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Types of Crown Moulding | Custom Home Trim Styles

Posted by Penny Hull on Tue, May 22, 2012 @ 11:05 AM

Types of Crown Moulding in New Homes

NC Custom Home Trim Styles

There are dozens of crown moulding styles to choose from when you build a new custom home in the Raleigh, NC area.

Below is a guide of the most common moulding trim types, to help you see the differences between single piece, multi-piece, and craftsman style moulding. Each of these styles come in a variety of materials.

When you build with Stanton Homes, our interior design team can help you chose the style, color, and size that will best compliment your entire home design. 

What is crown moulding?

Crown moulding is the name for the decorative trim used to transition from a wall to the ceiling.

Types of Crown Moulding:

 - One piece crown: the most basic type of crown moulding comes as a single piece, and is usually made of MDF (medium density fiberboard).  One piece crown is used for trey ceiling accents.

Crown Moulding Types

 - Two piece crown: a intricate type of crown moulding uses two pieces, one upside down piece of baseboard with a crown piece placed on top.

Depending on the look and feel you wish to achieve, various rooms may use different types of crown moulding.

For example, a formal dining room might use a 3-piece crown or one piece crown on various levels of a trey ceiling, while the rest of the home uses a 2-piece crown.



 - Two piece traditional crown: consists of two pieces of moulding, with a painted space in between.

Crown moulding usually accents just a few rooms of the home, especially the Formal Dining and the Master Bedroom.  Many custom homes also include crown moulding in other living areas.

Most homebuyers choose to NOT include crown moulding or specialty trim in secondary bedrooms, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and other less "visible" rooms of the home.



Types of Crown Moulding | Craftsman Style Moulding

 - Craftsman moulding

A premium craftsman style crown moulding treatment can use up to 13 individual pieces of trim around window and door wraps.

This first example of craftsman moulding shows the detail work above a door.

Watch a video tour of this craftsman style home - a version of the Penelope.



Types of Crown Moulding



Here is another example of craftsman style crown moulding - above a double window and the entrance to a home office.

This custom home photo is from a version of the Carwile.




 - Three, four, and five piece crown: are usually seen only in luxury homes. These styles use more materials, more labor, and are more costly.

Some of the most expensive crown moulding style options include the use of Stain Grade Pine or Oak.

These hardwoods can be stained, with the original wood grain showing through, but the price tag on this once more common treatment can be prohibitive today.

Most homebuyers choose to paint the crown moulding instead. A deep accent trim can be achieved by choosing just the right trim color - crown moulding doesn't have to be white! 

There are many more types of interior crown moulding - but these are the most popular treatments in the Raleigh custom home market today.

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