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Types of Kitchen Pantries [How to Choose The Best Kitchen Storage]

Posted by Penny Hull on Tue, May 26, 2015 @ 12:05 PM

What type of storage is best for my kitchen, a built-in cabinet or walk-in pantry? 

Pantries provide much-needed food storage in your kitchen. While we're seeing a trend towards integrating cabinetry pantries, many home buyers are still requesting wall and walk-in corner pantries.

Here are some examples of home plans with a walk-in pantry:

Pantry Placement:

Your kitchen design should maximize storage space -- in places that make the most sense.  See photos of 5 kitchen pantry locations, below.

Popular kitchen pantry positions include:

1. Corner Pantry: why everyone should consider a corner pantry

Corner pantries provide a large amount of space without interrupting the flow of an open kitchen. The corner pantry location in this kitchen makes it an integral part of the "work triangle."


2. Wall Pantry: when a wall pantry is most helpful

This double door pantry is wide but not deep -- perfect for those who love linear organization in the kitchen. The pantry is located beside the refrigerator, in a grab-and-go location.


3. Built-in Cabinet Pantry: where to place a pantry cabinet

Cupboard pantries are designed to blend into your kitchen cabinets. This kitchen features a built-in pantry cabinet beside the refrigerator.


4. Butler's Pantry: when you need a second pantry

Looking ways to supplement your kitchen storage? Consider adding a second pantry.

Butler's pantries -- often located between the kitchen and dining room or down a hallway -- are great for storing less-used items such as holiday dishware and accents, formal china, over-sized party trays, and secondary dish and glass sets.


5. Hidden Pantry: how to hide your pantry around the corner

There is no pantry built into this small island kitchen. Instead, the pantry is hidden away, around the corner.


Don't be afraid to buck the kitchen design trend! Consider placing your pantry in a nearby location, rather than the center of your kitchen.  Nearby is usually more convenient, but when the layout requires, the pantry can even be in another room.

In this California style floor plan, the kitchen pantry is located past the breakfast nook -- between the mud room and garage entrance.


Which should I choose first: appliance layout or pantry location?

As a general guideline, we recommend that home buyers:

  • Prioritize kitchen elements that are most important: a large island? Cooking gear, from a 6-burner gas range to double ovens? An open concept layout?
  • Choose favorite kitchen floor plan layouts that incorporate those elements

Generally, it is easier to add pantry storage -- rather than cabinets or appliances -- to a kitchen layout you love. Pantry locations are more flexible, and can fit into hallways, under staircases, or inside dining rooms.

Tell us what kitchen design elements matter most, and we'll help you find and build your new custom home.


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Kitchen Appliance Tips: Wall Oven or Range?

Posted by Penny Hull on Wed, Sep 10, 2014 @ 06:09 AM

Which is Better, a Wall Oven or Range with Cooktop?

When looking at kitchen layout options, a common home buyer question is, should I choose a range or a separated oven/cooktop combination? 

What is a kitchen range?

A kitchen range refers to an oven and cooktop designed as a single appliance

Adding a range to your kitchen is generally less expensive than a wall oven/cooktop combination, making it appealing to many home buyers. 

Kitchen Range Styles | Gas Range with Ovens

A range combination can be a better choice for families with one main cook or fewer occasions requiring multiple dishes.

Typically, a microwave is placed directly above the range - see an example in this country style two story Raleigh home: 

Kitchen Appliance Tips | Raleigh Custom Home Builder

More home buyers are requesting a microwave located in the island or lower, rather than upper, cabinets. See an example of a kitchen with oven/cook top combination, with the microwave in a lower cabinet: 

Gas Range | White Kitchen Appliances

Wall Oven Ideas

What is a wall oven? A wall oven appliance is separated from the cooktop and installed within kitchen cabinets.

Wall ovens are very popular in Raleigh new home kitchens, where homebuyers are always looking for ways to maximize their kitchen spaces.

Single wall ovens offer a second workstation area - making it easier for one person to sauté  vegetables at the stove, while another bakes in the oven.  

Kitchen Appliance Tips | Raleigh Custom Home Builder

Double wall ovens can be ideal for large dinner parties, holidays, or occasions that require several different dishes to be cooked at the same time.

Kitchen Appliance Tips | Raleigh Custom Home Builder

Double wall ovens offer twice the twice the baking, roasting, and prep space, without taking up additional square footage in the kitchen.  

Wall ovens with higher mountings can also eliminate the need to bend over the oven. 

Double Wall Oven Kitchen

Wall ovens are generally electric rather than gas, and come in a width of 24, 27, or 30 inches.

Some home buyers opt for one regular oven, with a warming oven above. 

Kitchen Appliance Tips | Raleigh Custom Home Builder

Accessible kitchen designs can incorporate a wheelchair-height wall oven and microwave combination. 

Wall Oven Layout | Wall Oven with Microwave Above

Separate wall ovens and cooktops also enable you to place one appliance in your island, and another on the main wall. 

Kitchen Appliance Tips | Raleigh Custom Home Builder

 Houzz Ideabook of Kitchens with Single and Double Wall Ovens

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