the features aren’t even all that workable for you.

How does a custom home builder work?

A custom home builder should work to build to your budget. With a true custom home builder, you get to choose the design, features, colors, layout…add a pantry, leave out the living room, make sure the closet is huge. 

A custom home builder often offers floorplans from top architects, but also offers design and build services.

What is a Custom Home BuilderA custom home builder offers more freedom

Building your own home gives you the opportunity to decide EVERYTHING, from floor coverings to appliances, lights, and the shape of the kitchen window.

You’ll want to be sure the custom home builder you choose listens to you, understands what you need, and works with you throughout the process.

Choose a custom home builder who understands what you want - and provides the details in writing.

Working through the custom homebuilding process is exciting.  Once everything is determined, you’ll sign a contract that includes budget, conditions, plans and specifications.

Be sure that your custom home builder is a general contractor well versed in the latest building construction and technologies, who can discuss every aspect in terms you understand, and is interested and available to answer all your questions – and offers suggestions that suit your situation.

Stanton Homes, for example, will walk you through the process from choosing a lot, provide site inspections, help you decide on a floor plan and design, outline options such as “green” building other applications that add value and save money, and show you exactly what is happening between the walls as your new home is built.

What is a custom home builder?

A team you can rely on to guide you through every stage of the home building process – and ensure you're excited about starting a new life in the home you've always wanted on your move-in day.  

Other Top Custom Homebuilder Questions:

What Ceiling Height Should I Choose?

How to Get a Bigger Pantry for Less | Custom Home Builder

Formal Dining Room - yes or no?

Woodburning or Gas Fireplace? | Custom Homebuilder Questions

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