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Raleigh Homes with the Laundry Room Next to the Master Closet

Posted by Stanton Homes on Wed, Jul 25, 2018 @ 12:07 PM

Get Access to the Laundry Room Through the Master

Raleigh New Homes

Floor plan designs often place the master suite and laundry room on opposite ends of the home. This keeps washer and dryer noise away from the bedroom and directs traffic patterns away.

Raleigh Homes with the Laundry Room Next to the Master Closet

See a photo tour of this home, a version of the Cabot, with a white and back tile pattern in the laundry room accessible through the master closet.


What are the most common locations for a laundry room? 

On the first floor, laundry rooms are most often kept next to the kitchen/garage entrance, mud room, and drop zone

On the second floor, laundry rooms are most often placed between kids' bedrooms or down a hallway (still keeping the master bedroom separated from laundry room noise and traffic). 

Raleigh Homes with the Laundry Room Next to the Master Closet

What are the latest trends in laundry room placement for Raleigh new homes? 

However, Stanton Homes is seeing a shift toward convenience in new home requests, with more home buyers asking for floor plans with the laundry room next to the master bedroom, with or without an additional door into the master bath or master closet.


Raleigh Homes with the Laundry Room Next to the Master Closet

Where else can I have a laundry room?  

When building a custom home, there are always exceptions to common trends. A very popular Raleigh home design, the Cotswold (pictured below), places the laundry room next to the master bedroom (without private access). This keeps laundry room facilities close by, through traffic. 
Raleigh Homes with the Laundry Room Next to the Master Closet
The Cotswold Raleigh new home is over 3,000 sq ft with 5 bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms, and a first floor guest suite:
Raleigh Homes with the Laundry Room Next to the Master Closet


Below are examples of popular Raleigh North Carolina new home designs with laundry room access through the master closet (or very close to the master bedroom). Tell us your favorites! 


The Timber Ridge - Max Fulbright Design

The master bathroom leads directly into the laundry room in this Max Fulbright design.

Separate his and hers closets wrap behind the dual vanities. Raleigh Homes with the Laundry Room Next to the Master Closet

The Ingram - Alan Mascord Two Story Home

In this version of the Ingram, a two story Alan Mascord home design, the master bedroom has direct access to the laundry room / craft room through the walk in closet.

A two story design - with the master bedroom on the second floor - has the added benefit of keeping the laundry room on the same level as all (or most) bedrooms.

Raleigh Homes with the Laundry Room Next to the Master Closet



The Halstad by Alan Mascord

In this main floor master design, the laundry room is located just around the corner from the master bedroom.

Ample storage cabinets, a built in ironing board, a sink, and two countertops create a functional design - with easy access between rooms.

A separate mud room keeps the working laundry room clear of outdoor gear and everyday clutter.

Raleigh Homes with the Laundry Room Next to the Master Closet


The Sherri - Custom home design by Stanton Homes

In this version of The Sherri, the master bedroom includes a private entrance to the laundry room, through the walk in closet.

Access between the master closet and laundry room couldn't be easier.

Raleigh Homes with the Laundry Room Next to the Master Closet



The Madison - Max Fulbright Designs

Inside The Madison, the first floor laundry room is located just steps away from the master suite.

Across the hall, a linen closet offers tucked-in storage space.

Raleigh Homes with the Laundry Room Next to the Master Closet




Raleigh Homes with the Laundry Room Next to the Master Closet


Raleigh New Homes:

Get more ideas for your master bedroom layout and laundry room design, here:

Floor plans with a mud room - with drop zone photos

What is a Universal Design laundry room?

Best mudroom designs, sizes, and layouts [Mudroom Drop Zone Photos]

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What Does the Perfect Home Look Like?  Builder Tips

Posted by Penny Hull on Tue, Oct 13, 2015 @ 12:10 PM

Houzz offers an easy way to plan your Raleigh new custom home - with seemingly limitless photos to add to your personal "Ideabooks."

Want to know what Houzz users see as the "Perfect House?"  We've compiled a list of the most popular Stanton Homes photos (based on the number of "Saves" to Ideabooks) - below.

New Home Design Ideas:

See the most popular custom home exterior, kitchen, master bathroom, mother in law suite, powder room, mud room, and pet room photos from our Houzz projects:

1. The Perfect Exterior Design:

Raleigh New Home Design | Most Popular Photos on Houzz

Homes that combine traditional and craftsman elements continue to rise in popularity. This Raleigh custom home blends traditional white columns with craftsman style trim and contemporary grey metal roof accents above the garage and sides.   Each eave and peak is carefully balanced in this design so that no matter what angle the home is viewed from, the eye tracks the angles and curves.

The portico entrance opens to a vault, with a dark stained wood door and lots of glass for natural light. 

2. The Perfect Kitchen Design:

Raleigh New Home Design | Most Popular Photos on Houzz

White, grey, and black kitchens continue to top home trend charts.

Not all new home kitchens are scaling up in size. Many kitchen floor plans, like this popular Houzz kitchen photo, center on efficient layouts that offer ample storage and counter space without breaking the bank. 

3. The Perfect Master Bath Design:

Raleigh New Home Design | Most Popular Photos on Houzz 

Master bathrooms with only a shower - and no tub - are also a common request for Raleigh new homes.

This two person shower features separate his and hers shower heads, open concept glass panels, and a roll-in (wheelchair accessible) threshold.

4. The Perfect Great Room Design:

Raleigh New Home Design | Most Popular Photos on Houzz

While the jury is still out on two versus one story great rooms, this great room photo boasts the most Ideabook "Saves."

This two story great room includes two window rows, dark hardwood flooring, light grey paint, a tall built-in bookcase, full-height white wainscoting above the fireplace, walls sconces, and a wrap-around walkway to the sun room. To top it off, the fireplace is see-through.

5. The Perfect "Mother in Law Suite" Design:

Raleigh New Home Design | Most Popular Photos on Houzz

Mother in law homes, that is, homes designed with a private living area for long term guests or extended family, are difficult to find in existing home markets - making them a top request in custom new home construction.

This MIL suite takes the cake for one of our most-saved photos on Houzz. This floor plan - a version of the Maple Lane - includes a mother in law bedroom with private bathroom and sitting room with French door entry (and faux transom windows above). The sitting room has private access to outdoor living.

6. The Perfect Powder Room Design:

Raleigh New Home Design | Most Popular Photos on Houzz

Metallic accents have grown in popularity, often used to off-set white, black, grey, and even golden brown rooms. This powder room design - a simple yet elegant design with painted wainscoting, framed mirror, and pedestal sink - is hugely popular on Houzz - even compared to Stanton Homes powder rooms with more complex (and expensive) layouts and design selections. 

7. The Perfect Mud Room Design:

Raleigh New Home Design | Most Popular Photos on Houzz

With the recent trend towards incorporating indoor-outdoor space comes a need for convenient mud room amenities.

This mud room - our most popular on Houzz - features two closets, a built in bench with storage cubbies, and upper cabinets, sink, and countertop (on the other wall). The coat hooks spell "FAMILY."

8. The Perfect Place for Pets:

Raleigh New Home Design | Most Popular Photos on Houzz

Want to know where homebuyers would love to splurge in their next home? This pet room features a large dog shower and tucked-in dog house.  These pet room accommodations are located under the staircase - designed to take advantage of otherwise unused square footage inside the combination mud room / laundry room. 

Collaborate with the Stanton Homes Team to Design Your New Home:

No two Stanton Homes are alike because we create every home with exquisite details and layouts that fit the personality of its people – beginning with the flexibility to choose a design from nearly any architect or have us create something new, just for you.

Our design team will collaborate with you to create the perfect home for your lifestyle. Share your ideas with us - email us your favorite Houzz photos (and tell us what you love about the most popular photos in this post). 

Reach us at 919-278-8070 or


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New Home Design Ideas | How to Save Money in the Laundry Room

Posted by Penny Hull on Fri, Dec 09, 2011 @ 06:12 AM

Laundry Room Trends

How to Save Money in the Laundry Room


You can save money and build your new home the way you want it - by adding some of the final details later.   Laundry Room Builtins

Why some things need to be upgraded now: Some features will cost a lot more later.  Others might be impossible without totally ripping the house apart to make structural changes.

How some options can be upgraded later: With proper planning, homes can be constructed so that additional features can be added or changed later - as long as they don't involve structural changes, and the floor plan allows enough space.

Here are the top 5 questions to ask before designing your laundry room

1.       Flooring

Laundry Room Flooring

The two most common kinds of flooring in the Laundry Room are ceramic tile or vinyl flooring. Consider the kinds of flooring closest to this room - you'll want to coordinate with the feel of the surrounding rooms. 

A laundry room is usually on the smaller side, ranging anywhere from 6'x8' to 8'x10', in most homes.  Thus you'll likely have somewhere between 48 and 80 square feet of flooring surface, plus any "waste factor" that must be added for material cuts.  So it might be a little easier to "splurge" on an upgraded or unique tile in this room, but you might also want to consider upgrading your guest bath instead.   

2.       Storage

Not all builders offer cabinets over the washer/dryer - it'Laundry Room Storages fairly common to just see a ventilated wire shelf here. 

Cabinets over the washer and dryer can be great for storage of cleaning supplies, paper goods, and other household items.  If you're planning to add cabinets later, make sure the wall space will accommodate a standard cabinet size - a semi-custom or stock cabinet is a lot less expensive than something custom-built for the space.

For a larger laundry room, you may want to consider additional storage.  A closet can be less expensive than a full height furniture grade utility cabinet, and can offer more storage options.  A closet that's large enough for both a full set of shelves AND the vacuum, brooms, and other tall items can be very handy.    

3.       Washer and Dryer

Find out if your builder provides gas or electric hook ups for the dryer.  If you already have appliances, it could be expensive to add the "alternate" hook up later.  Be sure to specify which kind of hook ups you require.

Laundry Room AppliancesGenerally, the washer goes on the left and the dryer on the right.  Your builder should have the washer and dryer hookups prepared for this.  If you prefer something different, let the builder know at rough-in stage, as it can be expensive to change this later.

For the appliances themselves, consider Energy Star labeled and front-loading, water saving washers.  There have been significant advances in both washers and dryers over the past couple of years, and the utility and water savings really add up over time. 

4.       Laundry Sink

Laundry sinks can be convenient, especially if the laundLaundry Room Builtinsry room is right off the garage. 

If you're even considering adding one later, ask your builder to "rough plumb" to the laundry room, so that you don't have to open the walls later to have a plumber add an extension to the laundry room. 

 A free-standing laundry sink is much more cost effective than a cabinet/countertop/sink combination, and you can always add a full cabinetry package later, as long as the "guts" are in place. 

5.       Mudroom


Larger laundry rooms can include a "mudroom" concept.  Built in storage can be handy and appealing, and "drop zones" can be custom designed or purchased through cabinetry companies. 

If the budget is tight upfront, talk to the builder about creating a wall or alcove space that can accommodate a standard size locker set, which you can personally add later. 

A 4 foot or 6 foot section of wall can be planned for future inclusion of shoe racks, storage cubbys, coat hooks, and much more.

Learn more about mudrooms, what they are used for, and what they can include here.




Staying in Budget - and leaving room for future changes

Ask your builder if they will allow you to take a second look at all your choices before making a final decision, and make sure they walk through each one of these features and any others you're considering so you know just what you're paying for - and what you really don't need to come up with until later.


Raleigh New Home Trends:2012 New Home Design Trends

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Contact Stanton Homes for floor plan ideas, to get a new home cost estimate, or find out more about building a custom home in North Carolina.

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Do New Homes Have More Windows?

Posted by Penny Hull on Mon, Nov 07, 2011 @ 09:11 AM

NC Custom Home Builder Tips - How Many Windows Should my New Home Have?

What are the pros and cons of adding more windows?

Here are some pros and cons of adding lots more windows to your new home, or choosing a floor plan with many more windows than average. Click here for a short guide on popular custom home window styles.

how many windows should I havePros of Adding More Windows to your New Home:

  1. More Natural Light
  2. Brighter Rooms
  3. Plenty of fresh air
  4. More visually appealing home exterior
  5. More visually appealing interior rooms

Cons of Adding Extra Windows:

  1. Heating and cooling energy loss
  2. Potentially leads to a limited budget for more specialized windows with unique patterns/angles
  3. More opportunities for furnishings to fade
  4. More window treatments required 
  5. Less wall space for furniture/art placement
  6. More expensive!

Tips when Designing a New Home with Your NC Custom Homebuilder:

  • Many (but not all) custom home builders will allow you to change window sizes.  Even widening or lengthening an existing window may give you the light you're looking for.
  • "Specialty" windows are much more costly than standard windows.  Arches, half rounds, and huge picture windows have a lot of appeal - but you'll want to make sure this is something you can raise the budget for.
  • Consider adding additional windows first to the rooms you'll be spending the most time in, like the Great Room.   Two or three windows is probably more than sufficient for each bedroom, where you'll spend most of your time in the evenings.
  • Look at rooms that don't have any windows.   Redesigning the kitchen to add a single window over the sink may make a huge difference in the natural light in the room.
  • Consider a sliding glass patio door in place of a single window and French door.   You'll add much more light.
  • Ask your NC custom home builder what they think of the existing window sizes and placement - with years of experience, a good builder will be able to suggest some good solutions!

NC Custom Home Design Ideas:

Open Concept Floor Plans – What does an “open floor plan” look like?

Front Porch Styles Video - From Traditional to Contemporary

Rear and Screen Porch Styles Video

Open Floor Plan Design Ideas - How to Use Overlooks to Add Appeal

More Design Trend Ideas for NC Custom Homes:

Fireplace Design Ideas for Your New Custom Home

Fireplace Trends in New Homes: Disappearing Act

Trey Ceiling Ideas | Top 5 Trey Ceilings by NC Custom Home Builders

Kitchen Design Trends - Where Should the Microwave Go?

Are Kitchen Islands Going Out of Style?

Contact Stanton Homes for floor plan ideas, to get a new home cost estimate, or find out more about building a custom home in North Carolina.

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