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2014 Color Trends - What Colors Will Be Most Popular?

Posted by Penny Hull on Wed, Oct 09, 2013 @ 06:10 AM

Top Color Palettes for 2014

Whether you're integrating a color scheme for your new home, or freshening up the look of a room or two, you'll likely be choosing from one of these four color palettes in 2014.

Sherwin-Williams has just released their Colormix 2014, emphasizing influence from science, nature, pop culture, and global traditions.

The palettes include:

Reasoned - 2014 Color Trends

"Reasoned" is based in black, gray, and white (we are seeing this palette quite a bit during the 2013 Wake County Parade of Homes!).   SW notes influence of "shadows, negative space, and tone-on-tone layering". 

2014 Color Trends for New HomesPopular hues in this color trend include:

  • SW 0077 Classic French Gray
  • SW 6258 Tricorn Black
  • SW 7029 Agreeable Gray
  • SW 7647 Crushed Ice
  • SW 7006 Extra White
  • SW 7019 Gauntlet Gray
  • SW 7650 Earl Gray
  • SW 7674 Peppercorn

Suggested areas for this color scheme are home office, study, library, bedroom, or kitchen.

Diaphanous - 2014 Color Trend

The Diaphanous color palette embodies balance, simplicity, and elegance.  Themes include serenity and escape, with light and elegant colors.  Decorating themes can include silk, chiffon, feathers, natural wood, rose gold, and pale patterns.

  • SW 2859 Beige
  • SW 6052 Sandbank
  • SW 6337 Spun Sugar
  • SW 7022 Alpaca
  • SW 7566 Westhighland White
  • SW 6057 Malted Milk
  • SW 6161 Nonchalant White
  • SW 7037 Balanced Beige
  • SW 7554 Steamed Milk
  • SW 7666 Fleur de Sel

This color palette is recommended especially for bedrooms, nurserys, living rooms, and bathrooms. 

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Master Bath Cabinetry Ideas | How to Design Master Bath Storage

Posted by Penny Hull on Mon, Sep 24, 2012 @ 16:09 PM

Master Bath Cabinetry Ideas

How to Design Master Bath Storage

Looking for ways to maximize storage space in your master bathroom? Here are four ideas to consider when designing your North Carolina custom home.   

Master Bath Storage Idea #1: Trade wall space for storage space with a floor-to-ceiling cabinet

Master Bath Cabinetry Ideas | How to Design Master Bath Storage


In this first master bathroom design, a floor-to-ceiling storage cabinet was included between the his-and-hers vanity set. 

This tall cabinet was designed to fit inside the vaulted ceiling. 

With a full-size cabinet, you will never run out of space for spare towels, supplies, toiletries, and everything else you want to pack inside!

The square tiles listello accent pieces in the soaking tub and shower were chosen to complement the cabinetry color tones.


Master Bath Cabinetry Ideas | How to Design Master Bath Storage

Here is another example of a floor-to-ceiling storage cabinet in the master bathroom. 

In this custom home design, the tall cabinet provides more than enough storage space to accomodate for the loss of storage in the roll-under accessible vanity




Master Bath Storage Idea #2: Show off your style with open shelving 

Master Bath Cabinetry Ideas | How to Design Master Bath StorageIn place of a closet cabinet, consider adding open shelving.

You will still gain extra storage space, with the added bonus of a showcase area

In this custom home master bath, the homeowners plan to place eye-catching white towels inside the espresso cabinetry shelving.  

This master bath also includes a set of extra-wide drawers below the open shelving.



Master Bath Storage Idea #3: Give yourself some flexibility with an open "Knee Space" area

Master Bath Cabinetry Ideas | How to Design Master Bath Storage


Some homeowners choose to leave a gap between the his-and-her vanity cabinetry sets - typically called a "knee space."

 The knee space can be vanity height, or that segment of countertop can be lowered to a comfortable "chair height".



Master Bath Cabinetry Ideas | How to Design Master Bath Storage


This space can be used in several ways.

1. It can be designed to fit a chair - so you can sit while, for example, putting on make-up. 

2. It can be designed as a place to tuck in a laundry basket or towel basket




Master Bath Storage Idea #4: His-and-hers separate vanities

Master bathrooms featuring separate his-and-hers vanities are always popular. And in many master bath designs, separating the vanities can actually maximize the use of floor space

Master Bath Cabinetry Ideas | How to Design Master Bath Storage


 - Separate vanities break up the layout of a master bath, giving more demension and visual appeal


 - You'll never have to bump elbows during the morning rush!


 - Your space (cabinet storage, counter top, sink) will remain YOURS

See more master bath photos on Pinterest!

Read about other North Carolina custom home master bathroom trends, ideas, and styles.

You'll find: tile surround ideas, master bathroom layouts, popular types of tile, ceilings styles, and much more.

Top 10 Master Bath Trends of 2012

Tub Surround Tile Ideas - Photo and Tips

Custom Home Master Bath Design Ideas

Custom Home Design Build Ideas - How to Design Build your New Home

Types of Tile - Which Types of Tile Are Used Most Often in Master Baths and Kitchens?

Vaulted Master Bathrooms

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2012 Color Trend Forecast - "Must Read" for New Home Design

Posted by Penny Hull on Wed, Nov 30, 2011 @ 15:11 PM

Color Trend Forecast for 2012

What New Home Interior Design Colors Will We See Most in 2012?

Here are some of the Most Popular 2012 Color Trends, Courtesy of Interior Designer Andrea Enns

If the Mayans thought the world was going to end in 2012, then perhaps that was simply their hope after having encountered one too many decorating dilemmas. Sometimes selecting color can be one of the most daunting of those dilemmas—so, the blissful are perhaps the color-blind for it all looks good to them?  

Well in some cases yes—actually things often just look the OPPOSITE color which is very handy sometimes in a dilemma:  Knowing what colors my father THOUGHT he liked, whenever he asked my mother if something for the house was “green” (his favorite color) she would deftly reply that it most certainly was—but the item in question was RED—coincidentally her favorite color! He never knew the difference.  Brick Homes Raleigh

Red and green are opposites on the color wheel and so they are direct compliments to one another. 

Take a traditional brick home and watch it literally come to life as the green sod is laid—it’s not just because there is finally grass—it’s because the colors are true compliments to one another.


With all of the science behind color, why do we even care about color trends?

Some people will tell you that they don’t care about trends, but if they watch TV, read magazines, and are generally aware of the media, the guru’s (known as color forecasters) at The Color Association of America will know what you’re going to like anyway - they  helped put the color in front of you as companies launching new products will consult them as to which color will best sell the item – so do you like the color because they put it in front of you or did they put it in front of you because they knew you would like the color??

Who knows—they also call it “Color Intelligence” amidst the covert operations over there at the association’s head quarters and I can see why!

What are the most popular 2012 new home design colors?

With that in mind, by far the most popular colors you will see in 2012 are:

1. Blues

2. Greens who still have the earth on their side

3. New takes on black and white


1. Blues

2012 Color Trends

Blues have been subtly hinting about their comeback for a couple of years now, showing up at first in more formal rooms and appropriately through several of the hard to define shades of gray we have been enjoying.

(Of course, isn’t that just like gray to be seen more than one way). 

However, in home furnishings and paint colors offered for 2012, blues are definitely back as true blues and will see a strong following since many people naturally favor blue anyway.


Pale blue walls can work in both traditio2012 Color Trendsnal and light hearted modern settings. 

At Stanton Homes, we have a home due to finish in the early part of next year; a pale sky blue has already been selected for several rooms and ceilings.

A blue ceiling has been a decorator favorite for a long time. It is as uplifting as looking up at the sky. Choose a very subtle shade or one that is slightly blue-green.  

You can use it almost anywhere and it almost has more panache if there is nothing else in the room that is blue. It looks outstanding with the very dark brown tones we have been favoring in cabinets and hardwood floors. It is also the traditional choice for the bead board of a true southern porch ceiling.

2012 Color TrendsOn the other end of the spectrum we have deep dark navies –we love how great they show off the crown molding and baseboard and even though they are just as dark as the dark brown floors, the two elements together are nothing short of stunning. 

Just try to miss the strong influx of blue in any current decorating magazine—it’s impossible to miss and too irresistible to pass up.

If by some slim chance you are still not convinced of this trend, just consult any older teenager or college student.  They are the trend setters who give the nod to anything new that they deem worthy of their affection.  I have one of these said creatures in my household and last July she announced, quite out of nowhere,  that we needed to paint her room dark navy.  Says the idea just popped into her head.



Greens seem to be remaining strong as the second most popular accent color. They too have been influenced by last year’s grays and browns

2012 Design Colors

Take for example the popularity of bronze—especially for last summer. Shades of bronze can be found as the deepest tones of green-browns on the color wheel. 

For 2012 they are even influencing black and you will see mysterious black-greens (again another Southern tradition can lay claim to that color—the classic Charleston shutter is a black-green.)

There are also light greens influenced by gray as are often found in colors that remind us of beech pebbles or majestic mountains, or even the ocean. 

Again, just like blue, greens tend to work wonderfully with the dark brown floor stains and dark Espresso Brown cabinets we are still so fond of.


Whites and Blacks

2012 Home Design Colors

With that being said, are you ready for white cabinets again? Still? So soon? Did they ever really go away?

In my opinion white cabinets never really go out of style.

They are as classic as white tile and since new generation after new generation finds ways to present them as both “new’ and as classic, white cabinets will always stay around. They can work with any kind of interior depending on the door style. Somehow “white’ in general always comes back as new.  What color are the newest i-phones?  I rest my case.

2012 Kitchen Color Trends

Coincidentally Stanton Homes has just ordered two new white kitchens amongst many many dark brown maple Espresso kitchens. 

In fact, the same trendy folks who chose the blue accents are going with a combination of painted white maple cabinets, Absolute black granite, white subway tiles, tall white bead board paneling, and rich Chestnut brown hardwood floors.  

This home is brimming with colors and style that are American classics. It is currently called the Carwile, but we may have to re-name it the “All American”.  

And, coincidentally or not, since the folks in Intelligence at the Color Association of America will say they knew it all along, the other white kitchen is scheduled to have green walls! How perfect is that?

So, fear not the color trends but embrace them and feel confident that for whatever reason, you will like them!  At Stanton Homes we’re glad the Mayans were wrong and we look forward to all of the unique and beautiful homes we will have the opportunity to build for our customers in 2012.


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Open Floor Plan Design Ideas - How to Use Overlooks to Add Appeal

Posted by Penny Hull on Fri, Nov 04, 2011 @ 06:11 AM

Homebuilder Tips - How to Make a Floor Plan Feel More Open

Foyers with Overlooks, Two-Story Living Rooms with Overlooks


Want more ways to make your new home feel more spacious and open? Consider floor plans that include a two-story foyer or two-story living room, with an overlook above.

Open Floor Plan Ideas

Other custom design and decorating features that can add elegance to your foyer overlook are:

  • Built-in plant shelves
  • Barrel vault, vault, or trey ceiling treatments
  • Large and/or specialty windows for plenty of natural light



Looking for an open concept floor plan?

"Open floor plans" can mean different things to different homebuyers.  Usually it's a home with fewer "formal" spaces and walls.  Rather than a formal dining room, an informal dining room may be found off the kitchen.  A first floor office may be essential, but most of the family's time is likely to be spent in the Great Room, which may or may not have a high or vaulted ceiling.

If you don't see an open floor plan that meets your needs, let us know, and we'll help you find or design the perfect floor plan.


More Design Trend Ideas for NC Custom Homes:

Open Concept Floor Plans – What does an “open floor plan” look like?

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Trey Ceiling Ideas | Top 5 Trey Ceilings by NC Custom Home Builders

Click here to view Master Suite Bathroom Video

 Contact Stanton Homes for floor plan ideas, to get a new home cost estimate, or find out more about building a custom home in North Carolina.

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Trey Ceiling Video Tour: Raleigh New Home Ideas

Posted by Penny Hull on Thu, Jul 21, 2011 @ 08:07 AM

Trey Ceilings Style - Pictures and Video Tour

Raleigh New Home Ideas and Trends

One of the top 10 reasons homebuyers choose a new home is the included special features.

Master Bedroom Trey Ceiling

Trey ceilings, vaulted ceilings, and barrel-vault ceilings are popular custom home special features that can make your new home more open, flexible and enjoyable

These ceiling treatment styles can be added to many different rooms throughout the home, depending on floor plan specifications




The Master Suite, Great Room, Formal Dining, and Master Suite Bathroom are common choices for these ceiling treatments. 

There are ten styles of Stanton Homes Signature Trey Ceilings to choose from - and they're included - Standard - at no extra cost!


Popular Trey Ceiling styles include: shallow step, step, vaulted, octagonal, angled, or single box.

Each of these styles creates exceptional architectural flare. Want your ceiling to stand out even more? Then add a splash of color in the alternating trey sections.

Today, it's hard to find these distinctive ceiling treatments unless you're firmly in the luxury home market. Barrel Vault Foyer

There are many other features that come standard with a Stanton Home.

Ask us what comes standard at or by calling 919-278-8070. 


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Fireplace Surround Ideas 

*Not all styles available in all homes.  Styles available are dependent on floor plan, ceiling structure, and ceiling height.

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Top 8 New Home Trends - Conserving Space, Lowering Cost, Saving Energy

Posted by Penny Hull on Tue, Jul 12, 2011 @ 06:07 AM

8 New Home Trends

Today's budget-conscious homes are designed to save energy and space.

New home buyers and builders have been asked, across the nation, what they want to see built.  Here's what custom home builders in Raleigh are focusing on, to meet the needs of today's home buyer.

1.  Energy Efficiency - Custom Home Builder Trends

Today's homebuyers are very focused on energy efficient homes, as energy costs continue to rise.

They’re line-iteming $5,000, $10,000 and even more into building budgets in exchange for substantially lower monthly energy costs.

When homebuyers evaluate new home builders in NC, they’re looking for cutting edge technology like Bayer's MaterialScience High Performance Residential Program
 (which provides a written guarantee of significant savings on heating and cooling costs) and ENERGY STAR programs that offer long-term lower energy costs.

Raleigh New Home Trends | Custom Home Builder NC

2. Smaller, Better Designed Homes - NC Custom Home Builder Trends

Many North Carolina new home builders are building better designed smaller homes – 1600 to 2500 sq ft, in place of the recently popular 2500 to 3500 sq ft range to homes. 

Smaller homes are more cost effective to build, reduce monthly housing costs, require less heating and cooling, and reflect an overall trend towards a floor plan that really works, without unnecessary rooms.

3.  "Great Room" vs. Formal Living Areas | NC Custom Home Builder Trends

Home buyers are more attracted to floor plans with open layouts, which provide more usable space in the areas where people gather.

Homes with a Great Room concept are more popular than traditional formal living room/formal dining room plans.  Great Rooms usually combine the main living space with the kitchen, while eliminating oversized hallways and excess walls. 

Formal living rooms and separate family rooms are just not as popular, with space at a premium. 

4.  Fewer Vaulted or Two Story Ceilings | NC Custom Home Builder Trends

While 9 foot ceilings remain very popular for first floor areas, there is a decreased demand for vaulted or two story ceilings. 

Floor plans with two story ceilings in the Family Room are often converted into extra living space, as new home builders in NC fill that empty height with a bonus room or game room on the second floor – without a huge price tag difference.

Two story foyers remain more popular than two story family rooms, but many homes have eliminated all two story areas.

Raleigh New Home Trends | Custom Home Builder NC

5. Fewer Expensive Options | NC Custom Home Builder Trends

Homebuyers and home builders are opting out of many of the expensive options they were more likely to choose a couple of years ago, as they concentrate more on use of space. 

Homebuyers are more likely to plan for weekend projects in order to keep the overall price tag of their new home lower.  This includes choosing to add landscaping, decks, and additional paint colors later, and not including that luxurious double-sided fireplace and wet bar in the master suite.

6. Fewer Formal Dining Rooms | NC Custom Home Builder Trends 

Today’s informal eat-on-the-go mentality has contributed to the popularity of eating areas off the kitchen.

Formal Dining Rooms are being converted to Home Offices – and if an NC custom home builder knows that’s the intention in advance, there are some special adaptations they can build in that make that transition easier.  

7. More Elaborate Kitchens | NC Custom Home Builder Trends

The kitchen has become a central point of the home.  In partnership with the elimination of formal dining rooms, kitchens often offer easier places to sit and eat or hang out.

Large islands and seating areas are popular with people who like to gather where the food is cooking.  Countertop space, flow-through capabilities and energy-efficient appliances are a big part of the demand. 

Homeowners are looking for good value, rather than the flashiest new appliances or most expensive countertops.

Raleigh New Home Trends | Custom Home Builder NC

8.  Three Car Garages | NC Custom Home Builders

Homebuilders are seeing more requests for three car garages, where the budget allows.

Three car garages are in demand to allow for small workshops, storage, or parking space for a Mother-in-Law or grown child who has moved back home. Even larger garages can be planned cost effectively.  For example tandem garages, where one car parks behind another, are gaining in popularity.   That extra area is also perfect for a workshop.

New Home Trends:

No matter which custom home builder you choose, selecting a home that works well for your lifestyle and costs less to operate is the right decision.  Browse some popular floor plan ideas here:

New Home Floor Plan Search

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How to Choose Types of Hardwood Flooring | Custom Home Tips

Posted by Penny Hull on Tue, May 17, 2011 @ 20:05 PM

Top 6 Types of Hardwood Floors for Your New Home 

Until recently, hardwood floors were found only in high-end homes. 

Now, hardwood flooring is one of the most popular upgrades in any new home in the Raleigh area.

Advances in wood flooring during the past few years means that you can now have wood anywhere in your home.  Here are the top 6 different types of wood and hardwood floors. 


1. Solid Flooring

Solid wood flooring refers to anything that consists of one piece of wood from top to bottom.  Most often 3/4" inch thick, a solid wood floor can be sanded and refinished, making this an extremely long-lasting flooring.Hardwood Flooring

Oak is the most common natural hardwood flooring, in white or red.  A white oak is usually just a little more expensive, but red oak tends to pick up and reflect red tones in cabinetry and other nearby features. 

Maple, ash, hickory, and a variety of exotic woods are also available as solid flooring.

Custom builders often include at least several rooms with solid or engineered hardwood floors. 


2. Engineered Flooring

Hardwood Flooring Custom Homes

Still most often referred to as hardwood or wood flooring, this wood flooring product consists of layers of wood pressed together. Because grains run in different directions, it is more dimensionally solid wood.

 If the top layer is thick enough, it is possible for the flooring to be sanded and refinished. 



3. Site Finish

Solid or engineered wood floors can have stain and varnish applied in several ways. 

Custom Home Flooring

The most premium is "site finish".  Unfinished hardwood is installed in the home.  The buyer or builder chooses a stain color, which can be customized at the time of application by mixing one or more standard colors together.  This stain and a final coat of varnish is then applied to the floor over a period of 3-5 days.   




4. Prefinish

Individual pieces are pre-stained and varnisheTypes of Hardwood Flooringd, then installed in the home.  This process is quicker and less expensive than site-finished stain, but can be higher quality. 

Some manufacturers offer a 50 year warranty, and apply up to 12 coats of verathane.  


5. Wood Laminates

Wood laminates consist of a plywood base covered with a layer of veneer.  Plies and thicknesses vary, but three-ply, 3/8 inch flooring is most common (compared to 3/4 inch for solid hardwood). New Home Hardwood Floors

The veneer topping of wood laminate floors (commonly 1/8 inch thick) can be sanded and refinished 3 times, at most. 

Most manufacturers have 5-year finish warranties.   Laminate wood flooring can be a great way for a first time home buyer to experience the benefits of a wood floor.  It's a low-maintenance alternative to carpet, and great for pets. 


6. Synthetic Plastic Laminates

Usually 1/2 inch thick, plastic laminate flooring consists of a fiberboard center wrapped in top and bottom layers of high-pressure laminate - a tougher version of the same material used in many kitchen countertops. 

Hardwood Flooring in New Homes


These floors cannot be sanded or refinished. They usually come with 10 or 15 year manufacturer warranties. 

These laminate floors are very tough - they hold up very well, even under heavy traffic and pet claws.  Because they are inexpensive and last 10-15 years, even if they eventually need to be replaced the long term cost is low. 


Choosing Your Hardwood Floors

There are many colors, types, and styles of flooring within each of these categories.

Buyers should choose wood flooring based on both asthetic quality and cost (over the life of the home). 

Solid or engineered hardwood floors cost mCustom Hardwood Flooringore upfront, but are likely to last the lifetime of the home with proper care. 

Laminates will most likely need to be replaced at least several times over the life of the home, but can be lower cost and allow buyers a low-maintenence alternative to carpet.  


Talk to Your Builder

Buyers should ask their builder and/or real estate agent exactly what kind of flooring is standard in their new construction home, and which styles of flooring would be an upgrade.


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What is a Barrel Vault Foyer? Pictures of Barrel Vault Foyers by Custom Home Builders

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Kitchen Color Trend Forecast - "Must Read" for Kitchen Design

Posted by Penny Hull on Wed, Dec 29, 2010 @ 07:12 AM

What’s cooking in the Kitchen?  Here's our Kitchen Color Trend Forecast, courtesy of Andrea Enns. Ask Andrea your questions about custom home design trends!  

Here's the forecast of kitchen color trends for this year:


Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends | Custom Home Kitchen Design


As the color gray continues to influence several design trends it will be prove to be a strong force in kitchen design.

This is not a striking change but rather a strengthening of an already existing trend.

WALLS:  We will see warm gray paints on walls such as Sherwin Williams 7641 Collonade Gray or Sherwin Williams 7647 Crushed Ice.

CABINETS: For cabinets gray is predicted to show up in a traditional way on painted Shaker style cabinets and in a more modern way in sleek high gloss finishes but either way, it will be paired with dark brown and white.

Locally we are seeing warm gray neutrals such as those found in natural limestone and granite colors (Ambi White , Kashmir White, or River White) being paired Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends | Custom Home Kitchen Designwith dark walnut cabinets or cherry or maple cabinets offered in Espresso or Chocolate finishes.

However, we are also seeing these warm grays beginning to be used with white or a combination of brown and white. 

This is great affirmation of the sustainability of traditional white cabinetry and good news for all of you white cabinet fans! 

Break up your white cabinets with an island of pickled oak or natural hickory cabinets -both light, neutral hues that lean towards light stone shades rather than anything golden.  

Add a honed Emperador mosaic stone backsplash or rich dark brown granite and warm gray walls.


Fun accessories and small appliances will provide personality with pops of neon or jewel toned color. Although we have started to consider colors such as rich reds and blues for major appliances in our laundry rooms, it is not predicted that these will be popular appliance color choices in our kitchens

Since we are spending more and more time in our kitchens when we entertain in open floor plans, homebuyers are thus tending to assign more and more of our new home construction budget to the finishes and functionality of our kitchens.

With that in mind, we naturally want our investment to last which is why bright colors are left for the smaller ticket items. The accent colors are bold shades that remind us of exotic destinations. Look for shades of pink, orange, turquoise, and green.

Look a little ways into the future and just picture how you’ll have it all together with the brightly colored mixing bowl set from the leading kitchen accessory retailer sitting on top of your new island of espresso brown shaker cabinets with an Ambi White granite top and how that bright colored print will look outstanding against your warm gray walls.

Andrea Enns, Design Coordinator, Stanton Homes

Building Exceptional Living Experiences

Do you have interior design questions? Want to know  the hottest kitchen color design trends for your Raleigh new home?

Then "Ask Andrea," on-staff interior design expert for Raleigh new home builder Stanton Homes.

Get more Kitchen Color Trend ideas from these kitchen floor plan transformations, designed by Stanton Homes to fit the lifestyles of our homebuyers.

Click for photos and videos.

The Gershwin

Custom Kitchen Photo Tour | New Home Kitchen Design | Kitchen Design Trends

The Worthington

Foyer Photo Tour | New Home Foyer Video | Custom Home Foyer Options

The Kessler

NC Custom Home Builders | Custom Floor Plans | Custom Kitchen Design

The Lightsey

NC Custom Home Builders | Custom Floor Plans | Custom Kitchen Design

The Bakersfield

Custom Kitchen Photo Tour | New Home Kitchen Design | Kitchen Design Trends

The Holly Glen

Custom Kitchen Photo Tour | New Home Kitchen Design | Kitchen Design Trends

Interior Design Series by Andrea Enns

Stanton Homes continues to offer the information you're looking for.  Check back for more interior design trend tips!

Send us YOUR design questions to "Ask Andrea", and look to Stanton Homes for the answers you need.

New Homes Raleigh NC | Interior Design ExpertAndrea Enns is an on staff design expert at Stanton Homes, offering professional design selection services to custom home clients as part of Stanton Homes' exclusive custom home packages. 

Andrea's extensive training includes the School of Architecture and Interior Design at the University of Manitoba and Red River College, a two year Design Internship in Vancouver, BC,  under British Designer Jackie Yearsley, and years of experience with design and renovation.  Andrea has worked with many of Raleigh’s top custom home builders, and contributed design work in many of the area’s finest Parade Homes.

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