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2017 Harnett County Property Tax Rates

Posted by Stanton Homes Design on Tue, Jan 10, 2017 @ 06:01 AM

Harnett County Taxes 2017 | Property Tax for Harnett County, NC New Homes

Moving to Harnett County, North Carolina? You will want to know what the yearly property taxes might be for your new home.

2017 Harnett County Property Tax Rates

What are 2017 Property Taxes in Harnett County*?

Here are the 2017 property tax rates, by town within Harnett County:

2017 Harnett County Property Tax Rates

To get the total property tax rate for a town, simply add the county tax to the district or city tax - like the "Combined 2017 Rate" in the table above. For example:

  • The property tax rate for Lillington is 0.52
  • Harnett County has a tax rate of 0.75
  • Add the two together - the total tax rate for Lillington, NC is 1.27

How Do I Figure Out What These Property Tax Numbers Mean?

It's not as confusing as it looks.  The tax rates are based on the assessed value of the home, not the asking price. 

  • Divide the assessed value by 100
  • Multiply the result by the Combined 2017 Rate
  • The result will be your yearly property tax bill, as of 1/1/2017

This table gives sample property tax bills for all the cities and towns in Harnett County, such as Angier, Benson, Coats, Erwin, Dunn, and Lillington.

2017 Harnett County Property Tax Rates

There are also separate rates by fire district in Harnett County.

There is no guarantee that tax rates will remain the same - check the Harnett County Tax Rates 2017 for taxes in the current year.

Where Should I Live to Get the Lowest Property Tax Rate?

Your tax bill can be lower if your home or property is not actually within a municipality, or town.  If this is the case, you'll pay just the County rate, plus most likely a fire district tax and/or the special district tax.

Compare property tax rates in Harnett County to other counties in the area:

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2017 Harnett County Property Tax Rates

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*Property tax rates generally update midyear.  The rates posted are current numbers as of 1/1/2017.  This post is for general information only based on public tax resources as of posting date.  Please research tax rates for your specific address before making decisions. 

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