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Eight Staircase Flooring Options | Cary NC New Home Types of Staircases

Posted by Penny Hull on Mon, Aug 31, 2015 @ 06:08 AM

Types of Flooring for a Staircase:

While carpet and hardwood are the two most common new home staircase flooring materials, you can get creative with how you combine and incorporate these materials in your Cary NC custom home. 

Browse popular staircase style photos inside Cary, NC area new homes.

Flooring Materials for a New Home Staircase:

How do homebuyers choose between hardwood and carpet for the main staircase? See the pros and cons of each staircase flooring material, with photo from Cary custom homes by Stanton Homes. 

1. Hardwood Staircases

Hardwood staircases - which provide a clean look for all home styles from contemporary to craftsman - are a popular request for Cary NC new homes.

On one hand, homebuyers consider hardwood steps easier to clean - they require a broom rather than vaccum or rug machine.

On the other hand, a hardwood staircase is more expensive. 

Eight Staircase Flooring Options | Cary NC New Home Types of Staircases

2. Carpet Staircases

Carpeted staircases are often considered:

  • Safe and comfortable: carpet can be more slip-resistant than hardwood
  • Quieter: some say they prefer carpet because it muffles the sound of kids, pets, and shoes
  • Less costly: an upgrade to a hardwood staircase is often close to $2000 or more depending on the size, shape, and features.

Eight Staircase Flooring Options | Cary NC New Home Types of Staircases 

3. Carpet Runner on the Staircase

A carpet runner can offer the best of both worlds: it provides a slip-proof layer to your stairs, without covering your coveted hardwood steps and white painted risers. 

Eight Staircase Flooring Options | Cary NC New Home Types of Staircases

4. Staircase Carpet Runner Idea #2

A specialty carpet runner can create a more traditional effect - such as the foyer staircase this version of the Summerlyn. The black patterned carpet runner flows over hardwood steps and white wood risers, with a hardwood landing half-way down the stairs.

This staircase also features a "volute" or curved handrail at the foyer landing.

Eight Staircase Flooring Options | Cary NC New Home Types of Staircases 

5. Hardwood Base Step or Steps

Another popular staircase design pairs one or more hardwood steps with carpeted treads and risers. Using a combination of carpet and hardwood materials can help save money on your new home build.

In this version of the Bostwick, the first step - called a rounded edge "open stair" - is made of hardwood.

All steps visible through the wrought iron balusters are carpeted with hardwood treds, made to look like a carpet runner. The remaining steps - mostly out of view - are fully carpeted.

Eight Staircase Flooring Options | Cary NC New Home Types of Staircases

6. Multiple Hardwood Steps

Here's another take on the dual hardwood - carpet staircase style. In this version of the Firebird, all visible steps are made of hardwood treads (the horizontal portion of the step) and white painted wood risers (the vertical portion of the step).

Again, we see that the steps primarily out of view are carpeted. 

Eight Staircase Flooring Options | Cary NC New Home Types of Staircases 

7. Hardwood Steps with Painted Risers 

While many home buyers choose to pair hardwood steps with white risers (like the examples above), this custom design uses an accent color to blend the risers into the surrounding mountain house style trim.

Eight Staircase Flooring Options | Cary NC New Home Types of Staircases

8. Stained Hardwood Steps and Risers

This formal entrance features a curved staircase with stained hardwood steps AND risers - in an elegant, dark color. The secondary staircase (pictured in the background) lightens up the great room with white painted risers. 

Eight Staircase Flooring Options | Cary NC New Home Types of Staircases

See more staircase design photos in these Raleigh and Cary custom homes: 

Staircase Idea #1: Curved staircase with dark wood stain - in a version of the Avonstone Manor house plan
Staircase Idea #2: Hardwood staircase in the foyer, with cable railing overlook - in a version of the Smokey Ridge house plan

Staircase Idea #3:  White painted staircase with hardwood steps - in a version of the Worthington II house plan

Staircase Idea #4: Craftsman staircase with split landing - in a version of the Chalet Vert house plan

Staircase Idea #5: Carpeted staircase with black stained railings - in a version of the Treehouse house plan

Cary NC New Homes - Custom Staircase Options:

Considering new homes in the Raleigh, NC area? Tell us what style you love best - hardwood vs carpet stairs - or a combination of both. Stanton Homes will tell you what it costs, inside your favorite new home floor plan.

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Staircase Design - "Post to Post" or "Over the Post"?

Posted by Penny Hull on Tue, Jun 28, 2011 @ 15:06 PM

New Home Staircase Design Ideas 

Post to Post and Over the Post Systems

What's the Difference?

Staircase style and design options can be overwhelming, but understanding two of the basic systems can make your custom home staircase design decisions much easier!

The staircase is often placed within view of the foyer, so it has the ability to make or break a first impression of your home.

So, what's the difference between a Post to Post and an Over the Post design?  Here's the basics.

Post to Post Staircase Picture | Staircase Design Ideas | Raleigh Custom Home BuildersPost to Post Staircase Design

In a post to post staircase design, the handrails run between two newel posts.

"Newel posts" are the column that support the balustrades and handrail.

Pictured here are box newel posts and wrought iron balusters with an alternating basket design.

The grey and white painted posts and handrail give this home a more contemporary feel.

These color choices contrast with the more commonly used oak wood finishes.

Over the Post Staircase Picture | Staircase Design Ideas | Raleigh Custom Home BuildersOver the Post Staircase Design

In an over the post staircase design, the handrails run over the newel posts and the balusters are fitted into the handrailing.

Pictured here is a volute over the post system. A "volute" design consists of a spiral at the ends of the handrail.

A bullnose step is required for a volute over the post design. This staircase incorporates the popular trend of wrought iron balusters with alternating baskets.

This oak and iron staircase design style is more formal and traditional than a box newel or craftsman style staircase.

Find out more about staircase design ideas here, or ask your Raleigh custom home builder to help you design a staircase that reflects YOUR taste and lifestyle!



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Custom Home Design Trends: Staircase Styles and Ideas

Posted by Penny Hull on Tue, Jun 07, 2011 @ 08:06 AM

New Home Staircase Styles and Ideas

Staircase Options for Your Custom Home


Staircases are often visible from the foyer, so you'll want to make a good first impression with your staircase design choices.

Check out these popular custom home staircase styles, from traditional to craftsman, wrought iron and more.



Carpeted Staircases

Most staircases are carpeted.

This wide-step staircase is set to the side of the open Foyer, with wrought-iron balusters and oak handrails that further extend the spacious feel. 

A staircase can be designed to be open and inviting, particularly when the staircase is part of a two-story or vaulted Great Room or Family Room.


Iron Baluster Staircase


Using carpet in this custom home was a cost effective way to add oak detailing and wrought iron balusters.

The iron balusters add touch of elegance and permanence to this staircase.




 Box Newel Staircase

Newel Posts

A newel is the "anchor" post, the main column that supports the handrail.

Newels can be custom designed for the homebuyer by the trim carpenters or staircase specialists.

Newels can be boxy or round, small or large.

Pictured here is a Stanton Home with box newel posts in a post-to-post staircase system.

An interesting newel can really change the look and feel of your staircase.



Craftsman Staircases


Craftsman Style Home


This custom home features a craftsman style staircase with a box newel post system.


Craftsman staircases are simplistic and timeless.


Craftsman style homes are favored by those who enjoy clean lines and solid structures, with a sense of elegance.





 Open Tred Staircase Design

Open Tread Staircases

On an Open Tread Staircase, balusters are placed directly into the top of the stairway treads, as pictured here.

Alternating baskets with standard balusters adds visual detail and avoids monotony.

A typical oak newel post supports the oak handrail.







Kneewall Staircases

Kneewall Staircase


The opposite of an Open Tread Staircase is a Kneewall Staricase.  

In this Kneewall Staircase, the balusters are installed into the closed stringer.







Over The Post Staircases

Over the Post Volute Staircase


This Over the Post staircase features Volute style posts with delicate, intricate wrought iron details.

A Volute post spirals at the bottom of the stairway. These posts require a starting step. 


With a multitude of options, the staircases in your new home can truly reflect your own personality.







Contact us about the home you have in mind, and ideas for your Raleigh Custom Home staircase. We can work with you to modify nearly any floorplan to incorporate your unique style and needs.

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