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Top 5 Beige Shades for the Great Room

Posted by Stanton Homes Design on Wed, Dec 09, 2015 @ 11:12 AM

Best Paint Colors to use in a Great Room:

Beige and gray are the two most popular paint colors for great rooms in NC new homes.

Here are some examples of popular great room layouts, in recently constructed NC custom homes:

Most Popular Paint Colors for a Great Room:

Great rooms are generally large spaces with open layouts, windows, and a fireplace. These key features will help determine the best paint color schemes.

Get ideas for your new home paint colors from these beige great rooms. And see why beige is not boring!

Beige Paint Color #1: "SW 6106 Kilim Beige"

Beige paint colors are popular for many reasons, including their neutrality and flexibility.

Beige walls will serve as a backdrop, rather than focal point, allowing you to show off architectural features such as columns, fireplaces, vaulted ceilings, and window designs.

SW 6106 Kilim Beige | Best Beige Paint Colors for the Great Room

This great room - photo from a version of the Country Farmhouse - is painted in SW 6106 Kilim Beige by Sherwin Williams.

Beige Paint Color #2: "SW 7036 Accessible Beige"

A neutral beige paint highlights the hand-stained wood, stone archway, and stone fireplace in this custom home great room design.

SW 7036 Accessible Beige  | Best Beige Paint Colors for the Great Room

This great room - photo from a version of the Coquery Cottage - is painted in SW 7036 Accessible Beige by Sherwin Williams.

Beige Paint Color #3: "SW 7527 Nantucket Dune"

Beige tends to work equally well in large, vaulted and small, open great room layouts. In this great room, the beige walls let the black fireplace and fixtures stand out above the hardwood floors.

SW 7527 Nantucket Dune | Best Beige Paint Colors for the Great Room

This great room is painted in SW 7527 Nantucket Dune by Sherwin Williams.

Beige Paint Color #4: "SW 7714 Oak Barrel"

The finishes and features within a room work together with the paint color to create the overall palatte.

For confidence when choosing a paint color, make sure to compare large samples, on-site, with other features within the room.

SW 7714 Oak Barrel | Best Beige Paint Colors for the Great Room

This great room - photo from a version of the Lakehouse - is painted in SW 7714 Oak Barrel by Sherwin Williams.

Beige Paint Color #5: "SW 7687 August Moon"

White trim and wainscoting panels are a great design technique to break up any paint color, including beige.

SW 7687 August Moon | Best Beige Paint Colors for the Great Room

This great room - photo from a version of the Remington - is painted in SW 7687 August Moon by Sherwin Williams.


More Popular Great Room Paint Colors

Here are links to other great rooms painted in blue, green, yellow, and other hues:

  1. SW 6207 Retreat - in a version of the Chalet Vert
  2. Benjamin Moore AF-670 Nightingale - in a version of the Shoal Creek
  3. SW 6687 Lantern Light - in a version of the Blackhawk

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Blue Bathrooms | Most Popular Bathroom Paint Colors

Posted by Stanton Homes Design on Fri, Jun 29, 2012 @ 09:06 AM

Why is Blue So Popular in Bathrooms?

A Color Commentary

2012 Bathroom Color Trends | Blue in the Bathroom

(by Andrea Enns - Interior Designer)

The color blue has long been the most popular “favorite color” for people of both genders all over the world.

Blue is associated with images of freshness (clean water) and goodness (blue skies, blue ocean, delicate Robin’s eggs), which is probably why it is such a commonly used “go to” choice for a bathroom.



2012 Bathroom Color Trends | Blue in the Bathroom


Furthermore, blue and white as a color combination is as traditional as black and white, and in terms of decorating, the combination of blue and white boasts an even longer history.

Although blue bathrooms hold a steady popularity, they truly do seem to become more popular in certain years than others. 



2012 Bathroom Color Trends | Blue in the Bathroom


Over the past twenty four months (just as Andrea predicted in her color trends forecast last year) they have regained a stronger following which can likely be attributed to the trying economic times. 

In times of uncertainty it is simply human nature to gravitate towards things that exemplify solidity—the “tried and true”. 

Indeed, you cannot go wrong with blue and white—centuries of cross-cultural use have proven that. 

Or can you? 

What if you never wear blue and generally don’t select it that often? What if it isn’t your favorite color? Should you still paint your bathroom blue?  No!

2012 Bathroom Color Trends | Blue in the Bathroom

Experts would not recommend it.  

If you never wear it and it isn’t something you generally gravitate towards then do not decide that it would be a good idea to surround yourself with it every morning!  

But what if this is a master bath and your better half just loves blue—do you give in to keep the peace?

No—but you can deftly offer a compromise—even Dr. Phil agrees.  


If you are not a big blue fan just think about the spaces around you where you see the most blue. Is it the ocean? If so, then paint your walls the warm sand color and accessorize with blue (and white) towels.  Is your blue fan a bit of a naturalist?  Paint your walls in the soft and comforting shade of a Robin’s nest, use white tiles with Robin’s egg blue thrown in as an accent. The result is very stylish and gender neutral.

 Although we have seen a resurgence of blue, I still maintain that the best choice for a bathroom wall color has to come from the individual who will occupy the space. 

Trained colorists understand the psychological importance of this

If the wall color you see behind you when you look in the mirror is a color that you like to wear and you know you look and feel good in, then it is likely that it will be a color that is complimentary to your skin tone.

2012 Bathroom Color Trends | Blue in the Bathroom

If you are surrounded by a color that compliments your skin tone then naturally you will feel more positive when you look in the mirror.

When you feel more positive not only will you start each day in a better mood but you will also feel more confident

Something to think about when painting bathrooms for teenagers as well—help them out! 

Be aware that some wall colors and harsh lighting can make skin problems appear even worse. Avoid the combination of overly bright lighting with colors that bring out the appearance of redness in skin such as burgundy or  a cool-toned royal blue.

How to Choose a Dining Room Paint Color

On a final note, since the point I wish to make is about the value in surrounding yourself with wall colors that are complimentary to your skin tone, don’t forget about the dining room

2012 Bathroom Color Trends | Blue in the BathroomBe the “hostess with the mostest” and look fabulous while you welcome guests to your table. Why not?

That’s what the celebrities do and they hire stylists to figure it all out for them. 

You can be your own stylist by paying attention to the pieces of clothing you wear that make you the happiest or win you the most compliments. 

Whichever those garments are—they represent the color you should consider for your dining room

Hate to be that selfish in your family home?  Okay then even things up by asking  yourself: what color does EVERYONE look best in? Paint the family room THAT color and ensure that when you take the family photo at Christmas, everyone will be complimented by the room and you will enjoy your family photos that much more!

- by Andrea Enns, Stanton Homes Exclusive Interior Designer

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