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2014 Home Design Trends | 11 things your neighbors will wish they had

Posted by Penny Hull on Tue, Oct 29, 2013 @ 15:10 PM

11 things your neighbors would love to have

2014 Home Design Trends

2014 home design trend #1: Super-sized kitchen islands

2014 home design trends

Everybody gathering in the kitchen has led to a bold expansion of space to accommodate everything you need to do, there!

Massive kitchen islands are the latest hallmark of a fabulous kitchen, as the focus on food becomes an entertainment, with plenty of places to spread out and pitch in.

See more photos of Raleigh new homes with super-sized kitchen islands, here:

The Chalet Vert (with two islands)

The Woodlake

The Country Manor

2014 home design trend #2: Two-sided fireplaces

From grand room to dining room, master suite and the courtyard patio, two-sided fireplaces are becoming a hot commodity that has a bright future in 2014 new homes. 

2014 Home Design

A growing amount of new homes are heating up special spaces with two-sided fireplaces - it's one of our most popular custom home trends. Take a look at these photos of Raleigh new homes with see-through fireplaces:

Great room two-sided fireplace, in a version of the Summerlyn.

Three-sided fireplace in the master bedroom AND two-sided fireplace in the grand room in a version of the Remington.

Courtyard style patio with two-sided fireplace leading to the great room, in a version of the Country Manor.

2014 home design trend #3: Secret built-ins

Secret storage centers are a great way to put away things you don't need every day, such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas decorations.

Ask Stanton Homes how to build-in secret storage benches, hidden shelves, and tucked-away cabinets like these:

2014 Home Design

In this version of the Summerlyn, storage benches line the breakfast room wall. 

Here are more photos of Raleigh new homes with secret built-in storage:

See examples of island built-in shelving in this version of the Cannon. 

See how to include built-in benches in this version of the Treehouse.

And see how to add wrap-around holiday storage in a version of the Bryson. 

2014 home design trend #4: Mudroom with shower (for you or your pet)

2014 mudrooms are living up to their name, with full and pet sized showers where you can rinse it all off! Take a look at these edgy new designs:

2014 home design trends


See more photos of Raleigh new homes with mudrooms:

What a "home hub" can do for your family? See example photos here. 

See photos of a massive mudroom built-in storage center in a version of the Maple Lane.

See our top five mudroom designs, here.


2014 home design trend #5: Coffee and wine bar

Healthy living habits are integrated into 2014 floor plans, with coffee or wine bars that are perfect for starting - and ending - your day in comfortable, kick-back spaces.

2014 home design trends
See more photos of Raleigh new homes with coffee and wine bars:

The Bryson has a coffee and wine bar downstairs, and a beverage bar upstairs.

In this version of the Summerlyn, the home owners added an island beverage refrigerator.

2014 home design trend #6: Fireplace in the master bedroom

Cozy up this winter, with a private fireplace in the master suite, like this one.  Nothing says romance more than the soft glow of a fire in your own special retreat.

2014 Home Design

2014 home design trend #7: Multiple sinks

Big kitchen islands are the perfect place to to add a prep sink or pot filler. There's nothing nicer for the sous chef than the ability to spread everything out, and still have water right in reach.2014 home design trends


2014 home design trends

2014 home design trend #8: Powder rooms with personality

Powder rooms in 2014 new homes are filled with fun for your guests, with bold colors, espresso cabinets, and punctuated tile designs that show you care about every detail.


2014 home design trends










See photos of the top 5 powder room ideas, click here. And see even more ideas for powder rooms with glass mosaic tile, hardwood floors, wainscoting, built-in storage, and water efficient designs.


2014 home design trend #9: Wine refrigerator

A wine refrigerator with wine rack above creates two distinct spaces, with all the room you need for your favorite vintages - at one quick glance. 

2014 Home Design

2014 home design trend #10: Storage cabinets in the master closet

Islands aren't just for kitchens, in 2014 new homes that cater to space in master suite closests. Island cabinets provide drawer after drawer of tuck away space, with a spacious, handy surface over the top.  

2014 Home Design

Master bedroom closets are also integrating wall cabients, for even more choices. Take a look at more photos of Raleigh new homes with master closet cabinets:

In this version of the Remington, the his and hers closet each have a built-in storage cabinet.

The Dugan, one of our most popular floor plans, is designed with a fully wheelchair accessible closet with island cabinet.

In one version of the Summerlyn, the homeowners added a long island cabinet.

2014 home design trend #11: Call it character: Hallways with special ceiling treatments and archways 

In 2014 new homes, you can expect to see more special details such as storage cubbies, barrel vaults, treys, archways and trim treatments you'd expect to see in Great Rooms - that are now on the rise in hallways.

2014 home design trends

Whether it's the entrance to your home or a segue to your master suite, look for details in hallways that reflect distinction, in custom homes throughout the Triangle.


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