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New Home Trends | How Do Rooms Change as Homes Get Bigger?

Posted by Penny Hull on Tue, Oct 08, 2013 @ 12:10 PM

How is space distributed throughout a new home?

NHAB Study Looks at How Finished Space is Distributed in New Homes

The National Home Builders Association just released a study examining the average distribution of finished space in a typical new home built by NHBA members. This study answers questions such as:

How large are rooms in a typical new home?

How much square footage goes into bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, or kitchens?

Below is a list of the average percent distribution of finished space in the typical new home built by NAHB’s members:

Master Bedroom: 12%Raleigh New Homes | Home Sizes in Raleigh

Master Bath: 6%

Kitchen: 11.6%

Family Room: 11.5%

Living Room: 8.6%

Dining Room: 7.4%

Other Bedrooms: 16.8%

Foyer: 3.4%

Laundry: 3.7%


As you can see, the average square footage alloted to the master bedroom, kitchen, and family room are much higher than other rooms and very close to each other in percentage, indicating a consistent emphasis on these rooms.

The study also published results for the average size of these rooms, divided into homes under 2,000 sq ft; 2,000-2,999 sq ft; and over 3,000 sq ft.

Average room sizes for new homes included:

Master Bedroom: 309Raleigh New Homes | Home Sizes Raleigh

Master Bath: 160

Kitchen: 306

Family Room: 404

Living Room: 330

Dining Room: 216

Other Bedrooms: 481

Foyer: 101

Laundry: 102

Great Room (can indicate square footage from connected spaces): 550

Walk In Kitchen Pantry: 37

Other finished spaces addressed in this study included hallways, studies, bonus rooms, and breakfast nooks.

Data for this study was collected from an NAHB survey of single-family builder members. Click here to read the full study, from the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), courtesy of

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