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Eight Staircase Flooring Options | Cary NC New Home Types of Staircases

Posted by Penny Hull on Mon, Aug 31, 2015 @ 06:08 AM

Types of Flooring for a Staircase:

While carpet and hardwood are the two most common new home staircase flooring materials, you can get creative with how you combine and incorporate these materials in your Cary NC custom home. 

Browse popular staircase style photos inside Cary, NC area new homes.

Flooring Materials for a New Home Staircase:

How do homebuyers choose between hardwood and carpet for the main staircase? See the pros and cons of each staircase flooring material, with photo from Cary custom homes by Stanton Homes. 

1. Hardwood Staircases

Hardwood staircases - which provide a clean look for all home styles from contemporary to craftsman - are a popular request for Cary NC new homes.

On one hand, homebuyers consider hardwood steps easier to clean - they require a broom rather than vaccum or rug machine.

On the other hand, a hardwood staircase is more expensive. 

Eight Staircase Flooring Options | Cary NC New Home Types of Staircases

2. Carpet Staircases

Carpeted staircases are often considered:

  • Safe and comfortable: carpet can be more slip-resistant than hardwood
  • Quieter: some say they prefer carpet because it muffles the sound of kids, pets, and shoes
  • Less costly: an upgrade to a hardwood staircase is often close to $2000 or more depending on the size, shape, and features.

Eight Staircase Flooring Options | Cary NC New Home Types of Staircases 

3. Carpet Runner on the Staircase

A carpet runner can offer the best of both worlds: it provides a slip-proof layer to your stairs, without covering your coveted hardwood steps and white painted risers. 

Eight Staircase Flooring Options | Cary NC New Home Types of Staircases

4. Staircase Carpet Runner Idea #2

A specialty carpet runner can create a more traditional effect - such as the foyer staircase this version of the Summerlyn. The black patterned carpet runner flows over hardwood steps and white wood risers, with a hardwood landing half-way down the stairs.

This staircase also features a "volute" or curved handrail at the foyer landing.

Eight Staircase Flooring Options | Cary NC New Home Types of Staircases 

5. Hardwood Base Step or Steps

Another popular staircase design pairs one or more hardwood steps with carpeted treads and risers. Using a combination of carpet and hardwood materials can help save money on your new home build.

In this version of the Bostwick, the first step - called a rounded edge "open stair" - is made of hardwood.

All steps visible through the wrought iron balusters are carpeted with hardwood treds, made to look like a carpet runner. The remaining steps - mostly out of view - are fully carpeted.

Eight Staircase Flooring Options | Cary NC New Home Types of Staircases

6. Multiple Hardwood Steps

Here's another take on the dual hardwood - carpet staircase style. In this version of the Firebird, all visible steps are made of hardwood treads (the horizontal portion of the step) and white painted wood risers (the vertical portion of the step).

Again, we see that the steps primarily out of view are carpeted. 

Eight Staircase Flooring Options | Cary NC New Home Types of Staircases 

7. Hardwood Steps with Painted Risers 

While many home buyers choose to pair hardwood steps with white risers (like the examples above), this custom design uses an accent color to blend the risers into the surrounding mountain house style trim.

Eight Staircase Flooring Options | Cary NC New Home Types of Staircases

8. Stained Hardwood Steps and Risers

This formal entrance features a curved staircase with stained hardwood steps AND risers - in an elegant, dark color. The secondary staircase (pictured in the background) lightens up the great room with white painted risers. 

Eight Staircase Flooring Options | Cary NC New Home Types of Staircases

See more staircase design photos in these Raleigh and Cary custom homes: 

Staircase Idea #1: Curved staircase with dark wood stain - in a version of the Avonstone Manor house plan
Staircase Idea #2: Hardwood staircase in the foyer, with cable railing overlook - in a version of the Smokey Ridge house plan

Staircase Idea #3:  White painted staircase with hardwood steps - in a version of the Worthington II house plan

Staircase Idea #4: Craftsman staircase with split landing - in a version of the Chalet Vert house plan

Staircase Idea #5: Carpeted staircase with black stained railings - in a version of the Treehouse house plan

Cary NC New Homes - Custom Staircase Options:

Considering new homes in the Raleigh, NC area? Tell us what style you love best - hardwood vs carpet stairs - or a combination of both. Stanton Homes will tell you what it costs, inside your favorite new home floor plan.

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Guide to Selecting Bathroom Counter Tops | Cary NC New Homes

Posted by Penny Hull on Tue, Sep 30, 2014 @ 11:09 AM

What's the Best Countertop for a Bathroom?

With so many bathroom countertop options to choose from - including new types of solid-surface materials adding to the mix as manufacturers develop novel compositions - it can be difficult to narrow down the right material for your new home.

From higher-end materials like granite, to everyday solutions like laminate, here are the most requested bathroom countertop materials: 

1. Granite Counter Tops

While your master bathroom counters will not take the same beating as your kitchen - you will not be chopping, pounding, or storing heavy appliances on your bathroom counter - durable materials such as granite can be a great long-term investment.

Bathroom Counter Tops | Cary NC New Homes

Granite is elegant, easy to clean, and can be more cost-effective than you may think. Small countertops - such as those in a bathroom with separate his and her vanities or in powder rooms - can sometimes use granite remnants. Remnants are more cost effective than full granite slabs.  

Builder Tip: If you love granite countertops, consider using the same granite in your kitchen and master bathroom (or in a secondary bath), which can be more cost effective than choosing separate granite pieces for each room, if there is a remnant available from your kitchen slab or slabs.

Bathroom Countertops | How to Choose a Bathroom Counter


2. Tile Counter Tops

Tile was a big design feature in 1980's and 90's kitchens (along with wood counter tops).

While we don't expect to see a wave of tile kitchen counter tops again soon, homebuyers have begun to request tile counter tops in the bathroom. Powder rooms - small spaces perfect for design flair - are perfect places to integrate a tile counter top.

Bathroom Counter Tops | Cary NC New Homes

What's the downside to tile counter tops? Tile will always have grout lines, which means a bit more maintenance and cleaning will be required. The smaller the tile, the higher the percentage of grout in the surface of the countertop.

3. Solid-surface

Solid-surface countertops are manufactured materials - which you may identify by brand name, such as Corian.

Corian countertops are durable, easy to keep clean, and come in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and finishes, including the look of natural stone.

If your bathrooms require ample countertop square footage, a solid surface material might be the right choice for you.

Bathroom Counter Tops | Cary NC New Homes

4. Cultured marble 

Cultured marble - perhaps the most requested bathroom countertop material - comes in a single piece.

Cultured marble is a manufactured material designed to be easy to maintain and clean, with no seams or grooves - the sink is integrated directly into the mold, which means sink and countertop are a single-piece unit!

Bathroom Counter Tops | Cary NC New Homes

Other options for your bathroom countertops include formica, concrete, wood, and glass.

While laminate and cultured marble is often found in laundry rooms, concrete, wood, and glass countertops are far less popular, in part due to their cost, maintanance requirements and fully contemporary appeal.

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