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Trending New Home Exteriors for 2019 | Exterior Siding in NC

Posted by Stanton Homes on Tue, Oct 16, 2018 @ 20:10 PM

North Carolina New Home Exteriors for 2019

Exterior Siding Types

What new home exteriors in North Carolina are the most popular?

There are 6 types of exterior siding materials most often used when building a new home in North Carolina.

Here are photos and descriptions of the most popular exterior siding types in NC. As you can see, the very most popular exteriors involve a blend of several materials to add dimension and emphasize details.

1. Fiber Cement (HardiBoard) Exterior

Fiber Cement Siding (HardiBoard) is the most popular choice for exterior siding in North Carolina new homes. 

- Fiber cement boards hold up better than wood in the local climate, although it is typically manufactured with a realistic wood grain effect.

- Painting (and repainting over the years) is required for fiber cement siding. 

- Fiber cement can be applied in different shapes and styles, such as Board and Batt or Shake.

Some communities with an HOA require fiber cement siding on all new homes - typically with accents in brick or stone.

Some manufacturers offer a 50 year warranty on fiber cement siding. 

2. Stone Exterior

Stone exteriors can be natural stone or simulated stone, and is is one of the most expensive types of home exterior materials.

Many North Carolina homeowners choose to add stone as an accent, in combination with other materials.

The most common usage of stone accents are Stone accents can be:

 - One or more full walls (generally on the front of the home)

 - Half walls or water tables along the front and side of a home (generally about 2-4 feet tall spans)

3. Brick Exterior


Brick exteriors (composed of clay bricks) are a classic exterior that remains popular due to durability, strength, and low maintenance.

There are many different shapes, colors, sizes, and styles of brick to choose from.

 A "standard" brick is 2 by 4 by 8 inches.

Other brick options include:

 - "King": Thicker, longer bricks
 - "Roman": Thinner, longer bricks

Brick exteriors are more costly than vinyl or fiber cement, but less than full stone exteriors.

4. Board and Batt Exterior (Board and Batten)



Board and batt exteriors can be composed of vinyl or fiber cement. 

A board and batt design alternates wide boards and narrow strips (battens). While board and batt can be horizontal, it is generally used as a vertical design.

No longer just for cottage and barn style designs, board and batt has become a popular accent for many styles of homes. 

5. Shake Exterior

Shake exteriors are traditionally made from split wood, such as cedar. However, in the North Carolina climate, it is far more popular to have the shakes made with the primary material of the exterior - typically fiber cement or vinyl.

Shakes are generally placed as an "irregular" pattern for artistic appeal.

They are typically placed as accents in various locations on the front of the home.

6. Stucco Exterior

Stucco (composed of plaster and cement applied over a mesh screen), while very popular in some regions of the nation, is rarely used as a home exterior in North Carolina, due mainly to climate conditions.   It is also one of the most expensive siding options in North Carolina. 

When stucco is applied to new homes in NC, it is typically as an accent, such as the opening entry to this home.

Stucco can be smooth or textured, painted or pigmented.

7. Vinyl Exterior



Vinyl siding (composed of PVC or polyvinyl chloride) is a popular exterior material in North Carolina due to its cost effectiveness, low maintenance and improved curb appeal.

A high quality vinyl exterior comes in a variety of shades, tones and thicknesses and does not need to be repainted like fiber cement or stucco.  


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Vinyl Siding: Surprisingly Creative Exteriors for your New Home

Posted by Penny Hull on Fri, Jan 28, 2011 @ 05:01 AM


…and recognizing the many benefits of vinyl siding!

By Andrea Enns, Design Coordinator, Stanton Homes

Of course we all want our new homes to look fabulous right? Sounds great!  Can’t wait! However, beyond fabulous looks, we also need to make wise choices for our single largest investment and these choices also have to fit within the limits of our dreaded budgets.  

Vinyl Siding | What Kind of Siding is Best | NC Custom Home BuildersIf this sounds like it might be next to impossible and that you can’t possibly create that new home you long for and still stay within your budget then read on for some good news because there are wonderful options available--and spending your future retirement money isn’t one of them!

Benefits of Vinyl Siding

Vinyl Siding—this product has come a long long way since it was first introduced into the residential construction market back in the 1970’s.

Vinyl Siding | What Kind of Siding is Best | NC Custom Home BuildersIn fact, today vinyl siding is the top selling cladding choice for homes built in North Carolina. The fact that we have been using it since the 1970’s and its sales grow stronger every year is proving its sustainability, but here are some other facts: vinyl siding is virtually maintenance free, never needs to be re-painted, just power-washed to freshen. That saves you money in re-painting and caulking over time. 

Plus, not only is it your least expensive cladding option in the first place, but add to that the fact that Vinyl siding is considered by the NAHB to last a lifetime. It is strong, resistant to moisture and abrasion, it will not rot or corrode, and it also boosts your home’s R-value rating which is yet another money-saving benefit. 

With all of these benefits, what more could we possibly want?  In selecting vinyl siding we’re saving money and we’re buying quality, but how about creating that fabulous look?  We want it all!

Vinyl Siding Delivers Appeal and Asthetics Too

Vinyl Siding | What Kind of Siding is Best | NC Custom Home BuildersVinyl siding can deliver in that category as well.  Within the products that vinyl siding has to offer, you can create traditional, Craftsman, and even modern styles.

Today, many of us are favoring the transitional Craftsman styles which are modified versions of those built back in the 1920’s and earlier.  

To create the look Vinyl siding products include clapboard style siding in straight lap or Dutch lap profiles, vinyl shakes in colors that mimic the original cedar shakes as well as painted style shakes, and even board and batten style vertically installed siding.

Although the various options are not all available at exactly the same price level, they are all still by far, the most affordable exterior cladding options available in the market. 

Vinyl Siding Can Be Bright and Beautiful Too

Within vinyl siding itself there is a step up when choosing a particularly dark color such as a Forest green or dark blue or dark red, however again, it still prices quite a bit less than any other option right from the beginning and saves you money in maintenance and repairs in the long run. 

Adding Accents to Vinyl Siding

To create another authentic Craftsman look it is also a poVinyl Siding | What Kind of Siding is Best | NC Custom Home Builderspular option to mix in a stone accent onto one small portion of the front façade. This was first popular on the original New England craftsman homes of 100 years ago because some of them were clad in shakes only and so they desired a change in texture which they created by adding stone accents.

Today, we are commonly mixing three elements by including lap siding or board and batten siding, a shakes accent in the roof gables, and stone on a lower portion or upper portion or onto a complete front section from base to roofline. The combinations are endless. 

With so many possibilities available to create a unique look, plus the benefits of affordability, maintenance free, and a lifetime warranty, choosing vinyl siding for the exterior of your new home is what we call pretty smart THINKING outside the box!

Andrea Enns, Design Coordinator, Stanton Homes

Building Exceptional Living Experiences

Vinyl Siding | What Kind of Siding is Best | NC Custom Home Builders

Custom Home Design Series by Andrea Enns

Stanton Homes continues to offer the information you're looking for.  Check back for more interior design trend tips!

Send us YOUR design questions to "Ask Andrea", and look to Stanton Homes for the answers you need.

New Homes Raleigh NC | Interior Design ExpertAndrea Enns is an on staff design expert at Stanton Homes, offering professional design selection services to custom home clients as part of Stanton Homes' exclusive custom home packages. 

Andrea's extensive training includes the School of Architecture and Interior Design at the University of Manitoba and Red River College, a two year Design Internship in Vancouver, BC,  under British Designer Jackie Yearsley, and years of experience with design and renovation.  Andrea has worked with many of Raleigh’s top custom home builders, and contributed design work in many of the area’s finest Parade Homes.

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