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How to Pull Your Look Together - 2014 Open Concept Kitchens

Posted by Penny Hull on Mon, Apr 28, 2014 @ 09:04 AM

2014 Open Concept Kitchens that flow 

2014 Open Concept Kitchens | New Home Design

Whether you are looking to build a executive level home suitable for families or a contemporary home designed for young couples, you'll want to be able to pull together a look that maintains flow and continuity between rooms - with individual touches that create a dynamic presence. 


Maintaining continuity and flow is especially important for open concept kitchen designs - hugely popular in new home design right now.

So, we've compiled a set of custom builder advice to illuminate design and build techniques that will give you the perfect open kitchen main floor layout. 

How to Pull Your Look Together in a 2014 Open Concept Home

First, decide which rooms you want to keep open. While some floor plans tout a kitchen open to the great room, others focus on connecting dining areas with a kitchen open to the breakfast nook. 

Either combination will give your home a modern, spacious feel. Here are two examples.

Kitchen open to the great room:

2014 Open Concept Kitchens | New Home Design

In this Chapel Hill, NC custom home, a generous kitchen flows freely into the great room for aesthetic appeal and easy movement. The home owners planned to spend time cooking in the kitchen while helping their kids with homework at the eating bar. After the meal, they planned to relax in the great room, enjoying the music of their grand piano (placed in the open book case pictured to the left).

Wainscot columns were added to give the rooms a visual divide, which is more pleasing to the eye. 

 Kitchen open to the breakfast nook:

2014 Open Concept Kitchens | New Home Design
 In this Raleigh, NC custom home, a "contemporary farmhouse" peninsula kitchen greets the alcove breakfast room in a free-flowing design.  

The home owners wanted a bit more separation between rooms, without losing distinct lines of sight. In this kitchen design, you can prepare meals alone or as a group - without losing contact between family and guests. The space accommodates all entertainment styles.  


Second, decide the overall design theme of your open rooms. Since you've chosen a free-flowing floor plan layout with visibility to multiple areas at one time, it's all about choosing the colors, styles, and features that will add coherent, dynamic presence to each room. 

Creating an overall design motif does not mean you must match every selection, fixture, or paint color. You can still give each room a completely different look - such as contrasting a farmhouse kitchen against a contemporary great room. Instead, you want to punctuate both rooms with at least one common color, material, or object. 

Either approach will give your home personality and character. Here are two examples.

Open kitchen with complementing features:

2014 Open Concept Kitchens | New Home Design

In this Raleigh, NC custom home, the open kitchen and great room are entwined through natural materials, light color schemes, and sparkling touches. The clear glass pendants blend with the full wall of windows. The maple hardwood flooring stretches in one swoop across each room. And the dark greys and blacks in the kitchen counter tops and tile are pulled back into the great room fireplace. 

Open kitchen with contrasting features:

2014 Open Concept Kitchens | New Home Design

 In this Apex, NC custom home, the open kitchen and great room are designed to blend - but not mimic - each other. While the great room incorporates a masculine see-through stone fireplace with rustic, hand-built mantle, the kitchen focuses on feminine cabinets and metallic hints. Overall, each room contains elements of both urban and craftsman design. 

The grey paint - in the coffered ceiling and on the back kitchen walls - intimately connects these two rooms, beyond thematic design choices.  

These custom home design and build techniques will help you pull together any look - and it's easy when you have the help of your own professional interior design consultant, available to guide you through the selections process when you build a Stanton Home. 

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When you build with Stanton Homes, the end result is not your average run of the mill house. Our design team works hard so that every time you step into your foyer, you feel welcomed by your home's personality, style and space.

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