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One Kitchen, Two Ways | Island Kitchen Design Ideas

Posted by Stanton Homes Design on Wed, Sep 14, 2016 @ 14:09 PM

Two Ways to Design the Same Kitchen Floor Plan:

What major - and subtle - differences do you see in these two kitchens? The floor plan is identical, but the selections are custom.  Scroll down to see the same kitchen layout, two ways.

The first has many contemporary design choices, while the second is much more traditional.


Side-by-Side Photos of the Same Kitchen Floor Plan:

Island Kitchen Design Ideas | Raleigh New Home

 Island Kitchen Design Ideas | Raleigh New Home

Kitchen selections (e.g. cabinets, counter tops, light fixtures, faucets, appliances, and flooring) can make even the SAME kitchen look completely different.

Kitchen Design #1: Espresso cabinets, stone backsplash, white granite


Kitchen Design #2: White and espresso cabinets, brick back splash, black and white granite

The door located just past the fridge leads direclty into the garage. This kitchen layout is on the traditional side, with the kitchen facing into the breakfast room and sun room (rather than open to the great room).

Island Kitchen Design Ideas | Raleigh New Home

 Island Kitchen Design Ideas | Raleigh New Home


Kitchen Design #1: Wine Rack above the Fridge


Kitchen Design #2: Wine Refrigerator in the Island

What's your cooking style? Both kitchens include double wall ovens for maximum baking space. What else matters in your routine? Gas heat for the range? Pot filler for easy fill-ups at the stove?

Island Kitchen Design Ideas | Raleigh New HomeIsland Kitchen Design Ideas | Raleigh New Home















Kitchen Design #1: Gas Range with stainless steel hood


Kitchen Design #2: Electric Cooktop with pot filler and microwave above

What would you change in this kitchen? 

You can re-arrange your kitchen floor plan when you design/build with Stanton Homes. 


See the Cotswold Floor Plan here.


More Side-by-Side Photos of The Cotswold:


Great Room


Master Suite

Master Bath

Sun Room


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Top 11 Kitchen Island Layouts - Kitchen Island Ideas

Posted by Stanton Homes Design on Tue, May 27, 2014 @ 09:05 AM

11 Kitchen Island Ideas

Photos of Types of Kitchen Islands

The shape of your island will influence the flow of your kitchen. Take a look at these kitchen island designs and shapes to get ideas for your next kitchen island.

And then click here to see over 90 more custom home kitchen island photos on Houzz.

Types of kitchen islands: One-sided seating

Kitchen Island IdeasIslands with seating on one side or end function as great breakfast and casual eating areas. Limiting you seating to one side keeps the other sides fully functional - for cooking and storage - so your family can multi-task without jockeying for prime kitchen space.

Types of kitchen islands: Two-sided seating

 Kitchen Island Ideas

When you have a bit more square footage to spread out in your kitchen, adding an island with two sides of seating is ideal for large groups and events.

A raised bar area lends formality to holidays or events where you wish to lay out rows of serving platters.

Types of kitchen islands: Hidden seating

 Kitchen Island IdeasWhether your kitchen is large or small, incorporating a hidden seating area under the island can make a big difference.

Just tuck your unoccupied stools under this kitchen island - and open up a hallway of space between the kitchen and breakfast nook.

When adding hidden chair storage, you can often keep the same number of island cabinets, and just lose a bit of depth.  Or you can extend an existing island with a minimal overhang to create the hidden seating you desire, with a bit of added cost for additional granite and side walls.

In this kitchen layout, you should consider the trade-off of storage types.

Types of kitchen islands: Raised Eating Bar

Which is better, islands that are all one level or islands that have a raised area for seating?

Kitchen Island Ideas

All one level: Homebuyers that choose an island that is all one level often say they love the expansive work space. A single-level surface lets them spread out - especially when multiple people work at each side of the island.

Raised area for seating: Homebuyers that choose an island with a raised area for seating often say they love having that space as a family gathering area. In the mornings, their kids eat breakfast there. In the afternoons, they cook while interacting with their kids who sit at the island to do homework. The island is a contained space, still large enough to multi-task on.

Types of kitchen islands: L shaped

 Kitchen Island Ideas

You will find L-shaped islands in many large, open concept kitchen floor plans. L-shaped islands generally face two rooms, often a breakfast nook and keeping room or great room.

When homebuyers choose an L-shaped, rather than extra wide or extra long island, it is often because the L shape increases maneuverability in the space.

Types of kitchen islands: C shaped

Kitchen Island Ideas

A C-shaped or U-shaped island gives true spatial definition to your kitchen, even in an open concept plan. By defining the space better, C-shaped or U-shaped islands lend a more traditional feel to your kitchen without forgoing a casual cooking and dining feel.

Types of kitchen islands: Rectangle shaped

 Kitchen Island Ideas

Rectagle and square shaped are the most common type of kitchen island. A prep sink, such as the one pictured here, is great for an island that is wide enough.

If you kitchen is on the medium or small side, however, you may be more satisfied leaving out the prep sink in order to keep a more open, flat work space.

Types of kitchen islands: Odd shaped

Kitchen Island Ideas | Photos of Types of Kitchen Islands

A custom kitchen design can incroproate an island of any shape or size. In this photo, a hexagon shaped island mirrors the shape of the kitchen layout. 

Types of kitchen islands: Curved

Kitchen Island Ideas | Photos of Types of Kitchen Islands

If you love the configuration of a rectangular island, but want something a little different, consider rounding the counter top or adding unique angles on the sides.

In this photo, solid, carved wood legs were selected to give a French Country feel to this custom kitchen design.

Types of kitchen islands: Extra wide

Kitchen Island Ideas | Types of Kitchen Islands

Super-sizing your island is one of the biggest kitchen design trends of 2014.

Types of kitchen islands: Extra long

Kitchen Island Ideas

And when your kitchen serves so many functions - from date night cooking sessions to homework help stations - it is easy to see why more homebuyers are opting for extra wide or extra long islands.

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Contact Stanton Homes to learn more about building a custom home in North Carolina. 

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