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Guide to Selecting Bathroom Counter Tops | Cary NC New Homes

Posted by Penny Hull on Tue, Sep 30, 2014 @ 11:09 AM

What's the Best Countertop for a Bathroom?

With so many bathroom countertop options to choose from - including new types of solid-surface materials adding to the mix as manufacturers develop novel compositions - it can be difficult to narrow down the right material for your new home.

From higher-end materials like granite, to everyday solutions like laminate, here are the most requested bathroom countertop materials: 

1. Granite Counter Tops

While your master bathroom counters will not take the same beating as your kitchen - you will not be chopping, pounding, or storing heavy appliances on your bathroom counter - durable materials such as granite can be a great long-term investment.

Bathroom Counter Tops | Cary NC New Homes

Granite is elegant, easy to clean, and can be more cost-effective than you may think. Small countertops - such as those in a bathroom with separate his and her vanities or in powder rooms - can sometimes use granite remnants. Remnants are more cost effective than full granite slabs.  

Builder Tip: If you love granite countertops, consider using the same granite in your kitchen and master bathroom (or in a secondary bath), which can be more cost effective than choosing separate granite pieces for each room, if there is a remnant available from your kitchen slab or slabs.

Bathroom Countertops | How to Choose a Bathroom Counter


2. Tile Counter Tops

Tile was a big design feature in 1980's and 90's kitchens (along with wood counter tops).

While we don't expect to see a wave of tile kitchen counter tops again soon, homebuyers have begun to request tile counter tops in the bathroom. Powder rooms - small spaces perfect for design flair - are perfect places to integrate a tile counter top.

Bathroom Counter Tops | Cary NC New Homes

What's the downside to tile counter tops? Tile will always have grout lines, which means a bit more maintenance and cleaning will be required. The smaller the tile, the higher the percentage of grout in the surface of the countertop.

3. Solid-surface

Solid-surface countertops are manufactured materials - which you may identify by brand name, such as Corian.

Corian countertops are durable, easy to keep clean, and come in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and finishes, including the look of natural stone.

If your bathrooms require ample countertop square footage, a solid surface material might be the right choice for you.

Bathroom Counter Tops | Cary NC New Homes

4. Cultured marble 

Cultured marble - perhaps the most requested bathroom countertop material - comes in a single piece.

Cultured marble is a manufactured material designed to be easy to maintain and clean, with no seams or grooves - the sink is integrated directly into the mold, which means sink and countertop are a single-piece unit!

Bathroom Counter Tops | Cary NC New Homes

Other options for your bathroom countertops include formica, concrete, wood, and glass.

While laminate and cultured marble is often found in laundry rooms, concrete, wood, and glass countertops are far less popular, in part due to their cost, maintanance requirements and fully contemporary appeal.

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Granite versus Laminate Countertops | Granite Edge Styles

Posted by Penny Hull on Wed, May 23, 2012 @ 09:05 AM

How Much do Granite Countertops Cost?

Kitchen Design Trends for NC New Homes - Granite Countertop Cost, Selections, and Benefits

Homebuyers in North Carolina LOVE granite countertops - and when you look at these completed home pictures, you'll see why.How Much do Granite Countertops Cost? | Granite Counter Styles

But how much do granite countertops cost?

Below is a guide discussing the features, benefits, and costs of granite counters.

All About Granite Countertop

Granite is a natural product harvested from quarries. Colors and patterns vary depending on the geological processes in the region where they are quarried.

How Much do Granite Countertops Cost? | Granite Counter StylesGranite prices start at about 3-4 times the cost of laminate counters.

Because this is a natural material, granite selections are not made from a color chart - and every counter is unique.

When making kitchen selections with a Stanton Homes interior designer, our home buyers view samples representative of a type of granite to make their color and style choices.

There are a variety of edges available at no additional charge.

Upgraded edges can include a full bullnose and ogee (graceful serpentine curve), depending on the manufacture. Ask you builder which options come standard.

Granite Counter Top Edge Style Chart

Here is a quick guide to popular granite counter top edge styles. In this style chart, you will find shapes for a beveled, bullnose, pencil round, roundover, and ogee edge.

Granite Countertop Edge Style Chart

Here is a quick guide to recently completed Stanton Homes with each of these granite counter top edge styles. Click on the image or style name to view more photos of these custom designed kitchens featuring a wide variety of granite styles.

How Much do Granite Countertops Cost? | Granite Counter Styles
1/4 Inch Beveled Edge
How Much do Granite Countertops Cost? | Granite Counter Styles
1/2 Bullnose Edge
How Much do Granite Countertops Cost? | Granite Counter Styles
Pencil Round Edge

How Much do Granite Countertops Cost? | Granite Counter Styles
Demi Bullnose Edge
How Much do Granite Countertops Cost? | Granite Counter Styles
Ogee Edge

Benefits of Choosing Granite for Your Countertop Materials

Kitchens with Granite Countertops

Granite is fairly resistant to heat and scratches. If damaged, it may be possible to polish the countertop, since it is made of the same material throughout. 

The material must be resealed about every five years to protect it from stains, and careful attention must be paid to the natural stone seams.



What is the bottom line on granite countertop cost?

Granite Countertop Style IdeasAll countertop pricing is determined by square footage.

Most standard countertops are 2 ¼ feet wide.

To find out how much countertop you need, take the length of the countertop and multiply by the width. Then multiply the total square footage by the cost per square foot for the desired material. This will give you the starting point.

But there are additional considerations as well.

The cost of backsplashes depends on material and style, as does the edge of the countertop – which can all be customized in different materials.


Kitchen Granite Countertops


Even the type of sink makes a difference in countertop cost. An under-counter mount requires a more finished edge around the sink, which raises the cost for some materials.

Additional sinks or other cut outs can add to labor and installation expenses, as well. 

Custom home builders like Stanton Homes can walk you through the costs when you plan your home, so you can decide what kind of countertop you want to live with.

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